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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice NPC Location Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice NPC Location Guide

In Sekiro, there are a lot of ways to do side quests or buy stuff from merchants. The only way you can do those things is to find the specific NPC somewhere in the game world, but that can be quite hard since there are just soo many NPCs to find. There are a total of 35 NPCs in the game and each of them plays an important role in something. Some may sell items to you while others are part of a quest that you must complete. All you have to do is be willing to find them and do whatever it takes to get items from them. Here are all the NPCs of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, their locations, and what they do (Don’t mind the massive Table of Contents blocking your path to reading the article). There are SPOILERS in the article so if you have not beaten the game, I am warning you now.

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Kuro, the Divine Heir

prince npc sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – One of the main NPCs, and you will not need to know the location because you will already know where he is in the story.

The only surviving descendant of an ancient clan, Kuro was raised in seclusion as the adoptive son of Ashina’s minister Hirata. He is a calm and well-mannered young man, strong beyond his years, with a dignified appearance and demeanor. At the beginning of the game, he is captured by the Ashina Clan due to his unique ancestry as part of their ongoing conflict with the Interior Ministry. He is one of the most important NPCs in the game because he is basically with you the entire game. In the story, you are very good friends with him and you are basically his servant.


the sculptor npc sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – One of the main NPCs, and you will not need to know the location because you will already know where he is in the story.

The Sculptor is a mysterious, taciturn old man of advanced age who is missing his left arm. He resides within a ruined shrine deep within the mountainous region near the outskirts of Ashina and seems to devote all of his time to carving statues of the Buddha with wrathful, rather than serene, faces. He is the NPC that allows you to upgrade or make new Prosthetics for your arm when you have the materials.


emma sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – One of the main NPCs, and you will not need to know the location because you will already know where she is in the story.

Emma is another very important NPC because she is the way you upgrade your Gourd Flask. Once you get a Gourd Seed, bring it to her so you can increase your uses by 1. There are a total of 9 Gourd Seeds you can find per Save File so try to get them as fast as you can. You can also upgrade how much Vitality is given back per Flask as well so make sure you know exactly what to upgrade before selling or using an item.

Hanbei the Undying

hanbei the undying sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Up the snowy path from the Sculptor’s Idol, by a small shrine in the Dilapidated Temple area.

Hanbei the Undying is an unkillable NPC in Sekiro. The jaded warrior has several tutorial tips for the player, giving useful advice on the game’s base mechanics as well as Combat options. Players should be mindful of the notes given regarding counters, parrying and the overall use of the Shinobi Arsenal. After completing all of the basic training options more will be unlocked, such as Consecutive Deflection. This NPC is perfect for perfecting your combos and attack moves you want to use.


kotaro npc sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – In Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo, from the first Sculptor’s Idol, walk outside and he is down on the right when you first enter the area.

Kotaro is a peaceful, child-like monk that seems troubled by the pounding pain in his head. When you meet him, he explains that he is searching for a pure white flower and seems to regret losing track of several children he used to know and travel with. Depending on the choices you make, you could fight him as an enemy later on in your playthrough so make sure you make the right choices. If you complete his quest, then you will receive an upgrade for shops around the world.

Insuke Nogami

inosuke nogami sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Between the Gate Path and Stairway Idols, and also before the Lady Butterfly boss fight.

Insuke Nogami is a dying warrior that is located by an old woman (his mother) in Ashina Outskirts. He is the one that warns you about the Lady Butterfly in Hirata Estate before the boss fight as well. He does not do much except give you a Snap Seed before taking his last breath. He thanks you for helping him and his mother before they both die.

Insuke Nogami’s Mother

inosuke nogamis mother sekiro
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Can be found inside a destroyed house in Ashina Outskirts and in the mansion of Hirata Estate.

The Old woman is Insuke’s mother and when you talk to her, she gives you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm which allows you to travel back in time to the Hirata Estate to defeat the Lady Butterfly. According to the lore of the game, when a person hangs on to an item for soo long and they are crazy because of it, that usually means that the person has lost their mind and it is clear that the old woman had lost it when she gives you the bell. She dies once Lady Butterfly is defeated.

