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How To Beat The Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P?

How To Beat The Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P?

Embarking on the journey through Lies of P brings players face to face with the formidable Scrapped Watchman, an electrifying challenge found in Krat City Hall. This former security robot, bursting with electric power, serves as a pivotal test of skill and strength, laying the groundwork for the difficulties that lie ahead.

To conquer the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P, ensure weapons like the Wintry Rapier are upgraded to +2, reach at least level 20, and follow the Path of the Bastard for stamina. During the battle, focus on perfectly blocking the boss’s smash attacks and master precise guarding for its arm strikes.


In this guide, I’ll provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to conquer the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P and reap the rewards that follow.

How to defeat the Scrapped Watchman Boss

Scrapped Watchman

The Scrapped Watchman boasts fast yet telegraphed attacks, requiring players to master the art of quick decision-making and precise blocking. Understanding its moves is crucial for success in this boss battle.

Blocking Strategy: Perfectly block its smash attacks, especially the overhead slams, to build up the stagger bar for Fatal Attacks.

Dodging: Swiftly dodge the quicker swipes and be vigilant for the electric discharge and lightning patches on the ground after reaching half health.


Before confronting the Scrapped Watchman, strategic preparation is key. Here are the prerequisites to ensure a fighting chance:

  • Weapon Choice: Opt for the Wintry Rapier or Puppet Saber, upgrading them to at least +2 to enhance damage output.
  • Avoid Electric Coil: Steer clear of the Electric Coil due to the boss’s electric damage.
  • Player Level: Aim for at least level 20 to withstand the Scrapped Watchman’s onslaught.
  • Stamina: Invest in stamina on the Path of the Bastard for increased endurance.
  • Star Fragments: Bring Star Fragments to summon a Specter for added support during the battle.

Phase 1

Scrapped Watchman Phase 1 combat
  • Utilize a Star Fragment to summon a Specter, diverting the boss’s attention while attacking from behind.
  • Exploit the opportunity to strike the glowing electrical area on its backside for optimal damage.
  • Employ hit-and-run tactics, baiting the boss into sweep attacks and retaliating with quick strikes.
  • Evade air attacks and maintain distance to avoid potential damage.
  • Master precise guarding, especially against the Watchman’s arm attacks.
  • Employ quick or strong attacks with the most reach, being cautious with charge attacks.

I used all of these tactics when I faced the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P. Upgrading my trusty Wintry Rapier, reaching level 20, and investing in stamina through the Path of the Bastard set the stage.

The critical insights on perfectly blocking the boss’s attacks, summoning a Specter for distraction, and mastering hit-and-run tactics were game-changers. Doing all of this helped me get him into phase 2 quickly.

Phase 2

As the Scrapped Watchman enters the second phase, continue applying the same tactics but be wary of lightning patches on the floor.

In this phase, the boss retains its energy bar, but the dynamics of the fight evolve with the introduction of electrifying attacks.

Lightning patches on the ground pose a new threat, demanding heightened awareness from the player. It’s crucial to resist the temptation of a final attack, prioritizing evasive maneuvers to minimize risks.

The strategies that proved effective in Phase 1 remain relevant. Whether employing hit-and-run tactics, precise guarding against arm attacks, or leveraging the summoned Specter for distraction, these tactics seamlessly transition into the electrified battlefield of Phase 2.

As the Scrapped Watchman entered its second phase, the caution about lightning patches proved invaluable. However, a newfound caution against the electrified ground adds an extra layer of complexity. Avoid the temptation of a final attack and prioritize evading to minimize risks. That will help you conquer the boss.

Rewards for Defeating Scrapped Watchman

Scrapped Watchman rewards

Successfully overcoming the Scrapped Watchman yields valuable rewards, enhancing your arsenal and capabilities:

  • Broken Hero’s Ergo
  • Core (enhances P-Organs)
  • Quartz
  • Small Wooden Officer Puppet
  • Overcharged Storage Battery (unlocks the Fulminis Legion Arm)

Note: Hold onto the Broken Hero’s Ergo for future trades rather than converting it into regular Ergo points.

In conclusion, mastering Lies of P’s Scrapped Watchman involves carefully balancing upgraded weapons, strategic leveling, and astute gameplay. By adopting the right tactics and understanding the boss’s patterns, players can emerge victorious, unlocking valuable rewards that pave the way for future challenges in this electrifying adventure.