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Ultimate Guide To The Plague in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Plague in Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive went above and beyond with The Plague in Dead by Daylight, and we love her design. She has some pretty nifty tricks up her sleeve. Find everything you need to know about The Plague to master her abilities right here!

The Plague is a well-designed original Killer in the Dead By Daylight franchise. She is a mid-to-hard tier Killer who requires some degree of mastery with skill shots to be played effectively.  Nonetheless, she brings so much fun to the experience that players automatically yearn to master her!


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Plague in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Plague (Adiris) good for beginners?

The Plague Dead by Daylight

The Plague, or Adiris, is a potent killer that can infect Survivors and prevent healing. It is an original character in the Dead by Daylight Franchise.

The plague is not available in the base game. Therefore, you must purchase this Killer separately from the in-game store or through its respective DLC Chapter, ‘Demise of the Faithful’. This Killer can strike its prey from a large distance away and punish Survivors for every bit of pressure they add onto themselves as the match progresses.

The Plague is pretty straightforward to understand as long as you get a good grasp of her puke’s direction. Having said that, she might use certain mechanics specific to her that may require additional practice to master.

This Killer has abilities that can infect Survivors with anti-healing, making her one of the most dangerous Killers with high potency and great punishment capacity. The Plague is generally considered to be an intermediate-to-hard Killer to grasp fully.

She might give you a tough time if you select her as a beginner unless you are sure that you want to invest time in learning her.

The Plague can be a decent choice for veterans who have some sort of understanding of the game and are curious about playing Killers with a degree of technical expertise in Dead By Daylight.

Are The Plague Perks worth upgrading?

The Plague offers some very unique additions of perks that can be very effective in matches. Corrupt Intervention can really hit the Survivors early on and give them a handicapped start. You can really frustrate and worry the Survivors with Infectious Fright whenever you take one of them down.

Usually, if you can pull off hooking a Survivor in the time duration of Corrupt Intervention, you may end up deactivating it but then can straight up activate Infectious Fright to keep the pressure on them and punish them further for getting caught so quickly.

Dark Devotion also makes you a deadly Killer by helping you target one of the Survivors. So, there is great potential for combining Dark Devotion with Infectious Fright so that you can use one downed Survivor to get to the others.

All these points clearly show just how good of an investment are The Plague’s Perks.

What are The Plague’s Perks?

The Plague comes with mainly two powers in Dead by Daylight and around 3 special perks that you can eventually obtain for all other characters as well. 

Corrupt Intervention

Corrupt Intervention:
Her main Perk, “Corrupt Intervention”, invokes a dark power that can meddle with the survivability of her prey. This is done by blocking 3 generators farthest away from you for around a max time of 120 seconds. This Perk can be deactivated prematurely in case a Survivor is hooked and put into a dying state.

Infectious Fright The Plague Dead by Daylight

Infectious Fright:
Along with that, her other perks include “Infectious Fright”. Infectious Fright will cause all Survivors near you within your terror radius to scream and expose their whereabouts for a maximum duration of 6 seconds when any of their allies get hooked and put to a dying state.

Dark Devotion

Dark Devotion:
Dark Devotion makes you obsessed with a Survivor and causes you to enter the Undetectable State while extending your terror radius by 32 meters onto the obsession.

All of these perks are incredibly useful when you want to hunt down all the Survivors and cause chaotic panic among them as you punish their every mistake.

What Weapon does The Plague have?


The Plague, or Adiris, uses the Profane Censer. This primary weapon is perfumed with the fragrances of the priest gardens. Once The Plague strikes a Survivor with this weapon, she will re-center herself while recovering from the hit.

What Power does The Plague have?

Vile Purge
Vile Purge

Her Condition deteriorated as the black plague overtook her body: her toes blackened, her neck mushroomed into cysts, and her throat gagged with bloody vomit.

The Plague has the ability to infect both Survivors and inanimate objects that can be interactable for Survivors with this projectile of infectious bile. Vile Purge is a skill shot and can be used effectively by pressing down and holding the Power button to charge it up before unleashing it out in any direction and angle you wish to.

If you hit a Survivor with Vile Purge, you infect them, and they must find a Pool of Devotion to get cleansed at, or else their Sickness Meter increases until they reach the Injured State.

If you shoot it at environmental objects, they will get infected for 40 seconds and can transfer the infection onto Survivors upon contact.

Is The Plague fun to play?

The Plague is one of the harder Killers to master, but not without a rewarding experience. Her Powers include Vile Purge, a contamination that can injure or break Survivors until they find the Pool of Devotion to cure their anti-healing sickness.

Vile Purge is effective within a short range but makes for a powerful skill to learn how to use. When used effectively, you basically initiate the Survivors’ inevitable downfall.

Along with Vile Purge, players can master her special ability: Ingest Corruption. This ability basically boosts The Plague by empowering her Purge once a Survivor cleanses at the Pool of Devotion.

The Plague has some very fascinating abilities and perks that you can master. If you completely grasp her vomit projectiles when utilizing Vile Purge, you will basically become unstoppable in most of your matches.

All of these incentives and fun abilities make for a very fulfilling experience when playing as this Killer in the game.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Plague?

  • Master the Vile Purge: This is The Plague’s primary attack ability. Vile Purge is an amazing technique to punish Survivors for slacking around knowing fully well that you roam ominously on the same map as them. As long as you understand intuitively the projectile and direction for Vile Purge’s vomit – you can hit Survivors from great distances and difficult angles and make their lives a living hell.
  • Another great way to punish Survivors is to use them against each other. Whenever a healthy Survivor, with no Status Effects, interacts with any ally that is fully infected, the infection will contagiously spread to the healthy survivor. And what does this mean for us? Simply put, a fully infected Survivor will not be able to be rescued from the dying state without infecting their allies.
  • Predict their moves. Since you have a projectile-based ability, you should utilize it to its maximum potential by predicting where a target could possibly move to and hitting that with Vile Purge in anticipation.
  • Strike when they’re stuck. The Plague’s ranged arsenal is very useful when surprising Survivors stuck in tasks or locked in animations. In fact, it will be harder to target them in open spaces so a little stealth will go a long way for you as Adiris.
  • Another tactic you can use is infecting objects. That’s right, objects. This is an indirect method of infecting Survivors. As The Plague, you can practically infect pallets, totems, windows, generators, and any other object interactable for Survivors. You can use this to your advantage even further by infecting any possible object the Survivors may use for shelter and escape when chasing them down.
  • To empower the Vile Purge into a more potent form, Corrupted Purge, you should find the Pools of Devotion. When your match starts, a pool/fountain will be already corrupted. If you find it and drink from it, you will obtain Corrupted Purge. With Corrupted Purge, you can hurt and down any struck players along with infecting them.
  • Whenever any Survivor cleanses themselves at the very last uncorrupted fountain, Adiris instantly gets her Corrupt Purge regardless of her map position. This can be very handy when you’re in the middle of chasing down a Survivor.

That’s everything for now on the Plague in Dead by Daylight. She might require a little practice before you can devise proper starts around her, so just be patient and keep at it. We hope you find this guide helpful and stay tuned with GV for more on DBD.