Battlefield Memorial Mob

battlefield memorial mob two sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He is located just after the Gyoubu Oniwa fight, just above the arena towards the castle.

He is a Merchant that sells items. Here are the items that he sells to the player when you first meet him:

  • Dragon’s Blood Droplet (limit: 1) – 180 Sen
  • Antidote Powder – 30 Sen
  • Fistful of Ash – 30 Sen
  • Light Coin Purse 110 Sen
  • Heavy Coin Purse – 550 Sen
  • Robert’s Firecrackers (may have been bought previously) – 500 Sen
  • Gourd Seed (limit: 1)- 1000 Sen

Anayama the Peddler

anayama the peddler sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide two
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found just before the Chained Ogre fight in a small doorway.

He is a Merchant and also an Info Broker. You can exchange Sen for information on certain parts of the game. Here are all the wares that he sells:

50 Sen Paid 
2x Pellet50 Sen
8x Ceramic Shard20 Sen
6x Fistful of Ash30 Sen
5x Light Coin Purse110 Sen
1x Phantom Kunai3000 Sen
Inform him of Salt
5x Gokan’s Sugar80 Sen
2x Yashariku’s Sugar130 Sen
2x Heavy Coin Purse550 Sen
Black Gunpowder (Infinite)150 Sen
Scrap Iron (Infinite)150 Sen
Send him Kotaro 
Ako’s Sugar (Infinite)120 Sen
4x Scrap Magnetite300 Sen
3x Yellow Gunpowder300 Sen
3x Lump Of Fat Wax300 Sen
1x Promissory Note (after the Ministry attacks)1 Sen
Have Dragon’s Tally Board
Divine Confetti (Infinite)300 Sen

Tengu of Ashina

tengu sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He is located just after the Gyoubu Oniwa fight, head up the steps and into the nearby building to find him kneeling over a corpse.

He is an NPC that has a small quest for you to complete. Tengu of Ashina asks you to help him clear out the rats of Ashina Castle and offers to fight with you if you do. Once you complete his questline, you get a special text that unlocks a new skill tree for you to level up in.

Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob

crows bed memorial mob npc sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found at Outskirts Wall – Gate Path Idol. From the Idol, make your way to the gate past Inosuke Nogami where you’re ambushed by a cannon, and grapple up instead of going forward. Follow the path up to the top.

He is another Memorial Mob and he sells certain items. Here is what he sells:

Pellet x450 Sen
Antidote Powder x530 Sen
Ungo’s Sugar x 250 Sen
Light Coin Purse x5110 Sen
Robert’s Firecrackers500 Sen

Nogami Gensai

nogami gensai npc sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found right before the Juzou the Drunkard mini-boss fight in Hirata Estate.

Nogami Gensai is a noble warrior who stood by the Ashina and is dedicated to protecting his young lord. If you speak to him before or while fighting Juzou the Drunkard, he will aid you in battle. He is very helpful to distract all the enemies around the boss arena because there are a lot of enemies in the area. Make sure you use him to help you unless you are the Sekiro Master and don’t need help.

Pot Noble Harunaga

pot noble harunaga sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Hirata Estate – Can be found in the middle of the river after the first Idol, just take a right after the bridge and look for a small island in the lake.

He is one of the two merchants that sell special items in exchange for Treasure Carp Scales. After trading enough scales, and burning the Fountainhead Incense, exhausting Harunaga’s dialogue will result in him giving you Truly Precious Bait and asking you to feed it to the Great Carp. This is one of two Truly Precious Baits that have different rewards depending on whose bait is used. This is what he sells:

x1Divine Grass1 Treasure Carp Scale
x1Withered Red Gourd2 Treasure Carp Scales
x1Mask Fragment: Right7 Treasure Carp Scales
x1Floating Passage Text5 Treasure Carp Scales
UnlimitedRed Lump (New Game Plus only)3 Treasure Carp Scales

Old Hag

old woman
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – You will first meet her in Ashina Castle on the bridge near the Sculptor’s Idol. She can then be found in the Abandoned Dungeon, near the Bottom Hole; in Senpou Temple, near the Red and White Pinwheels; in the Sunken Valley, near the cliff overlooking where the Guardian Ape is fought; and then, finally, again in Ashina Castle after certain conditions have been met.

