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What’s The Best Planet Order in Jedi: Fallen Order?

What’s The Best Planet Order in Jedi: Fallen Order?

Even though Jedi: Fallen Order is definitely more of a linear experience than an open-ended one, there are still plenty of decisions to be made on the part of the player. If you want to explore “out of order”, you might be wondering, “What’s the best planet order in Jedi: Fallen Order?”

The best planet order in Jedi: Fallen Order is Bracca, Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Ordo Eris, Dathomir, Ilium, and Nur. Granted, Bracca, Ordo Eris, and Nur don’t offer a lot while the rest of the planets present loads of items, chests, and secrets to find.

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Confusing right? Now you know why we put this guide together. If you would like a more detailed rundown of the reasons why this order is suggested, check out each planet below.



Bracca is where the game begins so you quite literally cannot miss it. Also, you cannot come back when you are done, which is a real shame since I enjoyed the industrial aesthetic. Hopefully, we return to Bracca in the sequel.

Bracca plays out the game’s tutorial, teaching you the ins and outs of Jedi: Fallen Order. After you’re done, there’s no real way to make it back to Bracca, but why would you return? There are no collectibles, items, or fun things to do on Bracca.



A swamp planet that sets up the main narrative of the campaign while also serving as a sort of “home base” that features puzzles that can only be accessed as you unlock each upgrade. If you ever find the difficulty of the planet you are on to be too much, maybe head back here and see what new things you can discover.

You’ll make a total of four visits to Bogano in Jedi: Fallen Order. During the first visit, you’ll be able to collect a plethora of secrets and chests with loads of goodies and valuables. Here, you’ll unlock your Wall Run ability which comes in handy for traversal.

First Visit to Bogano

Here you’ll find the following items and secrets on your first visit:

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
ChestPathfinder Outfit MaterialBinog Mesa
SecretLife EssenceBogdo Sinkholes
SecretForce EssenceBogdo Sinholes
ChestBogdo Dawn Poncho MaterialGreat Divide
ChestValor and Wisdom 2 Lightsaber SleeveGreat Divide
ChestValor and Wisdom 2 Lightsaber SwitchGreat Divide
ChestEno Cordova Lightsaber SwitchHermit’s Abode Chest Location
SecretStim CanisterSubterranean Refuge

Second Visit to Bogano

After you’re done with the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, you’ll unlock Force Push and add-ons for BD-1. You can now head back and pick up some other items.

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
SecretForce EssenceAbandoned Workshop
ChestSumi Poncho Material Bogdo Sinkholes
ChestCorundum Lightsaber MaterialGreat Divide
ChestZ’Gag Wave BD-1 SkinGreat Divide
SecretStim CanisterLanding Pad

Third Visit to Bogano

After you complete the Tomb of Mitrull, you’ll have Cal’s Force pull and BD-1’s power zipline and overcharge. This allows you to access more chests and secrets on Bogano.

ChestRepublic Mantis Paint JobBogdo Sinkholes
ChestEno Cordova Lightsaber SwitchHermit’s Abode

Final Visit to Bogano

After your final visit to Kahyyk, you can get your hands on the final items in Bogdo with the help of the Jedi Flip and underwater breather.

ChestValor and Wisdom Lightsaber SwitchAbandoned Workshop
ChestValor and Wisdom Lightsaber EmitterAbandoned Workshop
ChestOffshore Poncho MaterialAbandoned Workshop
ChestLamina Steel Lightsaber MaterialAbandoned Workshop
ChestNeuranium Lightsaber MaterialFractured Plain
ChestPeace and Justice 2 Lightsaber SleeveFractured Plain
SecretLife EssenceSubterranean Refuge



This planet, along with two others, is purposefully split into two or three sections. You cannot complete this entire planet when you first visit so don’t waste too much time trying to explore everything. Just keep your eyes open for potential alternate paths so when you come back with your new traversal gear you know where to go.

