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Ultimate Guide To Primalist in Last Epoch

Ultimate Guide To Primalist in Last Epoch

The Primalist is the most diverse class in Last Epoch. From harnessing the power of Mother Nature to unleash her wrath onto your enemies to transforming yourself into mythical creatures of the forest to calling forth feral beasts to aid you during battle. This class can be pivoted in so many ways.


We will go over the Primalist class in detail so that by the end you will know what mastery will you choose while trekking the treacherous timelines in Last Epoch.

Primalist – Base Class

Last Epoch Primalist Base Class

The Primalist is your nature-attuned guardian of the forest archetype class in Last Epoch. Using his bond with animals and the elements to deal heavy blows to his foes.

This class is one of the tankier characters in the game being able to jump into the fray and use his abilities to control the situation and manage large hordes of incoming enemies at once.

This class has access to several situational abilities, having a dedicated healing spell, elemental spells, totems, wolf companions, and one of the best movement skills in the game, Fury Leap.

The Primalist has probably the most diverse set of skills ranging from powerful elemental abilities to hard-hitting physical attacks to summoning Companions and totems to fight alongside you. This also translates to the Masteries you have to pick from later on. They are just as diverse.

Primalist Skills

Summon Wolf Last Epoch Primalist

Summon Wolf

Summons a primal wolf that follows you into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. While you are at your maximum number of wolves, the ability is replaced with Howl.

Gathering Storm

Strike at your enemy with a mighty lightning-powered storm. When you use Gathering Storm and hit at least one enemy, you gain a Storm Stack. Every second you expend a Storm Stack to cause a Storm Bolt to strike a nearby enemy. This interval is reduced by 2% for every stack you currently have.

Fury Leap Last Epoch Primalist

Fury Leap

Leap to the target location, damaging nearby enemies when you hit the ground.

Summon Thorn Totem

Summons a totem that fires thorns at nearby enemies.

Swipe Last Epoch Primalist


A melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you.

Tempest Strike

  • Cold strike: Triggers a Frigid Tempest, which is a cold projectile that pierces through enemies.
  • Physical strike: Triggers a Wind Tempest, which is a small twister that lasts a short duration dealing physical damage over time.
  • Lightning strike: Triggers a Thunder Tempest, which is an expanding storm of lightning bolts.


Surrounds you with a freezing Maelstrom that deals cold damage over time to nearby enemies. Can be cast repeatedly to create multiple maelstroms at once.

Upheaval Last Epoch Primalist


Sunders the ground in a line in front of you, dealing damage to enemies along the path.

Eterra’s Blessing

The nearest allied target is healed for 100 health. If the target is one of your minions then the healing is tripled and the minion is energized for 4 seconds, increasing its size by 20% and its damage by 100%.


Unleash a mighty roar that knocks back nearby enemies and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Summon Storm Crows

The Storm Crow casts spells from a distance. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. Count as Companions. This companion can use the Crowstorm Skill.

Serpent Strike

A melee attack with a 140% poison chance. Poisons inflicted by serpent strikes last 40% longer. Spear required.

Beastmaster – Mastery

Beastmaster - Mastery  Last Epoch Primalist

Passive Bonuses:

  • +1 companion summon limit
  • You and your minions will deal an additional 50% increased damage

This Beastmaster Mastery in Last Epoch is exactly what it sounds like. You have access to four additional animal companion spells so build your army and charge in battle alongside them. This is the simplest Mastery of the three but has one of the highest skill ceilings in the game.

The Beastmaster offers incredible build diversity depending on which animals you decide to take with you. Each companion provides you with different spells that can be activated as long as they are summoned on the battlefield.

The gameplay of the Beastmaster is a lot more involved than just summoning an army of feral companions and letting them run wild. In addition to managing your melee damage, each summon skill can be cast once to bring out the companion and a second time to trigger a secondary effect.

For example, your wolves can Howl and increase your and your minion’s damage for a time.

Beastmaster Skills

Summon Bear - Last Epoch Primalist

Summon Bear

Summons a primal bear that follows you into combat. Count as a Companion. This companion can use the Bear Roar Skill.

Summon Scorpion

Summons a scorpion that follows you into combat. Its attacks with its tails inflict a long-lasting poison. Count as a Companion. This companion can use the Venom Nova Skill.

