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Ultimate Guide To The Singularity in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Singularity in Dead by Daylight

The Singularity, or HUX-A7-13, is a complex Humanoid Android Killer introduced recently on the 13th of June, 2023. He’s an expert in placing the Biopods across the map and you can infect survivors by aiming at them to trigger these biopods.

The Singularity is one of the 33 Killers available in Dead By Daylight’s roster of vicious humanoids and terrorizing monsters. He was recently introduced in the DLC Chapter 28: End Transmission. His Biopods allow him to teleport to the survivors making him one of the deadliest killers in Dead by Daylight.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Singularity in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Singularity (HUX-A7-13) suitable for beginners?

Dead by Daylight Singularity (HUX-A7-13)

The Singularity is relentless in his pursuit within The Realm of Dead By Daylight. He has a unique roster of Powers and Perks that he can use to achieve his objectives.

His Perks are designed to handicap and cripple Survivors that have either recently been injured or healed. His powers let him dominate the match by compromising Generators and cornering Survivors into their inescapable demise.

When it comes to his learning curve, you might want to spend time learning him properly. The Singularity has some specific gameplay mechanics that you should master in order to win Trials regularly with this Killer.

Difficulty: Hard.

Are The Singularity Perks worth upgrading?

The Singularity’s Perks are pretty much designed to handicap Survivors and push them into tough corners. Genetic Limits!, Forced Hesitation, and Machine Learning are all tools for tormenting every Survivor that The Singularity will encounter throughout the Trial.

Since he is not an easy Killer to learn, The Singularity’s Perks have to be used consciously every time to dominate the Trial. They can determine the tide of the match at any moment. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you upgrade her Perks.

What Perks Does The Singularity Have?

The Singularity will have 3 unique Perks in Dead by Daylight:

Genetic Limits

The limitations of mortals are apparent all around you. Every time any Survivor completes a Healing Action, he/she will be afflicted with the Exhausted Status Effect for 24/28/32 seconds.

Forced Hesitation

You grasp and exploit the sentimental weaknesses of all organisms. Each instance of a Survivor entering the Dying State will trigger every other Survivor that is within a 16-meter radius to get afflicted with a -20% Hindered Status Effect for around 10 seconds in total. This perk will have a cooldown of 40/35/30 seconds.

Machine Learning

Freed from any imprisonment, you are birthed once more to hunt down your makers.
Every instance of The Singularity using the Damage Generator act on any Generator will trigger Machine Learning into play.

While this Perk is activated, the very next Generator that you get to damage will get compromised, exposing a Yellow Aura to you until its completion.

Once the Generator is completed, you will obtain the Undetectable Status Effect, along with a buff of +10% Haste, for a duration of 20/25/30 seconds.
If you happen to hit another Generator while another is already damaged, you will transfer the Compromised state to the newly damaged Generator automatically.

What Weapon does The Singularity have?

Modular Claw - Dead by Daylight Singularity (HUX-A7-13)

Weapon: Modular Claw

This Claw-shaped prosthetic attachment to The Singularity’s arm will serve as his Primary Weapon in all Trials. The Claw will be found covered in tendrils of flesh.

What Power does The Singularity have?

Quantum Instantiation - Dead by Daylight Singularity (HUX-A7-13)

Power: Quantum Instantiation

“A dark crystalline structure in an ancient ruin gifted – or perhaps cursed – HUX with sentience. He built a new body, and with it, a terrifying way to bend the rules of physics to his benefit.”

You will begin all Trials with around 8 Biopods accessible to you as The Singularity. These Biopods can be shot at any area to be placed. Additionally, shooting them directly at Slipstreamed Survivors will teleport you right next to them.

You will be able to remote control all Biopods that you have placed in order to look around at the surroundings through the Biopod’s perspective. At any given time, you can switch between multiple Biopods when you remote control them.

In case any Survivor is found within 20 meters of a remote-controlled Biopod, his/her Aura will show in white. If you aim the Biopod’s reticule at them, you will be able to tag them. Tagging Survivors will help you locate them even if they run out of range or try to hide.


Every time you tag a Survivor using your Biopods, you will cause them to have a Temporal Slipstream. This affliction is contagious and can be spread among Survivors.

Once a Survivor is afflicted, you can then aim your Biopod’s reticule at them to instantly teleport next to them. Alternatively, you can directly aim and shoot through your Biopod Shooter at any Survivor to teleport to them.

Once you have successfully teleported next to a Slipstreamed Survivor, The Singularity will be triggered into Overclock Mode.


While The Singularity has this mode active, he will not be prone to being stunned by any Pallet. Attempting to stun The Singularity using Pallets will only end up in the Pallet getting broken as it briefly slows The Singularity down and disables his Overclock Mode.
This mode will last around 4.7 seconds after successful teleportation and will also improve The Singularity’s Speed in breaking Breakable Walls and vaulting Windows by about +75%.

Is The Singularity fun to play?

The Singularity can be a thrilling Killer to play in Dead By Daylight as long as you take time with him. The Singularity, or HUX-A7-13, is undeniably a difficult Killer to master and that cannot be stressed enough when starting with him.

If you recently began playing Dead By Daylight, you can expect some struggle to get The Singularity’s technicalities. But with time, you will love choosing him as your Killer.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Singularity?

  • Keep in mind that the distance a Survivor can gain on you if they succeed in stunning you with Pallets or make you break them will be roughly the same. So, it is just better to get stunned early on by the Pallet so that it is completely removed from the map once and for all.
  • If you notice an EMP in any Survivor’s possession, it is a safe bet to make that you might need to hit them twice with your Biopods before you can successfully teleport next to them.
  • As The Singularity, you will find windows to be your worst foes. Whenever a Survivor vaults through any Window while you use your Biopods to teleport to them – you will always teleport to the wrong side of the window.
  • When the Trial begins, always try to get Survivors afflicted with Temporal Slipstream as the item needed to remove this affliction is not really available at the start of the match. It will become available once the EMP Printer prints the first collection of EMPs after around 90 seconds.
  • Whenever you decide to switch to any of your other Biopods placed on the map, you will be granted the Undetectable Status Effect. Utilize this fact as much as you can when hunting down Survivors.

Singularity is all about playing with the minds of the survivors and making them suffer; you can master this killer with some practice, and after that, escaping from him becomes near to impossible due to the rightly placed biopods across the map.

We have covered everything you need to learn about this killer, so what are you waiting for? Go give it a try, and let us know how it went for you.