First Visit to Zeffo

You’ll visit Zeffo thrice in Jedi: Fallen Order. Once you complete your first run of Bogano, you’ll have to set out for Zeffo for your first trip. And you’ll come across loads of interesting items here.

ChestGuardian Outfit MaterialAbandoned Village
ChestDuty and Resolve Lightsaber SleeveAbandoned Village
ChestDuty and Resolve Lightsaber  SwitchAuger Pulverizers
ChestDurasteel Lightsaber MaterialAuger Pulverizers
ChestStarfighter Mantis Paint JobAuger Pulverizers
SecretLife EssenceAuger Pulverizers
ChestBD-1 Blue Leader SkinDerelict Hangar
ChestDuty and Resolve Lightsaber EmitterDerelict Hangar
ChestBravo Poncho MaterialDerelict Hangar
SecretStim Canister UpgradeDerelict Hangar
SecretLife EssenceGusty Bluffs
ChestCopper Lightsaber MaterialTurbine Facility
ChestElemental Nature 2 Lightsaber SleeveWeathered Monument
ChestDuty and Resolve 2 Lightsaber SleeveWindswept Ruins
ChestDurite Lightsaber MaterialAbandoned Village
ChestCharisma Mantis Paint JobAncient Catacombs
ChestHyper Shell Poncho MaterialCrash Site
Chest Swoop BD-1 SkinCrash Site
ChestCerakote Lightsaber MaterialIce Caves
ChestWayfarer Poncho MaterialIce Caves
ChestBestine BD-1 SkinIce Caves
ChestArcetron Lightsaber MaterialIce Caves

Second Visit to Zeffo

After you get your hands on the Force Pull upgrade from Tomb of Miktrull, BD-1’s Overcharge, and the powered zipline from the Imperial Dig Site, you can explore lots of new areas on Zeffo and access loads of secrets and chests.

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
SecretForce EssenceBroken Wing
SecretLife EssenceCrash Site
SecretStim Canister Ice Caves
ChestSerape Poncho MaterialImperial Headquarters
ChestAurodium Lightsaber MaterialImperial Headquarters
ChestHaysian Smelt Lightsaber MaterialTomb of Miktrull
ChestZodiac Drifter Mantis Paint JobTomb of Miktrull

Final Visit to Zeffo

After you’re done with Kashyyyk for the second time and unlock the Jedi Flip and the underwater breather ability, you’ll be able to pick up the remaining items from Zeffo.

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
ChestOrichalc Lightsaber MaterialBroken Wing
ChestPolished Bronzium Lightsaber MaterialCrash Site
ChestElemental Nature Lightsaber EmitterCrash Site
ChestElemental Nature Lightsaber SwitchCrash Site
ChestFjord Poncho MaterialCrash Site
SecretStim CanisterImperial Dig Site



The first half of Kashyyyk is where I noticed the first major difficulty spike. If you followed my earlier advice about getting a lightsaber upgrade ahead of time on Dathomir it isn’t too bad, but otherwise, just be prepared to die a handful of times as you learn. All in all, Kashyyyk is well represented here and a cool planet to explore fully.

First Visit

After you finally get your hands on the Force Push and Scomp Link upgrade for BD-1, you can get your hands on a few goodies on Kashyyyk.

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
ChestBD-1 SkinCargo Pad
ChestPoncho MaterialCargo Pad
ChestLightsaber EmitterImperial Refinery
ChestBD-1 SkinImperial Refinery
ChestLightsaber MaterialImperial Refinery
SecretForce EssenceImperial Refinery

Second Visit to Kashyyyk

Once you’ve wrapped up the Tomb of Mikthrull on Zeffo, you’ll get your hands on the Force Push and powered zipline ability for BD-1. 

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
SecretForce EssenceForest Trench
ChestPassion and Strength 2 Lightsaber SleeveKyyyalstaad Falls
ChestLightsaber SwitchKyyyalstaad Falls
ChestLightsaber MaterialKyyalstaad Basin
ChestPoncho MaterialKyyyalstaad Basin

Ordo Eris

Ordo Eris Jedi Fallen Order

No spoilers here but the way you get to this prison planet took me by surprise and was one of the best moments in the game for me. The area itself is kind of lackluster, but it serves to break up the pace and feel of the story and in that way, it works for me.