Summon Frenzy Totem

Summons a totem that grants Frenzy to all nearby allies. Frenzy increases attack and cast speed by 20%.

Summon Sabertooth

Summons a primal sabertooth cat that leaps into combat. Count as a Companion. This companion can use the Flurry Swipes Skill.

Summon Raptor

Summons a primal raptor that ferociously attacks your enemies. Count as a Companion. This companion can use the Rampage Skill.

Druid – Mastery

Druid - Mastery Last Epoch Primalist

Passive Bonuses:

  • Gain 70% damage reduction for 2 seconds after transforming
  • 20% increased health and mana

If you thought controlling other animals was fun wait until you become one yourself. The Druid is your shapeshifter class in Last Epoch, shifting between different forms to adapt to any situation.

You may find yourself in need to become more tankier and deal big damage then shift into the Werebear form. Need a spellcaster that’s able to deal high damage from a distance use the Spriggan form. Want an agile high-damage melee fighter, take up the Swarmblade form.

This is your jack-of-all-trades build and can fill any role. The Druid can be specialized to be a high performer in any type of combat. While it may not be the best at it, it certainly is extremely capable with the Werebear form being one of the strongest builds in the entire game.

The Druid’s prowess lies in mastering one or more of their forms. Every form comes with its special four skills. To make the most of this class, you need to keep generating Rage (replacing Mana) to keep the form activated for longer or potentially infinitely.

The Primalist as a class is still extremely fun to play. On top of that, if you happen to find Herald of the Scurry (legendary helmet) you can turn your wolves into squirrels that follow you around and attack enemies and their eyes turn red when you use the frenzy ability.

Druid Skills

Spriggan Form

Transform into a forest spriggan, increasing your spell-casting capabilities, and gaining 4 new abilities:

  • Summon Vines
  • Summon Healing Totem
  • Thorn Shield
  • Spirit Thorns

Summon Spriggan

Summon a spriggan that casts spells to attack your enemies and has an aura that restores 10 health every second. Count as a Companion. This companion can use the Rejuvenating Wind Skill.

Swarmblade Form

Transform into an agile Swarmblade, increasing your melee capabilities, and gaining 4 new abilities:

  • Summon Hive
  • Dive
  • Swarm Strike
  • Armblade Slash

Entangling Roots

Call forth a wave of roots that grows outwards in a wide cone in front of you. The wave deals physical damage and roots enemies it hits for 1.5 seconds. Rooted enemies take physical damage over time until they are freed.

Werebear Form

Transform into a ferocious werebear, increasing your physical capabilities and gaining 4 new abilities:

  • Rampage
  • Maul
  • Roar
  • Swipe

Shaman – Mastery

Shaman - Mastery Last Epoch Primalist

Passive Bonuses:

  • Reduced 5 totem mana cost
  • +10 Attunement
  • +50% Elemental resistance when you control a totem

The Shaman mastery in Last Epoch is all about controlling the elements to cast powerful spells using totems and weapon attacks to Sunder the battlefield and crumble enemies by simply being near them.

This Mastery allows you to utilize totems as a much more prominent part of your build. While it’s not necessary to be a Shaman to use totems it definitely gives you a lot of benefits.

With the help of the totems and elemental skills accompanied by the base class’s bombastic moves, you will be ripping the ground with your buffed-up build while all sorts of natural disasters rain down on your enemies.

If you want to be a badass who uses the forces of nature to eviscerate your foes then the Shaman is the Mastery for you. You can spec all your skills into a specific elemental damage, like I did with lightning, and watch as every move you make shakes the earth with erratic electricity.

Shaman Skills

Tornado Last Epoch Primalist


Conjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them.

Earthquake Last Epoch Primalist


Slam the ground with your weapon damaging enemies in a large area and creating 2 to 4 aftershocks nearby.

Avalanche Last Epoch Primalist


Channel to summon the might of winter and pummel your foes in ice and snow.

Summon Storm Totem Last Epoch Primalist

Summon Storm Totem

Summons a totem that casts lightning storms around nearby enemies.

The Primalist is one of my personal favorite classes in Last Epoch. Being able to swarm the enemies with your companions while using powerful elemental spells feels godly. To be precise, a well-built Druid in the Werebear form entering the battle with its wolf companions is just too cool to resist.