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Where To Get The Ghost Glider in Enshrouded (Easy Guide)

Where To Get The Ghost Glider in Enshrouded (Easy Guide)

The Ghost Glider is one of, if not the best, gliders in Enshrouded. But acquiring it requires a lot of gymnastics, puzzle solving, and prerequisite grind for better gear. But what if we told you there are other ways of acquiring this level 30 glider early on? Excited? Well, you should be!


This detailed guide will teach Enshrouded players how to obtain the Ghost Glider and the hidden way to get it early as well. Let’s get into it!

Ghost Glider Location in Enshrouded

Ghost Glider in Enshrouded

It is a level 30 glider in Enshrouded. This is by far the most effective glider you can find in the game.

In a nutshell, the Ghost Glider is located in a chest in the Sun Temple. This temple is positioned in the southeasternmost corner of the map. The temple is surrounded by the red shroud so you need to either upgrade yourself to survive this deadly mist or be able to fly over it with a good enough glider.

It has a whopping 250% range. From our testing, the Advanced Glider flew for approximately 800m straight while the Ghost Glider kept us airborne for an insane 1800m distance. Of course, you can extend this flight by unlocking the Updraft ability from the skill tree, which gives you an extra height boost mid-flight, raising your range even more.

The Ghost Glider also has 25 in Speed Stat. You’ll be zipping around from corner to corner of the map with this glider. Say goodbye to those slow flights and unlock this “jet engine” on your back ASAP.

Now, getting the Ghost Glider in Eshrouded is a bit of a long detour, but you can get it without much trouble if you follow the next section of the guide.

Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes

Ancient Spire - Kindlewastes

The best way to get to the Sun Temple is by unlocking the Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel point. It is located in the eastern corner of the map right above the Sun Temple. Unlock it before setting off for the temple.

Don’t forget to put on some advanced gear to face the level 30 inhabitants of the Sun Temple. Not necessary since we have some hacks for that too but it is highly advised.

Ancient Spire Gliding - Ghost Glider Enshrouded

From atop the Ancient Spire move to its southern edge and jump and start gliding straight down. Make sure to use Updraft to increase your flight range. Don’t forget to land on the land sections that juts out of the mist to recover your stamina for your last flight to the Sun Temple.

Entering Sun Temple

Entering Sun Temple
Enshrouded How To Unlock The BEST Fastest Glider Ghost Glider Upgrade Guide 3 11 screenshot

If you are not properly equipped to face the enemies on the outskirts of the Sun Temple then be sure to hug the right wall and move in near the temple gate from here. This way, you’ll completely ignore the Matron Scavenger that guards the Scatterbone entrance to the temple.

We also recommend putting up a Flame Altar right outside the temple for worst-case scenarios. This way if you happen to accidentally die, you can use the Flame Altar to fast-travel back to this location.

Sun temple gate entrance puzzle
Enshrouded How To Unlock The BEST Fastest Glider Ghost Glider Upgrade Guide 3 27 screenshot
First Button
Enshrouded How To Unlock The BEST Fastest Glider Ghost Glider Upgrade Guide 3 32 screenshot
Second Button
Enshrouded How To Unlock The BEST Fastest Glider Ghost Glider Upgrade Guide 4 17 screenshot
Third Button

When you reach the Sun Temple’s gate, you’ll see that you need to deactivate three buttons to open the gate. These buttons are nearby so you needn’t worry. Two of them are on either front sides of the temple and one of them is right above the entrance arch. Locations seen in the pictures.

Sun Temple Balcony Entrance

However, if you want to be extra clever there is a balcony on the right side of the temple that you easily double jump or glide to. This will completely cancel the need to solve the gate puzzle, giving you access to the upper floor of the Sun Temple.

More Puzzles

There are a few high-level enemies that roam the ground floor of the temple. You can either sneak behind them or take them out to get to the upper floor.

On this floor, there is another gate puzzle that requires disabling four buttons this time. Again, all of these buttons are close by so check the pictures for their locations. There is one hidden behind the bookshelf right in front of the locked gate.

You can interact with the bookcase and it will reveal the button. Hit those buttons and go for the next section of the Sun Temple.

Pickaxe wall

Another genius hack! You can ignore the entire gate puzzle here too. Just walk on over the wall that connect to the room behind the gate and start hammering away at it with your pickaxe. This will break the wall and gives you an opening to the locked room.

For more clever advice like this please check out our 15 Best Tips For Beginners in Enshrouded (Link please after publishing it).

Straight To The Top to Get the Ghost Glider

Locked Gate - Ghost Glider Enshrouded

From here, it is a straight walk up to the roof to where the treasure chest with the Ghost Glider is. It is just a matter of taking the stairs and grappling on to some hooks to access the roof.

Be careful, there are dragon enemies in the middle so be prepared for them or ignore, whatever you like. In the middle, there will be a locked door which you can easily open with a Lockpick.

Golden Chest Ghost Glider

Keep going up from this gate and eventually, you’ll come to the roof with a golden chest with the Enshrouded Ghost Glider in it.

How to Get Ghost Glider Early

If you know what you are doing, you can even get it as early as level 1.

Mountain location - Ghost Glider Enshrouded

For this technique, you need to first scale the huge mountain on the right side of the Sun Temple. The exact location can be seen in the picture above. You can easily tunnel your way up to the summit of the mountain or you can spam jump/glider to scale it.

Enshrouded How to Unlock the Legendary Ghost Glider No Puzzle No Hassle 0 20 screenshot
Enshrouded How to Unlock the Legendary Ghost Glider No Puzzle No Hassle 0 26 screenshot

From here, face the Sun Temple and start gliding towards it. The top of this mountain peak puts the top of the Sun Temple well below your elevation so you can easily glide to the top of the Sun Temple.

Ghost Glider Enshrouded

Just land on the roof and open the chest to get the Ghost Glider. Forget all those puzzles and enjoy your endless flight.

There you go! Now you can fly all over Embervale like Superman. Getting the Ghost Glider in Enshrouded will be the best thing to happen to you. Especially, if you use our direct flight method to get it way early on in the game. Now rain terror on your foes while soaring in the skies in Enshrouded.