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8 Things To Do Before NG+ in Lies of P

8 Things To Do Before NG+ in Lies of P

Following the Soul-like tradition, after ending Lies of P you will be prompted to start a new game plus or NG+. It is basically the same game with ramped-up difficulty but you get to keep most of the items and your level/stats from the start. However, you shouldn’t begin this challenging run right away. In this article, we will go over some boxes you should tick before jumping into the NG+ in Lies of P.

Before you start NG+ in Lies of P, you must find and upgrade all weapons (especially the ones you prefer), complete any NPC questline, gather any missed collectibles, stock up on items, level up your character, and more.


Let’s take a look at all the important things you need to do before starting your NG+ run in Lies of P to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

NG+ in Lies of P

NG+ warning prompt

As soon as you beat the final boss of your chosen ending, Lies of P will present the player the option to start a new playthrough i.e. New Game Plus. The prompt will display the items you will lose if you decide to go down this route.

By accepting this offer you will be instantly teleported to the start of the game all the while retaining most of the things you have collected in the previous run like weapons, costumes, etc.

Nevertheless, if you choose to decline this prompt, P will continue roaming Krat, free to do anything he wants and revisit previous locations. You can complete anything you haven’t done up to this point and/or level up your character with more Ergo.

We highly recommend not to start NG+ right away, instead opting first to complete any loose ends in your current game. It is best to start NG+ if you are done with everything and want to take the alternate route to your precious playthrough.

You can always visit the Hotel Krat’s Stargazer and select the Restart option to start NG+.

1. Grab all the Weapons and Legion Arms

Lies of P weapons

Lies of P is filled to the brim with all kinds of weapons. Each handles very distinctly and the added customization layer completely changes the way they function. Make sure to purchase all these weapons from the vendors.

You should try to pick up all the weapons before NG+ for a couple of reasons. Experiment with all the weapons and combinations to figure out which ones work the best with your playstyle.

Upgrade the weapons enough to withstand the brutal challenge of NG+. The same goes for Legion Arms. Get all of them and play with each to select your preferred one.

With an upgraded arsenal at your disposal, you can easily switch to new weapons in NG+ to vary up the gameplay without them feeling weak.

Speaking of grabbing items, try to pick up all the costumes as well.

2. Boss Weapons

Boss Weapons

Much like Dark Souls, in Lies of P, some bosses will reward the player with a Rare Ergo that can be consumed for a large sum of the said currency. However, their true purpose is to acquire special items when given to an NPC, Alidoro.

Alidoro will give the option to either transpose these Rare Ergos into a Unique Boss Weapon or a Unique Amulet. The player can only select one at a time and will have to gain the Ergo again in NG+ to get the other item.

These boss weapons are special and cannot be customized like other weapons. They have unusual movesets and abilities and shouldn’t be slept upon.

With all of that said, as soon as you receive these Rare Ergos from the bosses, take them to Alidoro ASAP. These weapons are some of the best weapons in the game and will potentially ruin every other regular weapon in the game for you.

Use them and upgrade the ones you like before NG+. We advise you to grab the weapons in your first playthrough and then focus on the amulets in the later runs. Or if an amulet compliments your playstyle more then grab that first and leave the weapon for NG+.

3. NPC Questline

NPC Questline

Do not forget to finish off any ongoing NPC questline before moving on to NG+. Lies of P is chock full of interesting NPCs that provide a lot of character to this mechanical game.

Every questline has branching paths where P can choose to either lie or tell the truth resulting in different outcomes. Make sure to stick with a certain path and leave the other course of the quest for NG+. NPCs also reward the player with special items so seize them before ending the game.

4. Preferred Ending


Lies of P has three different endings. There are prerequisite steps that you must follow to get each of the endings. Make sure to stick to one ending for your first playthrough. We recommend you to go for the true ending i.e. “RISE OF P” ending.

For this ending, you must do a series of very particular actions. The reason we recommend this ending is that the final secret boss will be harder in NG+ so you should get it done as early as possible, otherwise, the NG+ difficulty increase will make your life miserable.

5. Level UP!

Upgrading in Lies of P

NG+ is no slouch! The difficulty boost of this mode makes things incredibly hard. Not only the bosses will turn you into pulp in an instant, but the lowly enemies will prove quite challenging.

You should do everything in your power to level up the P before engaging with NG+. Do not go overboard as it will ruin the fun but try to upgrade his stats and weapons to a respectful level.

Also, try to allocate stats that synergize well together. Don’t just upgrade everything you want. Instead, try to work towards a build that utilizes a set of complimentary stats with a precise weapon for maximum damage output.

You can always respec your character by visiting the Saintess of Mercy Statue. Experiment with the right builds. You can check the internet for tons of builds!

6. Explore

Exploration in Lies of P

Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of Krat. The levels in this game are intricately designed. Most of them are interconnected so you never know which path might lead to a shortcut that leads to previous areas making your exploration even more seamless.

Thorough exploration will also reveal secret areas that might house valuable rewards, especially the ones you get to keep in NG+. Moreover, while exploring you’ll uncover the locations of Stargazers. This information will be extremely helpful in your NG+ since you know where the next Stargazer is to recover your lost Pulse Cells and change up your arsenal for the next challenge.

7. Collectibles


Lies of P has a plethora of collectibles that not only flesh out the world but some of them provide valuable gameplay options. Many of the collectibles, except for the Records, will be taken away after you start NG+ so it is better to get over them in your initial playthrough.

These collectibles include:

  • Books
  • Cryptic Vessels
  • Cryptic Vessel Description
  • Keys
  • Letters
  • Newspaper
  • Notes
  • Pictures
  • Recollections
  • Records – Some of the Records will only unlock in NG+.

8. Unlock P-Organs

P-Organ upgrade menu

The P-Organ skill tree is home to some of the most basic yet crucial abilities while others are game-changing in many ways. There are only a limited number of Quartz, the currency to buy these skills, you can accumulate in a playthrough so make sure to unlock the right skills that will aid you in NG+.

Skills like double dodge, the ability to carry more Pulse Cells, and the ability to easily break enemy weapons with perfect parries are priceless additions to your repertoire.

Collecting all the Quartz is also extremely important since new skill trees will open up in NG+ and you should have enough stockpiled to unlock the later OP skills.

Lies of P has tons of stuff to do. Try your best to complete most of the stuff in your initial playthrough and keep the NG+ for the increased challenge, exploring alternate questlines and other endings. NG+ is quite a hard endeavor to embark on in this game, one which surprised even the most hardened Soul-like players out there.