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Ultimate Guide To The HQM Quarry in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The HQM Quarry in Rust

HQM Quarry Monument is one of the 3 mining quarries available in Rust. It’s also known as a high-quality mining quarry, while others are known as stone and sulfur quarries. The monument allows you to farm High Meal ores along with stones and sulfur as they all are located in the same region.

HQM Quarry is a popular spot for PVP players due to the good amount of resources and loot crates it has to offer. The good thing is that it can be completely walled off, so you can protect it from getting attacked by other players.


Let’s discuss in this guide how the HQM Quarry monument has gained so much popularity and why is it so important in Rust.

How Difficult Is The HQM Quarry?

HQM Quarry Rust

There are certain factors on which the difficulty in HQM Quarry depends, such as your player experience level and the presence of hostile enemy players. However, doing the activities in Quarry itself is not that complex.

Make sure you wall off your Quarry well to keep it safe from other players and avoid as much PVP as possible in order to keep your loot protected.

What You Need To Enter The HQM Quarry?

To Enter the HQM Quarry, you should keep some essential equipment as you will have to do the fueling and other tasks inside, such as, you may need a hammer to repair something or to extract resources.

Furthermore, it is a radiation-free monument, so Hazmat clothing won’t be mandatory here. Just keep your weapons ready as PVP is a common activity at this monument.

How To Enter The HQM Quarry?

You just simply get in the HQM Quarry without doing any particular protocol. This area is surrounded by piles of slabs and barricades. So, watch out for the stuff around you while entering the Quarry.

What Enemies You Find At The HQM Quarry?

The enemies that you get to face at HQM Quarry are the other players. It depends on how experienced and competitive they are to give you a hard time. Well, you can wall off the monument to stop other players from raiding the area.

Walled HQM Quarry

But due to the area where these Quarries are located, it’s not that safe, so be prepared for some action every now and then, especially if you are hoarding a good amount of loot.

What Loot You Can Find At The HQM Quarry?

The Loot you get here at HQM Quarry is High-quality metal ore. Per 100 Low Grade, this quarry yields 25 High-Quality Metal Ore. The amazing fact is that this yield is more than any other mining quarry. You can also look in the nearby structures like shelters and guard towers for the resourceful items they have to offer.

Is It Worth Exploring The HQM Quarry?

If you don’t mind investing your time in mining stuff, then the HQM Quarry can be worth exploring. Also, it provides a significant amount of High-metal Ore and doesn’t require manual effort.

You also get a bus stop where you can think about building some structures. This monument is somehow distinct from the others but still a good one. The only con is the amount of PVP it attracts, so if that doesn’t bother you much, then this monument is worth the grind.

There you have it, folks a complete guide on the HQM Quarry monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope that you find this coverage beneficial, and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.