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This is Why Your Beacon Isn’t Working in Minecraft

This is Why Your Beacon Isn’t Working in Minecraft

The complexity of a game adds a sense of realism by allowing its players to show their creativity with whatever they do. However, the same complexity can confuse players when a certain functionality refuses to work. 

They know that the main reason is not the game but themselves. The Beacon is a popular example of this phenomenon. They work when they should and cease all functioning when the requirements are unfulfilled. 

To make a Beacon work, you must ensure it can see the sky properly. There should be no missing blocks in the pyramid structure. A Beacon won’t be functional unless you activate it. 

There are ways to make such Beacons work. However, a proper diagnosis requires an in-depth understanding of the mechanic. 

Beacons in Minecraft

A Beacon is a luminous structure that shoots a light straight up in the sky to provide multiple status effects in a fixed area. Here are some of the status effects a Beacon can provide:

  • Speed
  • Jump Boost
  • Haste
  • Regeneration
  • Resistance
  • Strength

Such effects do not come in bulk. Therefore, you might only be able to grab one or two of the mentioned statuses by placing a Beacon. 

However, placing and making it work are two entirely different aspects. One cannot work without the other. Therefore, we recommend you understand how these structures are created first. 

How to Craft a Beacon

Crafting a Beacon is rather simple and requires little to no effort as long as you’ve progressed to a certain point in-game. That being said, you will be needing the following items to be able to craft a successful Beacon:

ItemHow to Obtain
GlassCan be crafted by smelting Sand or Red Sand with any fuel. The sand blocks are readily available in the desert biome.
Nether StarThis item can be gained by defeating the Wither. However, taking it down can be a challenge in itself. If you’ve progressed to the point of a Beacon, then you’ve probably already defeated him. 
ObsidianThis block forms whenever water meets lava. You can make it artificially or let the process happen naturally in the Nether. 

Once you have the mentioned items, it’s time to get to the building part. Simply chug the mentioned materials in the following format and your Beacon will be crafted:

Once you’re done with the Beacon crafting, then it’s time to introduce yourself with the next question. How do you place a Beacon?

Placing a Beacon in Minecraft

Beacon placement is a rather sensitive process since you need to fulfill a set of requirements in order to make them work. That being said, here are the given criteria for successfully placing a Beacon:

Unobstructed Sky

To function, the Beacons require an unobstructed view of the sky. While you can place transparent blocks like glass and water, any opacity will cause it to cease all operations. Therefore, try to ensure there isn’t anything above the Beacon you’re currently placing. 

As mentioned, any obstruction might be why your Beacon wasn’t working before, so be sure to check it. You can do that by standing on the Beacon block and looking straight upward. In creative, this can be made easier since you can fly upwards. 

Pyramid Formula

A Beacon won’t activate in any possible structure. Rather, it needs a specific pyramid design to function as intended. That being said, there are four possible iterations of the said design. They are mentioned below:

LevelMineral blocksMaterialsLayers
19813×3, Beacon
2343065×5, 3×3, Beacon
383 (1 stack + 19 blocks)7477×7, 5×5, 3×3, Beacon
4164 (2 stacks + 36 blocks)14769×9, 7×7, 5×5, 3×3, Beacon
Source: Minecraft Wiki

Consequently, placing multiple Beacons on a single pyramid is also possible. However, that will change the overall pillar requirements of a Beacon. Therefore, the chances of your Beacon not working are quite high.

There is also a solution to this, since Minecraft allows you to get creative with how you want to approach everything. That being said, here are the general Beacon placements for multiple Beacons.

LevelMineral blocksMaterialsLayers
1201804×5, Beacons
2625586×7, 4×5, Beacons
3134 (2 stacks + 6 blocks)12068×9, 6×7, 4×5, Beacons
4244 (3 stacks + 52 blocks)219610×11, 8×9, 6×7, 4×5, Beacons

The effects of multiple Beacons will provide multiple effects instead of a single stack. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a single six-Beacon structure to make the most bang for your buck. 

What is the Range of a Minecraft Beacon?

A Minecraft Beacon consists of 4 levels of a Beacon. As mentioned previously, the size of the pyramid is a good indication of a pyramid’s level. That being said, a single Beacon won’t apply to the entire world of Minecraft. 

It won’t even cover your base properly. Therefore, we recommend you know the general ranges of the mentioned Beacons to make the best use of your Beacon.

The ranges, including the effective durations, are mentioned below:

SizeBlock RangeDuration (In Seconds)
Level 12011
Level 23013
Level 34015
Level 45017

This range is indicated in the shape of a square. Therefore, a 20-block range indicated 20 upward, downward, and sideways ranges. Hence, you can enjoy the effects as long as you are within the mentioned block. 

You need to keep track of your base and Beacon light trajectory to make it work properly. Any obstruction to the light path will leave you in unnecessary confusion. 

That being said, the effects from such Beacons are a perfect buff-up before fighting major battles. Therefore, we recommend you activate them for an easier but just as entertaining Minecraft experience.