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Can Kelvin Swim in Sons of the Forest?

Can Kelvin Swim in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin is one of the new companion NPCs in Sons of The Forest. He accompanies you during your venture onto the island. But as a result of the helicopter crash, he’s left mute and deaf along with some brain damage. He helps out building and crafting shelters and items, but when it comes to exploration, can Kelvin swim in Sons of The Forest?

No, Kelvin can’t swim in Sons of The Forest. That’s a big problem especially when you’re supposed to traverse large bodies of water. The game is still in early access and maybe End Night will listen to community feedback and incorporate a swimming mechanic for NPCs.

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Can Kelvin Swim in Sons of The Forest?

Kelvin Swim Sons of The Forest

So, Kelvin is a companion who accompanies you in search of the missing billionaire on the island. Considering he’s deaf and mute, you can’t talk to him. All you can do is give him instructions on a notepad. There are seven commands you can give Kelvin.

  • Follow Me
  • Get Item
  • Take Iem
  • Build 
  • Stay
  • Take a Break
  • Clear

As any normal human being, Kelvin rests in between laborious amounts of work. If you undervalue him and don’t give him breaks in between periods of work, he’ll start to get upset. He’s a great scout when it comes to pointing out enemies from a distance.

But Kelvin can’t fare well in combat. Maybe, it’s because due to his injuries. When faced with a threat, Kelvin will hide in the woods and will only come out only when the enemy has been defeated.

But when it comes to exploration or swimming, he doesn’t fare well. Currently, Kelvin can’t swim in Sons of The Forest which is a big issue when it comes to traversing larger bodies of water to reach another remote location.


And that’s all you need to know in today’s guide. Kelvin can’t swim in Sons of The Forest, but he’s a great gatherer, scout, and craftsman helping you build shelters, clear out forests, and collect resources.