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15 Best Tips For Beginners in Enshrouded

15 Best Tips For Beginners in Enshrouded

Enshrouded, like many a new survival game, comes packed with all types of new mechanics which can be hard to absorb for a complete beginner. Especially considering the game isn’t always so forthcoming with its slew of unique features. Guess who is going to brief the beginners on some much-needed Enshrouded tips?

How To Build in Enshrouded (Easy Guide)

Worry not for we are here to lift this shroud and illuminate your Enshrouded experience with our handy guide to some neat tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Forget Picking Locks

1. Rob on!

You might be surprised how easy it is to break into houses in Enshrouded even without any lockpicks. It is possible because this game is voxel-based.

Instead of using up Metal Scraps, you can take out your pickaxe and swing a couple of times at the walls right next to the locked door. This can break the barrier between you and the sweet treasure inside the house.

If your pick swings make heavy sounds when breaking metal, stone, or wood, you can break the walls. However, if you hear a weaker sandy sound that means you can’t break the surface. Be sure to use this method on different locked locations as you would be surprised how many of them you can break into.

2. Tunneling to Ascend

2. Dig Dug

The same method as before is also useful for digging a tunnel all the way to the top of the road to The Pillars of Creation. This allows you to easily access higher grounds by digging straight up through mountains.

You can use this approach to gain the ability to spot pretty much everything the world of Enshrouded has in store for you.

Doing so will let you comfortably cover hundreds of vertical meters of distance by digging your way on top of mountains. You can then spot various points of interest and other information from these high vantage points.

3. Glider Crazy

3. Falling in Style

The next tip we have for beginners in Enshrouded is falling in style. The vantage points become even more efficient when you have a glider on steroids. The standard glider is pretty decent when it comes down to covering certain distances.

To make things interesting, you upgrade your glider skills to virtually fly in the game. Unlocking skills like Double Jump and Updraft in the skill tree, this combo will make closing gaps so much easier even with very little height differences.

4. Oh, Honey Honey!

4. Oh, Honey Honey!

Do not underestimate the power of sweet honey in Enshrouded. This is my absolute favorite snack. Make sure to farm all the honey you can find while you are out adventuring. You can find an abundance of honey in Willow Crush, a small town to the southwest of the Ancient Spire – Revelwood.

Honey applies an insane stamina recharge bonus which lasts for three full minutes. Eating this snack will make chopping down trees and mining ore so much easier. Just pop one or two before you initiate your daily labor and you’ll become an unstoppable mining machine.

5. Flame Alter Portal

5. Portable Portal

The Flame Altar can act as a makeshift fast travel point. This is going to make quick travel to your base so much easier. And to make this even more welcoming, you only need 5 Stone to make one. You can place multiple of these altars in the world at any given time.

This will instantly place a checkpoint on the world which you can use to quickly travel back to your base. Quickly repair your gear, stock up on ammo, and do a little bit of resting for that Comfort bonus.

6. Repairing On-the-Go

6. Repairing On-the-Go

Weapon durability is an annoying feature that puts a damper on your march. Crafting a workbench is not that expensive so why not bring one on your adventures?

You can instantly plop one wherever you want, repair your gear, and pick the workbench up afterward. No waste, only haste! Keep a workbench in your inventory at all times, you’ll thank us.

7. Staircase to Heaven

7. Fortniting in Enshrouded

This simple hack is pretty OP when it comes to scaling difficult terrains, especially vertical ones. Whenever you come up against a hard-to-traverse location, just slap down a Flame Altar, take out your workbench, and make a couple of those Stone Blocks. Using these blocks, you can now build your staircase to Heaven.

Combine it with the glider updraft technique we mentioned earlier and there is no stopping your mountaineering needs.

For a more detailed building tutorial, check out our How To Build in Enshrouded (Easy Guide).

8. Spam Glide/Jump

If building staircases is too much of a hassle, there is a neat little trick to cheat the game. Simply spam-click your jump button and deploying your glider quickly while facing a steep cliff will let you scale most cliffsides in no time.

The devs might be on to us so use this hack quickly before they patch it out.

9. Hyper Healing

Purple Berries

If you lost a lot of HP or just got back from a corpse run, you’re probably going to need a ton of healing quick healing. This will be further exasperated if you don’t have the appropriate gear for it like rings with health regeneration.

For this reason, we recommend you always have a stack of Purple Berries and Bandages at your disposal. The combination of these two consumables lets you heal like Wolverine. Purple Berries come with +2 Health Regeneration while the Bandage heals 4% of your maximum HP every second for 10 seconds.