She is a mysterious, decrepit old woman dressed in rags that can be found either praying or kneeling in various places around Ashina Castle and its environs. When spoken to, she gives you vague information on where to find the “fruits” needed for one of the endings. Offering the poor woman a bit of food or other kindness can sometimes lead to unexpected insights about the world.

Jinzaemon Kumano

jinzaemon kumano three sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Jinzaemon Kumano can be found at Ashina Reservoir, near the exit of the cave where Sekiro starts the game. Greet him, and he will move after asking you whether or not you hear someone playing music.

Jinzaemon Kumano is a noble warrior dedicated to protecting and patrolling the moat that you started the game in. After talking to him at the Reservoir, he moves to the Abandoned Dungeon, near the Bottomless Hole Sculptor’s Idol and the Shichimen Warrior mini-boss. Talking to him here will send him to the area just after the Headless Ape boss fight, where he explains that he remembers a story about a village hidden in the mist by a woman playing a shamisen.

The Owl

the owl npc sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found at Hirata Estate, shortly after Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor’s Idol in the main hall.

He is a noble, incredibly experienced master shinobi that adopted a young, orphaned Sekiro during the aftermath of the bloody conflict between the Ashina and Takeru clans. Soon after, Usui became a mentor to the boy and would go on to show him both the ways of the Shinobi and the Iron Code at the heart of his teachings. You can later fight him in the story if you wish to do a certain ending.


doujun npc abandoned dungeon sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found in the Abandoned Dungeon, up from the Underground Waterway Sculptor’s Idol.

He is a secretive, no-nonsense physician in the service of a mysterious man named Dosaku, who has tasked Doujun with delivering him a tough, strong warrior for some nefarious purpose. He has a long questline that you can complete.

Blackhat Badger

blackheart badger1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found in Ashina Castle, past the Old Grave idol, by dropping into a house with a broken rooftop after defeating the Blazing Bull and attaining access to Ashina Castle.

He is a Merchant that is not that easy to find if you are not looking for him, but the best thing he has is the Iron Fortress so that you can create the Loaded Umbrella, which is one of the most useful Prosthetics in the game. Here are the items he sells:

Yashariku’s Sugar x 3130 sen
Bite Down x 230 sen
Iron Fortress1600 sen
Anti-air Deathblow Text1200 sen

Fujioka the Info Broker

fujioka the info broker merchant sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found at Ashina Castle. From Ashina Castle Idol, go up the stairs and take a right from the Mini-Boss position, then right again. He’s in a small area behind a wall.

He is first found in Ashina Castle, hiding from nearby Samurai, and later moves to the Dilapidated Temple and sells items. Here are the items that he sells to the player:

Pellet x 880 Sen
Dragon’s Blood Droplet x 2180 Sen
Antidote Powder (unlimited)100 Sen
Dousing Powder (unlimited)100 Sen
Pacifying Agent (unlimited)100 Sen
Ungo’s Sugar (unlimited)120 Sen
Light Coin Purse x 3110 Sen
Heavy Coin Purse x 3550 Sen
Sabimaru Memo500 Sen
Three-story Pagoda Memo500 Sen
Valley Apparitions Memo800 Sen
Gourd Seed2000 Sen

Abandoned Dungeon Memorial Mob

dungeon memorial mob npc merchant sekiro wiki guide
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He is located just before the entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon, by the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Sculptor’s Idol. This location is accessed from Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol by heading left, past the moat, over the gate, and inside the building.

