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Here’s the Best Planet Order in Jedi: Fallen Order

Here’s the Best Planet Order in Jedi: Fallen Order

Even though Jedi: Fallen Order is definitely more of a linear experience than an open-ended one, there are still plenty of decisions to be made on the part of the player. Early on in the game you are given the option to choose which location you would like to travel to and explore first. Even though it is a more superficial choice than a legitimate one, it can lead to some areas being easier/ harder if you do them “out of order”.

My second playthrough went a lot better because I was obviously more informed on what lay in wait for me on each planet.

My personal suggestion is to follow this path: Bracca, Bogano, the first section of Dathomir (to get the a specific lightsaber upgrade), Zeffo, Kashyyk, Zeffo, Ordo Eris, Kashyyyk, Dathomir, Ilum, Dathomir, Bogano, Nur (Fortress Inquisitorius).

Confusing right? Now you know why we put this guide together. If you would like a more detailed rundown of the reasons why this order is suggested, check out each planet below.

Bracca is where the game begins so you quite literally cannot miss it. Also you cannot come back when you are done, which is a real shame since I actually enjoyed the industrial aesthetic. Hopefully we return to Bracca in the sequel.

A swamp planet that sets up the main narrative of the campaign while also serving as a sort of “home base” that features puzzles that can only be accessed as you unlock each upgrade. If you ever find the difficulty of the planet you are on to be too much, maybe head back here and see what new things you can discover.

This planet, along with two others, is purposefully split into two or three sections. You cannot complete this entire planet when you first visit so don’t waste too much time trying to explore everything. Just keep your eyes open for potential alternate paths so when you come back with your new traversal gear you know where to go.

The first half of Kashyyyk is where I noticed the first major difficulty spike. If you followed my earlier advice about getting a lightsaber upgrade ahead of time on Dathomir it isn’t too bad, but otherwise just be prepared to die a handful of times as you learn. All in all Kashyyyk is well represented here and a cool planet to explore fully.

No spoilers here but the way you get to this prison planet took me by surprise and was one of the best moments in the game for me. The area itself is kind of lackluster, but it serves to break up the pace and feel of the story and in that way it works for me.

If you choose to come here first when you have the choice you will be able to get a great upgrade that makes the other planets a bit easier on you, but doing so means fighting some of the tougher enemies in the game right off the bat. Coming back later makes Dathomir a bit easier, but it also means spending over half the game without feeling like an unstoppable killing machine. Up to you I suppose.

Dathomir was by far my favorite planet in the game, from its scripted segments to the characters that you find here, this was Jedi: Fallen Order at its best.

Before finishing Dathomir you must head to Ilum and complete a special task. I won’t go into more detail to avoid spoilers but just know that you are able to go everywhere on Ilum right off the bat so do everything you can.

The final planet of the game is home to the Fortress Inquisitorius and the final boss. Nothing to miss here collectible-wise but still a cool location and home to a great surprise ending.