Pop a berry first, then a bandage, and watch how quickly that HP bar fills up.

10. Early Gear Farm

This one is a pretty game-breaking tip early in the game so use it at your own volition.

Tower location

Just northeast of the starter area (location marked in the picture above) right next to a cliff drop there is an unassuming broken watchtower jutting out of the shrouded area beneath. Don’t worry, the shroud can’t reach the part of the tower we are focusing on.

Looting chest

You can jump down from the cliff and use your glider to reach the small opening on the south side of the tower cliff. Inside here, you will find a treasure chest, which you can very easily lockpick.

Grab the loot inside the chest, grapple hook to the top of the watchtower, and fast-travel back to your base. Having a base close by will make things easier.

Now, you can just keep on repeating this process to gather a bunch of valuable gear. You might even get your hands on some rare gear using this method, or you can salvage all of this extra loot for resources.

The chest restocks after some time duration, but if you are playing solo or you are a host of the server, you can simply quit the main menu and load your game again, and the loot in the chest will respawn.

11. Shroud Fast-Traveling

11. Shroud Fast-Traveling

For this tip, it’s important to know that you can’t use fast travel while standing in Shroud. This gets supremely irritating when you are running low on consumables and the horrors of the shroud are inching closer to you.

What you oughta to do is look for gray spots on the map where the shroud is. These spots are usually higher points that are safe from the grasp of the deadly mist. Make it your mission to scale these locations so that you can access the fast travel option again and get out of dodge.

You can use this method to farm dangerous shroud resources and upgrade your character with ease.

12. Power Over Rarity

12. Power Over Rarity  - Enshrouded Tips

Before you salvage anything, you must focus on raw damage as this is going to make your character a lot more powerful. The Power stat on your weapons is much more important as compared to the level of their color rarity.

I happened to come across an epic-tier bow with 7 power with four slots. Filling those slots gave this weapon a total of 10 power. On the other hand, I had a lousy rare-tier bow with a base power of 21. If I fill its slots, the power number far exceeds the one on the epic bow.

See how stupid it is to just keep your eyes on the rarity level. This way you are leaving the best stuff on the table that actually makes a difference when dealing extra damage.

13. Home Hijacking

13. Home Hijacking  - Enshrouded Tips

Did you know, you can take those pre-made homes for yourself you come across while adventuring? If you find a pretty house, what you can do is just go inside or break in using our previously mentioned tip, and place a Flame Altar inside to claim it for yourself.

If you do this, you can also dismantle all the stuff inside the house like beds, etc. which is a nice way of accumulating extra resources. This mitigates the tedium of chopping down trees and working hard for those standard resources.

Some houses in the game like the “Blue Goblet” Tavern are quite beautiful. So why not just settle down right here, pick up some sweet treasure, and do some resting near the fireplace inside? Not to mention, you don’t have to labor away to build that dream house for you, you can find one ready-made out in the open.

14. Glider Tower

14. Glider Tower  - Enshrouded Tips

The next tip we have for Enshrouded players concerns the Glider Towers. A nice cliffside home can be made into an even more worthwhile investment with the addition of a Glider Tower.

Building a huge tower right next to your base with a couple of grappling hook attachments so you can gain height and take in all the information on the horizon of Embervale stretched out in front of you.

Just locate where you want to go, double jump off the tower, and deploy your glider to reach distant lands without worrying about that pesk shroud in the middle. You can use this technique to scour all the landmarks near your base and even incorporate this glider tower in your farming loop runs.

15. Maximum Comfort

15. Maximum Comfort - Enshrouded Tips

When resting at your base, by default, the Rested buff stays active for 5-10 minutes. Needless to say, you will run out of this buff before you reach any location where you actually need it.

But what if I told you you can easily reach upwards of 30 minutes, you saw that right, half an hour of the Rested buff? These kinds of durations are unheard of in other survival games and require a lot of effort to reach. Not in Enshrouded though.

Just visit the Carpenter and here you can find all manner of furniture and accessories for your home that gives a boost to Comfort. For example, the dopey-looking lamp in the picture above adds +5 Comfort to your buff duration.

Well Rested 39 minutes  - Enshrouded Tips

Make sure to fill your base with these items since they are not just cosmetic and provide meaningful returns. I went from 5 minutes of Rested to 32 minutes just by decorating my abode, and the place looks nice too.

On a side note, you can unlock the Well Rested ability from the skill tree to get an additional 5 minutes of the said buff.

These were 15 of the most useful beginner tips we could think of for new players coming to Enshrouded. Implement them the next time you play and let us know how things turned out.