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Ultimate Guide To The Train Yard in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Train Yard in Rust

Train Yard Monument got its popularity due to having the highest drop rate of Chinook crates. This monument is really good if you are looking for some quick loot and gear for your character, but beware, you’re not the only one out here after that lucrative loot.

Train Yard Monument in Rust is all about taking risks. It is radioactive, so you need at least 25% hazmat protection before entering the area. Also, the place is a sweet spot for PVP as it’s a high-risk, high-reward monument.


Let’s dive right into what Train Yard has to offer and why so many players plan on spawning in this area when starting Rust.

Train Yard Monument

How Difficult Is The Train Yard?

The Train Yard can be difficult in terms of radiation levels because it is a highly radiated monument and you need the right set of clothes to survive in this area. Most of the radiation is in places like puzzle rooms and towers.

There are also chances that you may run into other players as this monument has rich loot. Besides the players, there are also scientists roaming around, which can make your farming in the Train Yard pretty difficult.

What You Need To Enter The Train Yard?

As Train Yard has a high amount of radiation so you are required the protective clothes that may provide you with at least 25% Hazmat protection. You must have it before entering the Train Yard. The most recommended suit is the Hazmat Suit which works well in radioactive areas.

Apart from this, you will have to deal with scientists there, so have some good weapons that can take them down easily. You should also keep sufficient medical aid to make your survival possible in this monument.

How To Enter The Train Yard?

You need to be aware while entering the Train Yard as the Scientist guards it. So ensure you get inside from an area where no one can spot you.

What Enemies You Find At The Train Yard?

The enemies you encounter in Train Yard are the other players who are always looking to raid to obtain great loot. Especially the puzzle area is the most highlighted one, so you must be well prepared because you can get into combat anytime.

Moreover, hostile scientists in the Train Yard are like fuel to the fire. They guard certain areas with weapons in their hand, and you can identify them through the blue-colored Hazmat Suit. They have an excellent aim, so if by chance you get caught, they will shoot you on the spot.

The areas where they perform their duty are Tower nearby the oil refinery, outside the Recycler building, and In the room in the main building where lies the fusebox as well.

What Loot Can You Find At The Train Yard?

The Train Yard in Rust offers impressive loot that attracts a significant amount of players. There are regular crates, food crates, Military crates, and Crude oil Barrels. Also, the Chinook helicopter drops the locked crate with amazing loot.

Chinook Crates

7 regular crates are leaving the puzzle, and they contain Scarp, low-tier weapons, and other random items. You also get to find a medical crate that holds healing items like kits and syringes for health restoration.

There are seven military crates, including Scrap, tier-two weapons based on luck as the chance to get them is very low, and again the random items. You can visit the underground areas, tunnels, towers, and pipes to get more loot crates.

Loot Crates In TrainYard

For more loot, access the puzzle room through the keycards, but also keep in mind that it is a hot loot place which means there are high chances that you may get to encounter other players.

Is It Worth Exploring The Train Yard?

Considering the amount of loot and utilities such as a Recycler, Oil Refinery, Repair Bench, and Pumpjack, it is a worth exploring monument. But all of the benefits come with the risk of radiation and enemies. But if you are fine with dealing with all the risky factors, this is perfect for you.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Train Yard Monument in Rust and what it offers if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.