Ordo Eris is less of a planet and more of a space station on a shattered asteroid. There’s not a lot to do in Ordo Eris and you only go there once. You’ll be ambushed by bounty hunters at times, and if you get defeated, you’ll be held captive in Ordo Eris to fight in their arena.


Dathomir Jedi Fallen Order

If you choose to come here first when you have the choice you will be able to get a great upgrade that makes the other planets a bit easier on you, but doing so means fighting some of the tougher enemies in the game right off the bat.

Coming back later makes Dathomir a bit easier, but it also means spending over half the game without feeling like an unstoppable killing machine. Up to you, I suppose.

Dathomir was by far my favorite planet in the game, from its scripted segments to the characters that you find here, this was Jedi: Fallen Order at its best.

Making your way to Dathomir is pointless until you get your hands on Wall Run. You’ll make a total of two trips to Dathomir to get everything on the Planet.

First Visit to Dathomir

You can travel to Dathomir pretty early in the game. We don’t recommend that you do but if you have the Wall Run ability, you can still get your money’s worth.

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
ChestBD-1 SkinUpper Strangled Cliffs
ChestMantis Paint JobBrother’s Bastion
ChestLightsaber SwitchBrother’s Bastion
SecretLife EssenceBrother’s Bastion

Second Visit to Dathomir

You won’t be pointed towards Dathomir, not unless you complete Tomb of Mikhtrull on Zeffo. You’ll need to unlock Force Push, Force Pull, and BD’s Scomp Link for your second visit.

CollectibleCollectible TypeLocation
SecretLife EssenceUpper Strangled Cliffs
ChestLightsaber EmitterUpper Strangled Cliffs
ChestPower and Control Lightsaber SleeveCollapsed Settlement
ChestAphelion Mantis Paint JobNightbrother Village
ChestVagabond Poncho MaterialNightbrother Dungeon
SecretStim Canister UpgradeNightmare Ruins


Ilium Jedi Fallen Order

Before finishing Dathomir you must head to Ilum and complete a special task. I won’t go into more detail to avoid spoilers.

Ilium is a pretty late-game planet and you can get everything on the icy planet in just one visit.

First Visit To Ilium

You’ll have to visit Ilium after you unlock all abilities for Cal and the required abilities for BD.

Collectible TypeCollectibleLocation
SecretForce EssenceShattered Lake
ChestCompanero Poncho MaterialShattered Lake
ChestTibanna BD-1 SkinJedi Temple
SecretLife EssenceCrystal Caves
ChestPower and Control 2 Lightsaber SleeveCrystal Caves


Jedi Fallen Order Nur

The final planet of the game is home to the Fortress Inquisitorius and the final boss. Nothing to miss here collectible-wise but still a cool location and home to a great surprise ending.

After you unlock the Temple on Bogano and come face-to-face with the Second Sister for the second time, you’ll be allowed to travel to the final world and the final mission area of the game.

Set apart from the open worlds of Zeffo, Kashyyyk, and Dathomir, Nur has a Metroidvania-type feel with a more linear focus as you infiltrate the Emipre’s Fortress Inquisitorius.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Jedi Survivor

And when you’ve had your fair share of fun in Fallen Order, you can look forward to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that’s set to release on April 28, 2023. We were graced with 8 minutes of footage with Cal back in action on the planet of Koboh.

There’s lots of enemy variety and new interactions with the environment added to the mix. Cal has a healthy assortment of new combos to show off and he’s wielding his dual-bladed lightsaber that unlocks toward the end of the Fallen Order.

Jesi Survivor is shaping up to be another fine entry into the franchise. Till then, explore your favorite planets in the Fallen Order.


And that makes for a healthy dose of all the best planets in Jedi: Fallen Order. So fire up a session and try your shot at a planet of your choice, and let us know what you think in the comments below.