He is another Memorial Mob and he sells some important items. Here are the items he sells to the player:

Pellet x480 Sen
Dragon’s Blood Droplet x1180 Sen
Contact Medicine x830 Sen
Mibu Possession Balloon x250 Sen
Light Coin Purse x4110 Sen
Heavy Coin Purse x3550 Sen
Mask Fragment: Dragon5000 Sen
Prayer Bead x11400 Sen

Shugendo Memorial Mob

shugendo memorial mob2
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He is located by going left and down from the Shugendo Idol in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.

He is another Memorial Mob and he sells some important items. Here are the items he sells to the player:

  • 1x Dragon’s Blood Droplet – 180 Sen
  • 2x Persimmon – 30 Sen
  • 3x Ako’s Sugar – 80 Sen
  • 5x Ungo’s Sugar – 80 Sen
  • 1x Five-color Rice – 1600 Sen
  • 2x Light Coin Purse – 110 Sen
  • 3x Heavy Coin Purse – 550 Sen
  • 2x Bulging Coin Purse – 1100 Sen.
  • 2x Scrap Magnetite – 330 Sen

Isshin Ashina

ashina isshin npc1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Isshin Ashina can be found at Ashina Castle, inside a small building before the Genichiro Ashina boss fight.

He is a main NPC that you actually see quite a lot but you don’t really know. He is actually Tengu of Ashina and he gives you a few quests to fulfill. You then see him later on as Isshin himself and you can receive some texts and Sake from him. Depending on which ending you choose, you will basically fight him either way as the final boss, but in different ways. Make sure you make the decisions that you want to make because you will basically decide who you want to fight in the end.

Illusory Hall Monk

illusory hall monk1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found at the first ‘intersection’ of walkways directly in front of where the player spawns when first entering the Hall of Illusion. He appears both during and after completing the Folding Screen Monkeys boss encounter.

During the boss fight with the Folding Screen Monkeys, players may talk with the Illusory Hall Monk to reveal information about the different natures and temperaments of the Monkeys—the Monk, however, will only explain how three out of the four monkeys behave, as the fourth Monkey is invisible. He is also a part of Kotaro’s questline if you are trying to complete his.

Divine Child of Rejuvenation

divine child of rejuvenation1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – She can be found inside of the Inner Sanctum of  Senpou Temple. She is only available after players have completed the Genichiro Ashina fight and talked to Kuro at Ashina Castle.

After giving you the Mortal Blade, she can be spoken with again in order to give you Rice. Once you have used the rice she gives and this includes Fine Snow, she will give you another piece of rice when you speak with her again. Though you will have to rest or travel twice for her to offer more rice. After initiating and progressing through her questline far enough, she will give you Fine Snow instead of Rice.

Toxic Memorial Mob

toxic memorial mob1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location –  Sunken Valley near the bottom before the Serpent Cave. Go to the Bodhisattva Valley Idol, turn around and fall into the poison ravine. The Toxic Memorial Mob is past the white monkey and to the right.

He is another Memorial Mob and he sells some important items. Here are the items he sells to the player:

Pellet x580 Sen
Dragon’s Blood Droplet x2180 Sen
Green Mossy Gourd1800 Sen
Antidote Powder (unlimited)120 Sen
Heavy Coin Purse x5550 Sen
Yellow Gunpowder x2270 Sen

Exiled Memorial Mob

Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Exiled Memorial Mob Can be found by taking the Mibu Village Idol and crossing the flowing stream behind it. This is within Ashina Depths, as players first arrive at the non-illusion Village.

He is another Memorial Mob and he sells some important items. Here are the items he sells to the player:

Pellet x550 Sen
Mottled Purple Gourd x11800 Sen
Gachiin’s Sugar x2100 Sen
Heavy Coin Purse x3550 Sen
Bulging Coin Purse x21100 Sen
Adamantite Scrap x2600 Sen
Dragonspring Sake x11000 Sen
Treasure Carp Scale x2500 Sen

Dying Ashigaru

sekiro dying man2
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found in Ashina Outskirts after Ashina Castle has been set ablaze.

