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How Many Stims Are in Fallen Order (And Where to Find Them)

How Many Stims Are in Fallen Order (And Where to Find Them)

Stims are pretty important in Jedi Fallen Order. Engaging in regular combat means you’ll need some healing upgrades. That’s where stims come into play, and they come in handy when you’re going up against a boss that wipes out vast chunks of your health. So, where are these Stim Canister upgrades hidden in Jedi Fallen Order? Let’s get right into it.

Although there are 10 Stim Canister Upgrades in Jedi Fallen Order, you get the first 2 in story quests. The 8 remaining Stim Canister upgrades can be found scattered across the different planets in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.


As you progress through the story, you’ll naturally come across a few stims here and there, but you’ll miss out on a few when traveling the galaxy. The game features 10 stims, and you need to use whatever skill upgrades you unlock to get your hands on them.

Stim Locations – Jedi Fallen Order

Stim Canister Upgrade Locations Jedi Fallen Order

As mentioned previously, most of the stims are locked behind ability-accessible areas. You’ll have to find all Jedi abilities before running for Stim upgrades in Jedi Fallen Order.

Stim Location #1

Ability Needed: Wall Run

Location: Binog Mesa, Bogano

You’ll need to do some parkour using the wall run ability to get the stim upgrade in Binog Mesa. You’ll find it during the first few hours on Bogano.

After you acquire the ability, navigate back to the Mantis. Find the Fractured Plain Meditation area and go left. Jump over the platforms to the amphitheater area. Here, you’ll find a tight sport where you can wall run. Drop down the hole and find your first Stim Canister Upgrade in Jedi Fallen Order.

Stim Location #2

Ability: Wall Run

Location: Derelict Hangar, Zeffo

Find the Mantis and head towards the right to a lowered platform. You’ll find a stormtrooper being torn to shreds. Pretend you saw nothing and veer left. Enter the dark cave found along the path near the cliffside opening. Use your saber as a torch until you find a raised platform. Jump on it to find the Stim.

Stim Location #3

Ability: Force Push

Location: Landing Pad, Bogano

On Bogano, head right from the Mantis and follow the track which follows under the landing pad. You’ll find a giant ball that needs to be force pushed into a cage. Position yourself to the ball’s left and move it along the white track. It’ll eventually land in the socket. The door flings open. Voila, Stim Upgrade 3 in Jedi Fallen Order is yours.

Stim Location #4

Ability: Powered Zipline

Location: Imperial Dig Site, Zeffo

Find the area with multiple zip lines. You’ll come across the area where you first found the Second Sister. Travel across the long bridge to find a zipline positioned a bit farther away from the doorway.


Use the zipline ability to travel up to the meditation point. But before you do, dodge mid-zipline and land on a platform halfway through your journey. Push the door ahead, and you’ll find the 4th Stim Canister Upgrade in Jedi Fallen Order.

Stim Location #5

Ability: Underwater Breather

Location: Origin Lake, Kashyyyk

After you obtain the underwater breather on your return to Kashyyyk, head to Origin Lake. You’ll find a massive wall here which you can climb. But turn around and find the jump on the bouncy green plants. You’ll reach a platform where this Stim Upgrade is found.

Sim Location #6

Ability: Force Pull, Jedi Flip

Location: Ice Caves, Zeffo

Make your way to the Ice Caves near the elevator. Veer left to see a platform where a Jotark roams around. Climb it, and you’ll find a vine right before you. Use Jedi Flip and Force Pull mid-air to grab the vine. Swing to the next vine, and you’ll come across the next Stim Canister Upgrade.

Stim Location #7

Ability: Jedi Flip

Location: Venator Wreckage, Zeffo

After obtaining the Jedi Flip, head back to Zeffo. At the Venator Wreckage, jump into the wreckage. You’ll find a round hole near the droids. Make your way to the end you’ll easily find the Stim Canister Upgrade.

Stim Location #8

Ability: Wall Run

Location: Nightmare Ruins, Dathomir

Outside the Nightmare Ruins’ building, position yourself toward the doorway. Make your way right and follow the path around it. You’ll have to wall run and fight spiders. Find a branch you can navigate across. You’ll find a platform with a stim canister.


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Zeffo

Those were all the Stim Canister upgrades you’d have to manually search for in Jedi Fallen Order. You’ll obtain the rest by progressing through the main story. Cal isn’t the strongest, so these Stim Canister Upgrades will be useful in Jedi Fallen Order.