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How To Get Lego Lord of the Rings To Work on Steam Deck

How To Get Lego Lord of the Rings To Work on Steam Deck

Lego Lord of the Rings is one of the best LEGO games ever made. Surprisingly, this 2012 game has a hard time running on the Steam Deck through regular means. But if you’re deadset about Lego Lords of the Rings on your Steam Deck, follow this guide to learn how to easily do that.


You can get the game to work by using Proton-GE. Additionally, install the game onto the Steam Deck’s Internal Storage, not an SD card. This should let you run the game perfectly.

How to Get LEGO Lord of the Rings to Work on The Steam Deck?

LEGO Lord of the Rings- Steam Deck

The problem with LEGO Lord of the Rings on the Steam Deck is that the game is not supported natively. This means that although the game might be available for purchase and play through Steam on your PC. You cannot use your Steam Deck to play that same game on your Steam Deck.

However, there are methods you can implement to ensure that you can play the game on your Steam Deck system. One such method will be utilized by us to play LEGO Lord of the rings. It involves downloading and installing a layered version of Proton called Proton-GE.

Download and Install Proton-GE

Proton-GE GitHub Download

  • Switch your Steam Deck to Desktop Mode
  • Navigate to Dolphin your File Manager
  • Click the Menu button on the Top Right corner
  • Select Show Hidden Files
  • Go to the Home Folder
  • Enter the Hidden Folder called. Steam
  • Create a new Folder called compatibilitytools.d
  • Open your Web Browser
  • Download Proton-GE
  • Extract the Proton-GE file into your compatibilitytools.d folder

You can now access the custom version of Proton-GE in your compatibility settings on the Steam Deck launcher. All you have to do is go into the menu on the LEGO Lord of the Rings launcher page and then select Proton-GE as your compatibility software of choice.

Additional Recommendations

You should download the LEGO Lord of the Rings game on your Steam Deck’s internal memory rather than on a separate SD card. This is merely to reduce any load times and system processing that might be required to execute the game.


The least amount of processes that your Steam Deck has to go through to run the game, oftentimes, the better the execution that you will experience while launching and playing. This is why we’d recommend, once downloading on the Steam application, to manually select the internal drive of the Steam Deck rather than an SD card.

And that’s it really. With these compatibility settings and recommendations, you should be able to play Lego Lord of the Rings without any issues on your Steam Deck. Proton-GE makes a lot of games that otherwise don’t properly run, completely playable on the system.

Honestly, I’m grateful for it, and you should be too!.