Dying Ashigaru is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and is a footsoldier serving under the Interior Ministry. He hints towards the upcoming boss fight with the Demon of Hatred, which can be found after communing with the Idol close to him.

Dying Buddhist

sekiro dying man1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found at the buddha statue right after the Hidden Forest Idol in Ashina Depths.

He is the NPC that tells Sekiro about the Mist Noble and you must kill it to make the fog disappear. Once you kill it, go back and he will basically say that he is dying and his job is complete.

Master of Senpou Temple

master of senpou temple
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found in the cave near the Main Hall Sculptor’s Idol after the hidden crawlspace partially filled with water.

He is an NPC that you can find in Senpou Temple and is a main factor to get the Dragon’s Homecoming ending. You also finish a quest by talking with him in the Main Hall.

Old Priestess

old hag sekiro shadows die twice wiki guide 1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – Ashina Outskirts, in the same building as Tengu.

She doesn’t do much other than foreshadowing the Demon of Hatred’s identity. Not really an important NPC, but one that helps you understand the story a little better.

Basket Wearer Shosuke

basket wearer shosuke
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – House in Mibu Village (the first one with a hole in the roof).

Another useless NPC because all he does is think that he is a basket because of the outbreak in his village. Eventually, he will transform into a creature and you can kill him for some experience.

Head Priest of Mibu Village

mibu priest1
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found after the Water Mill Sculptors Idol in Ashina Depths. He is located in a house surrounded by villagers. Crouch under the porch and use the rotating floor panel.

Head Priest of Mibu Village is always in the same location.  After giving him Water of the Palace and returning, he will transform into a unique Red-garbed Palace Noble. When you kill him after he transforms, you will get 5 Treasure Carp Scales to spend in the Pot Noble’s shops. He will also give you a Dragonspring Sake.

Pot Noble Koremori

pot noble koremori

Location – He can be found in the Fountainhead Palace at the Near Pot Noble Idol.

Pot Noble Koremori, much like his counterpart from Hirata Estate, is a slender arm reaching out of a pot that asks you kindly for Treasure Carp Scales in exchange for other items. His true appearance is unknown as he is never seen outside of the pot. He is important because you are able to buy 2 Lapis Lazuli from him for 6 Treasure Carp Scales each. Here is what he sells to the player:

x1Dragon’s Blood Droplet1 Treasure Carp Scales
x2Lapis Lazuli6 Treasure Carp Scales
x1Mask Fragment: Left12 Treasure Carp Scales

Daughters of the Carp Attendant

fountainhead palace old woman
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – The first Daughter is found shortly after the Mibu Manor Sculptor’s Idol located in the Fountainhead Palace. The second will be found sitting on the roof of a half-submerged building near the Great Sakura Sculptor’s Idol; if the Idol is behind you, you’ll see her on top of the building directly in front of you.

These daughters are found in Fountainhead Palace and are important for the Great Carp Quest. You can talk to each of them and you have the choice to do what each of them says in the end. Also, if you kill the carp, then whichever Pot Noble you got the poison from, the opposite Pot Noble will be dead, and the one that is alive will receive the other’s stock.

Great Carp Attendant

great carp attendant
Source: Fextralife Wiki

Location – He can be found at Fountainhead Palace after progressing past the tunnel with the Great Colored Carp and accessing the area beyond the Palace’s locked gate.

Great Carp Attendant is a dedicated caretaker of the enormous Great Colored Carp that dominates the deep waters of Fountainhead Palace. He can be killed by players or can be interacted with for a quest and associated rewards. If you complete the questline, then you will receive 4 Treasure Carp Scales from him and you can go spend it with the Pot Nobles. He will die once the quest is done.


In conclusion, there are a lot of NPCs in Sekiro, and many of them you probably have not even found. The world is soo massive that you probably didn’t even see them at all. Yes Sekiro is a hard game, but you have to admit, the developers put a lot into this game and you just have to appreciate that. If you have any more questions about the NPCs, then visit the wiki because there is just soo much about them, that I could not put every detail into this article. Just make sure you have fun while playing Sekiro.