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Ultimate Guide To The Hunter in Remnant 2

Ultimate Guide To The Hunter in Remnant 2

The Hunter Archetype is surely a thrilling experience when it comes to intense long-ranged fights with the bosses in Remnant 2. It’s a great pick if you don’t like to get into the face of your enemies or you just want to provide a helping hand to your squad mates.

Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2 is meant for the players who don’t want to get close to their enemies; it provides you with a variety of long-ranged weapons and perks that can assist you whether you are playing Solo or in a squad.


Let’s dive deep into the Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2 and see if it’s the right fit for you based on the stats and abilities on offer.

What Makes The Hunter a Good Class?

The Hunter In Remnant 2

The Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2 is, perhaps, the only returning Archetype from the original game to this sequel. As a Hunter, you will be dealing long-ranged Damage and exploiting Weak Point Damage Bonuses and Burst Damages all the time.

You will get to test your aim to the max as a Hunter. Your Precision Damage on marked enemies will make or break the fights.


If you come from a background of projectile-based long-ranged FPS games, you will fit right in! But if you are more accustomed to direct hits every time you shoot, you may need to get used to this Archetype initially or reconsider a different Archetype such as Challenger or Gunslinger.

What Gear Does Hunter Start With?

As Hunter, you acquire some starting equipment such as starter’s weapons and armor. Let’s look into what becomes available:

Armor (Nightstalker Set)

  1. Nightstalker Shroud: This lightweight Helmet will provide moderate protection of 11 armor points with some degree of Elemental Status Effects resistance, such as from Fire, Blight, and Shock.
  2. Nightstalker Garb: The medium-weight Nightstalker Garb provides a decent amount of armor worth 34 points. This body armor can also provide resistance against Bleed, Fire, Shock, and Blight.
  3. Nightstalker Pants: This leg armor, comprising of thin shoes, offers medium protection worth 18 armor points and balanced resistance to Fire, Bleed, Blight, and Shock Status Effects. 
  4. Nightstalker Gloves: The Nightstalker Gloves are lightweight gloves that offer low physical protection, worth 6 armor points. They are excellent against Blight but offer moderate resistance to Bleed, Fire, and Shock Elemental Status Effects. 


  1. Huntmaster M1: The Huntmaster M1 will be your primary weapon starting off with Hunter Archetype. It is a durable Long Gun with a whopping 70 Damage output. Modified from old hunting gear, this long-ranged weapon has a Max Ammo capacity of 42 rounds and is really accurate within its Ideal Range of 27 meters. It also provides a Weak Spot Damage Bonus of +110%.
  2. Repeater Pistol: The Repeater Pistol is a Hand Gun that will act as your Secondary Weapon. This semi-automatic handgun is extremely accurate within its Ideal Range of 18 meters. It deals 15 Damage and has a Max Ammo Capacity of 150 rounds. It provides a Weak Spot Damage Bonus of +105%.
  3. Steel Sword: The Steel Sword acts as your Melee Weapon and provides decent damage output. It deals 56 Damage with a +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus. 

Is Hunter A Good Choice For Solo or Co-op?

Hunters are a really good choice for immersive co-op play. In Remnant 2, they will be your ranged champions. But for solo player mode in the game, you should consider other Archetypes as well before doubling down on Hunter.

They will still be a very fun choice for solo mode but will definitely make the game harder for you. Hunter Archetype grants you decent buffs and abilities such as long-range weapons and a great DPS rate. But in order to take down foes, you need to sustain the Damage Output and not get downed too early in the process.


Therefore, they serve best to gang up on bosses by coordinating with Challengers in co-op play. When you tackle the fights by yourself as a Hunter, be prepared to keep yourself agile and moving in between bursts of damage so that you can stay active til the end of the fight and not get downed too easily.

What Perks Does Hunter Start With?

The Hunter begins with his Prime Perk automatically unlocked at the beginning, called ‘Dead to Rights’. This Prime Perk is unique to this Archetype alone and can be upgraded at various points upon leveling up the Archetype.

Hunter Class Prime Perk

Dead to Rights can extend the duration of all active Hunter Skills by 2.5 seconds upon dealing 65 Base Ranged Weak Spot Damage to enemies. 

Once you upgrade it upon hitting level 5, the requirement decreases from dealing Base 65 Ranged Weak Spot Damage to just 60. Furthermore, the duration increases to 3 seconds.

After the final upgrade at level 10, you only need to deal with Base 55 Ranged Weak Spot Damage, and the duration will further increase to 3.5 seconds.
All the other Perks are unlocked from level 1 onwards and are not automatically accessible at the start.

Are The Skills And Traits of Hunter Worth It?

The Hunter’s Skills include Hunter’s Mark, Hunter’s Focus, and Hunter’s Shroud. Hunter’s Mark improves your spatial awareness by casting an aura that can MARK all enemies within an AoE of 35 meters. While your senses are heightened, you will also obtain a 15% increased Ranged and Melee Damage.

This will last 25 seconds before inactivating. The cooldown for this skill is 70 seconds. Hunter’s Focus will help you reduce your Weapon Spread, Recoil, and Sway by 75% and give you an additional 25% Ranged and Ranged Weak Spot Damage Bonus.


Hunter’s Shroud is the last skill a Hunter unlocks at level 10. It allows you to become Shrouded, reducing all enemy awareness of you while moving. When you exit Shroud, you will MARK all enemies within 10 meters and be granted AMBUSH for 2 seconds. 

AMBUSH: This improves Ranged and Melee Damage by 50%.

The unique Archetype Trait Hunters get is called Longshot. It basically improves your Weapon Range Bonus by up to +60 centimeters. This can be leveled up to +600 centimeters at level 10.

Given these Skills and Traits, you can rest assured your experience as Hunter in Remnant 2 will be incredible. You will constantly be battling down the biggest foes with your precise shots, and every additional hit to their Weak Spots will make every execution worth it.

There you have it folks a detailed overview of The Hunter Archetype in Remnant 2. If you find this coverage beneficial and want us to keep producing such helpful content then do share our work with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in the next one.