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3 Tips for Avoiding Dragon Fire in Elden Ring

3 Tips for Avoiding Dragon Fire in Elden Ring

There are a lot of enemies in Elden Ring and they all have their fair share of annoying attacks. One very annoying one is from the Dragons of the game. They all seem to have this attack one way or another, whether it be regular, ice, blue, or even Scarlet Rot. All of them have a breath attack that can one-shot you if you are caught in it at any point.

There are really only 3 ways to avoid the fire, or if you do get caught in it, you can take less damage. You can ride away with Torrent, watch the Dragon’s telegraphed attacks and move when he flies away, or you can equip Elemental Defense Talismans to negate the damage from the attack.

The fire attacks can be extremely annoying and it is not much you can do other than run or tank the damage. You really need to know the exact spots you can hit for them to not do these attacks, but the AI is always different and it does whatever it wants to do. Just keep in mind that there is a pattern to all their attacks so all you need to do is memorize each one.

How to avoid Dragon Fire

Dragons are by far one of the coolest enemies in the game, but that does not mean they are fun to fight. If they keep spamming that fire attack, it will get extremely annoying to fight them and it makes the game less fun. There are only a few ways to avoid the attacks, but at least there are ways to avoid them.

There are other attacks in the game that are unavoidable and those can be very annoying to go up against. In PVP, there are Meta weapons that are extremely good and most people use, but if you want to use something you enjoy using, you won’t have a very good time if it is not as good as the other weapons.

Here are the main ways you can avoid Dragon fire in Elden Ring:

1. Ride away with Torrent

The best option you have to avoid the attack would be to use Torrent. You don’t have to do the whole fight on Torrent, but get used to swapping back and forth. When the Dragon flies up in the air, get on Torrent and run away from the attack. It is really the only option you have so take advantage of it. Make sure you have Torrent’s item in an easy-to-reach place so you can easily switch.

It might be annoying to swap back-and-forth, but it does help get out of serious situations very quickly. If you want to fight the Dragon the fun way, try to stay on Torrent and see how you do. You might actually do better than jumping on and off again and again. Basically, Torrent is the best way to get out of the attack area.

2. Move when the Dragon does its telegraphed attack

If you don’t use Torrent at all, the best thing for you to do is follow the Dragon’s telegraphed attack. There are certain movements that it does that will let you know when it will do the fire attacks. It can be hard at first, but it is extremely important to learn the moves of each Dragon. All Dragons have basically the same moveset until you get to the endgame Dragons.

You can even get the Dragon to do specific attacks by standing in different spots around it. If you stand in front of him, he will do a swipe. If you stand behind him, he will try and hit you with his tail. Basically, wherever you stand determines what attack they will do. It is like this for most Dragons in the game so take advantage of that.

3. Equip elemental defense Talismans

There are a bunch of Talismans that will help defend against Dragon attacks. If you can get the Flamedrake Talisman, then it will help negate the Fire damage if you get hit with it. There are also other ones that help defend against Lightning damage or even against debuffs like Scarlet Rot. You really need to find as many as you can so you are ready for anything.

These Talismans won’t save you from these attacks, but they still will hurt a lot. It will deal a ton of damage to you no matter what, but with these Talismans, you will take less of a hit from the very annoying attacks that the Dragons have. Make sure you have them equipped when going to fight them. There are plenty of other elemental Talismans that will also help in defense of any Dragons you fight.

Why do the fire attacks one-shot you?

No one really knows why they wanted to make the Fire damage deal soo much damage, but that is how they made it. You can roll out of the fire attacks, but the thing is, you will take at least some damage no matter what. You might get hit once or even twice depending on where the edge of the fire is, but you will take damage.

It doesn’t matter what Dragon you are facing, they will have a fire attack. If they don’t then they will have lightning attacks and it will be just as annoying. When it comes to AoE attacks from enemies, the best way to get away from them is to use the I-frames against themselves or just tank the hit. No one knows if they will nerf the damage, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

If you are having trouble dodging the Fire attacks, then try to follow the 3 things from this article. It will help you even if you do get hit by it. If you have the Talismans equipped and you take advantage of Torrent, you shouldn’t have any issues at all with defeating any Dragons that get in your way. Also, try to memorize all the attacks to make each battle a little easier.