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Can You Break Boss Weapons in Lies of P?

Can You Break Boss Weapons in Lies of P?

Lies of P has many distinct elements that push it beyond a meager clone of FromSoft’s seminal works. One such aspect is the ability to break any enemy’s weapon mid-combat. This provides all manner of strategic plays and varying up the game’s fight. But can you break the badass weapons the bosses wield in Lies of P?

Yes, you can break boss weapons in Lies of P. With timely perfect blocking or parrying, P is able to shatter almost all boss weapons. The number of perfect blocks depends on the boss.


Let’s take a look at how Pinocchio can break almost every main boss’s weapon in Lies of P. It does require a lot of parrying though, so be ready for that.

Breaking Weapons in Lies of P

Repairing weapon

In most other Soul-like games, there is a durability stat attached to each of the weapons found in the game. With the gradual use of the said weapon, it will deteriorate over time, and soon it will break lowering its damage output.

This can usually be countered by either using a consumable repairing item or taking the weapon to the blacksmith to get it mended to its original stronger self.

The same mechanic is present in Lies of P. There is a weapon health bar always present on the HUD indicating the weapon’s durability. With each successful hit with the weapon, this bar goes down and eventually, the weapon breaks when it reaches 0.

However, P can repair these weapons on the fly using the Grinder present on his mechanical arm. It will play a short animation where he sharpens the weapon with his left elbow and the health bar fills up.

breaking weapons in Lies of P

The best bit is that this weapon-breaking trait is applicable to enemies as well. Enemy’s weapons can also break if P is able to block their attacks. With successful parrying, the enemy’s weapon will split usually resulting in a lower attack range, lower incoming damage, and/or a change in movesets.

Every time you perfectly parry an attack, orange sparks will fly with a white sparkle flashing on their weapon. This indicates that the enemy’s weapon has received some durability damage. Keep parrying and soon the weapon will visibly snap.

It is an interesting mechanic and provides further layers to Lies of P’s combat design and opening up different tactics in combat. This is true for normal enemies but what about boss weapons?

Can You Break Boss Weapons in Lies of P?

Much like regular mobs, bosses’ weapons can also be broken in Lies of P. You have to perfectly parry their attacks for the weapons to break. Of course, boss weapons won’t be easy to shatter as compared to normal foes so you have to perfect parry multiple times.

We have linked the video above that showcases all the bosses’ weapons breaking and how many parries will it take to destroy them. The number of perfect parries can range from 8 parries to up to 40+ for the final boss. The boss’s weapon will flash a white-orange glow each time you perfectly parry them.

After successfully breaking the weapon, some bosses will continue using their normal moveset albeit with lesser reach. However, some bosses will adapt to the broken weapon and even undergo some unique transformation.

Although quite difficult, we advise you to try and work towards breaking boss weapons to witness this rather amazing feature. Additionally, in pursuit of this feat, you will also become a parry master which is one of the best skills to hone in Lies of P.