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Does Difficulty Affect XP in Hogwarts Legacy?

Does Difficulty Affect XP in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has a pretty unconventional leveling system. The bulk of the XP is gained by completing various challenges within the game. So you might wonder if the amount of XP gained is different based on what difficulty setting you’re playing Hogwarts Legacy on.

No, your choice of difficulty does not affect XP in Hogwarts Legacy. The XP you gain is the same regardless of which difficulty you choose to play.

The systems and mechanics of Hogwarts Legacy can feel unconventional at times. However, the basic structure is quite simple. If you wish to learn more about the difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy and how you gain XP. Then keep reading this article!

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Does Difficulty Choice Affect XP Gain in Hogwarts Legacy?

Dueling - Hogwarts Legacy
Dueling – Hogwarts Legacy

Leveling up in Hogwarts Legacy is slightly different than other RPGs. This is because in Hogwarts Legacy leveling up is centered around completing a set of unique Challenges. When you complete a challenge the game awards you a certain amount of XP.

If you complete all 100% of the Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy then you should reach the maximum level in the game, which is level 40. This system means that your choice of difficulty does not affect the amount of XP you gain. Completing all challenges despite difficulty should always achieve the max level.

The only caveat to this leveling system is that you do get XP from killing enemies as well. You only receive this XP until you have completed all the challenges associated with that specific enemy type. However, after you’ve defeated a certain number of said enemies you will not receive any more XP.

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Difficulty Levels in Hogwarts Legacy

Difficulty Options - Hogwarts Legacy
Difficulty Options – Hogwarts Legacy

There are 4 Difficulty Levels in Hogwarts Legacy. These options will dictate how challenging the game’s content will be to clear. The main differences you can expect by scaling these options from least difficult to most difficult are the number and the aggressiveness of enemies you will face.

Regardless of how aggressive or how many your enemies are, however. It will not impact the amount of XP you get from the content you play through. So you can rest assured that even if you choose a lower or higher difficulty, your leveling experience will remain consistent.

Nonetheless, let us discuss the difficult options available to you, and what you can expect from each of them. The 4 Difficulty Levels in Hogwarts Legacy are the following:


The first and perhaps easiest level of difficulty you can select in Hogwarts Legacy is Story Difficulty. It is mainly for someone who doesn’t like any challenge when it comes to gameplay. But wants to experience the story and wizardry that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

Select this difficulty if all you want to do is explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy, and do not want to engage with the intricate combat systems.


Exploration - Hogwarts Legacy
Exploration – Hogwarts Legacy

The next option that the game provides is Easy Difficulty. This is a slightly more engaging gameplay experience than Story Difficulty. The enemies in this mode will not be plentiful and will not be aggressive at all. You can easily defeat them, and most gameplay will be a minor challenge at best.

You can play the game this way if you wish to be more involved in the gameplay, but don’t want it to be overbearing on your Story and exploration experience.

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Medium Difficulty is the recommended difficulty option to play Hogwarts Legacy. It is a delicate balance between exploration, challenge, and story. The gameplay will no longer hold your hand, but enemies will not be so aggressive as to be unbeatable.

Choose this difficulty if you wish to put at least some effort into clearing the game and have a completely immersive Hogwarts Legacy experience.


Receiving your Wand - Hogwarts Legacy
Receiving your Wand – Hogwarts Legacy

The last difficulty option is Hard Difficulty. This is for someone who feels that they’ve intricately learned the systems of Hogwarts Legacy. In this difficulty, the enemies will be the most aggressive and the most plentiful. The game will thrust its hardest challenges and tasks toward you.

You can choose this difficulty if you wish to make exploration more challenging, and wish to take full advantage of your spells, potions, and other mechanics in the game. Be prepared to reset many times in combat sessions, and prepare well before all encounters in the game.

There are a variety of difficulty options available in Hogwarts Legacy. However, regardless of which difficulty option you pick, your character will gain XP at the same rate from Challenges. Hope this article helped answer your questions.

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