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Here’s Why you Can’t Find Nepheli in Elden Ring

Here’s Why you Can’t Find Nepheli in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of questlines and all of them are extremely in-depth. Each quest has multiple choices in them and you can choose how each of them ends. Every single thing you do in the game has an effect on someone else and it is up to you to determine exactly what to do when you talk to each person. Yes, it can be confusing without a journal, but that is what makes it fun.

You can’t find Nepheli Loux because you haven’t started her questline yet or you have started it but you just don’t know where to go next. This questline has a few options you can do, but for this article, we will be showing you how to get the good ending for her quest.

Her questline is very long and in-depth, and it also relies on other people to complete it as well. We will go over every step of the quest and where you need to go. If you do the quest correctly, you will get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone at the end as a reward so it is definitely worth the trouble.

How to complete Nepheli’s Questline

Nepheli’s quest is one that most people don’t really want to follow because it isn’t the most interesting quest in the world. Even though you might not like it that much, you do get an insanely good item in the end. As we said before, you get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone to max out your favorite weapon or shield.

Like we said earlier, you probably haven’t started Nepheli’s quest or you have already but you don’t know where to go next. There are a lot of steps to this quest so we hope you don’t get too confused. We put all the locations you need to go to and talk to her and we also gave information on where to find specific quest items.

Here are all the steps you need to do to complete Nepheli’s questline:

1. Find and talk to her in Stormveil Castle

You first meet Nepheli in Stormveil Castle. She is in a room on the east side of the massive courtyard with all the enemies around. All you need to do is exhaust all her dialogue and she will help you fight Godrick the Grafted if you need the help. You are going to want to rest at Godrick’s Site of Grace after defeating him and go talk to Gideon in the Roundtable Hold.

Once you talk to him, rest at the Table, and Nepheli will appear for you. Keep in mind that you don’t need to summon her for the fight for this to happen. Also, she won’t spawn in the Hold unless you have spoken to Gideon about her already.

2. Find and talk to her at the Roundtable Hold

Once you talk to Gideon and rest at the Table, Nepheli will spawn in the Roundtable Hold and you can go up and talk to her. She will tell you about how Gideon is her Foster Father and that she is glad you met him. She will then go on about how she found an item in Godrick the Grafted’s boss area and wants to give it to you.

Since you defeated Godrick, she gives you the Arsenal Charm which actually decreases your equipment load by 15% when the Talisman is equipped. It is a great item to get even if you stop the questline here. Once you exhaust all her dialogue, she will then move to the next area for the third part of her questline.

3. Find and talk to her at the Village of Albinaurics

Once you get to the Village of Albinaurics, she will be on the lower section right below the bridge right next to the Site of Grace. You can go talk to her and she will ask what you think of the dilapidated village you are in. Once you exhaust all her dialogue, you can go across the bridge and defeat the Omenkiller who is the optional boss of the area.

Once you defeat that boss, Nepheli will still be in the area but will move as soon as you rest at the Site of Grace again. There is also a Secret Medallion piece in the village that is important to reach one of the main Shardbearers of the game. Once she is gone, you can start the next part of the quest.

4. Find and talk to her at the Roundtable Hold again

Once she is gone from the Village, travel back to the Roundtable Hold again and find her. She will be on the first floor next to the Wall of Fog. This is the room right next to Hewg that has a staircase going downward. Once you get down to the bottom, talk to Nepheli until she says to leave her. Talk to Gideon to find out more about her.

Once you talk to Gideon, go back and talk with Nepheli and tell her what you learned. She will go on about how Gideon cast her out and how she can’t trust him anymore. She goes on a bit more about it and eventually her dialogue will be exhausted. Once you are done, you are ready for the next part of the quest.

5. Give the Stormhawk King to Nepheli

This is a very confusing part but you are going to want to go back to the place where you started the game. Go to the Four Belfries and use an Imbued Stonesword Key on the second Imp Statue with the writing ‘Precipice of Anticipation’ and take the teleporter. You are going to want to defeat the Grafted Scion which is the boss that killed you in the beginning.

Once he is dead, go to the door you first walked out of and take a right. You will see a small door that was locked in the beginning, but it is open now. Inside, you will find the Stormhawk King Ashes and all you need to do is bring it back to Nepheli. Give it to her and you can get to the next part of the quest.

6. Complete Kenneth Haight’s questline

This quest seems out of the way and unrelated, but it needs to be done to finish Napheli’s quest. Find Kenneth Haight in North-East Limgrave and he will give you the task of clearing out Fort Haight. Once you clear it out, he will eventually move into that area and he will be available to speak with. Talk to him there and that is all you need to do for the next part of the quest.

It is a little confusing at first, but you can only progress when the Fort has been cleared out. He will then ask you if you want to manage the fort for him and he will be thankful. If he doesn’t show up, try resting at the nearest Site of Grace and check again.

7. Find and talk to her at the Stormveil Castle Throne Room

Once you give Nepheli the Stormhawk King and you finish Kenneth Haight’s quest, they will both show up in the Stormveil Castle Throne Room. This is the end of both quests and you do get some good stuff for completing them. Once you exhaust all the NPC dialogue, you will have earned an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

This is a great reward since you can max out a piece of equipment. It definitely is worth all the trouble these quests put you through, but that means, if you complete any other quests, they will most likely give you the same stuff. This means more and more equipment can be upgraded.

It can be a little confusing about what each quest gives you but believe me, it is the best thing ever to finally finish a quest and be surprised with the reward that you get. Everything you find is important in some way or another so it doesn’t hurt to collect stuff you can’t use at the moment.