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Why make skills Legendary in Skyrim?

Why make skills Legendary in Skyrim?

It feels like every year a new version of Skyrim is destined to release and Bethesda has milked this game like crazy. But there is a very real reason behind this constant re-release of the same game phenomenon, this game is too damn good to pass up the opportunity for new players/platforms to enjoy.

Skyrim is the king in terms of replayability and each new version of the game adds that little bit of flavor that lures new and old players to experience the game (again). One of these features is the ability to make your skills Legendary. What is this and why should you make skills legendary in Skyrim, let us find out.

Making skills legendary in Skyrim allows you to keep leveling up. You won’t get stuck to the Level 81 level cap of the original version. It also refunds all Skill Points invested which you can use to level up other skills and even experiment with new builds.

Legendary Skills

legendary skills

As you are aware, there are multiple skills in Skyrim to invest your hard-earned skill points into and make your character play as you want.

There are so many skills to choose from and one would eventually stick to a few skill trees to gain mastery in it rather than be a jack of all trades. The game initially had a level cap of 81 and after that, you would be stuck with the skill choices you made earlier.

However, with the release of Skyrim: Special Edition, the Legendary Skill system was implemented which allowed you to reset any skill tree you have leveled up to 100. Doing so, will refund all the perk/skill points in the tree and resets the tree to level 15. You can virtually keep leveling up your character infinitely using this system.

Do not expect to gain any crazy overpowered “legendary” skill from doing this. It is just a prestige system like you would do in games like Call of Duty. There are only bragging rights and the fact you can level up past that initial level cap.

This is a weird system that kind of doesn’t make any sense but players who appreciate the replayability of Skyrim will understand this system. That being said, we will still look into some pros and cons of this system cause it is a doozy.

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Why Should You Make Skills Legendary In Skyrim?

skyrim logo legendary skill

Depending on who you ask, Legendary-ing skills can either be one of the best addition to the game or downright crap. Let us concentrate on the prior first.

There are a few reasons why you would like to opt for this system:

  • It allows you to experiment with other playstyles on a single character. You can invest the refunded perks in skills that you haven’t tried previously. This is great if you don’t want to start all over again with a new character.
  • You won’t be bogged down by the level cap and can blow past it by leveling up almost infinitely.
  • Although very cosmetic, you receive a Skyrim logo underneath the skill you just Legendary denoting your prowess in the skill.
  • You receive all the invested skill points for doing this which can then be utilized for other skill trees,
  • You can master a few skills rather than be diversified into a bunch of others that don’t complement your preferred playstyle.

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Why Shouldn’t You Make Skills Legendary?

legendary skills - cons

Now comes the part where we will discuss the dark side of making skills legendary. These points would make you question whether making skills legendary is even worth it or just a gimmick.

  • Any build you have previously worked towards would be lost when you legendary a skill.
  • It favors those who prefer a narrow or a particular playstyle only rather than branching into other useful skills.
  • Any racial bonuses your character has on you will be neglected when you reset the skill. You won’t get any perk advantage of the race you have chosen. All legendary skills will reset to level 15 regardless of any perks from the race.
  • The most devastating impact of making a skill legendary is that as it drops to level 15, all the combat expertise from a higher skill i.e. Lvl 100 level will be lost. This can be ruinous for your playthrough if you do it in the late game which will make combat quite difficult against higher-level enemies.
  • You will also lose all the high-level abilities in the skill tree which can have a major influence on your playstyle.

Making skills legendary is an interesting system but you should be well aware of what you are getting yourself into before you go ahead and be tempted by that Legendary Skill prompt. It favors those players who like to stay loyal to a single character and experience other ways to play the game.

While players who want to experience this game with complete liberty should stay away and rather start a new character where they can even go for new races amongst other advantages. Make an informed choice in this case otherwise, you might end up regretting your decision, especially at crucial points in the game.