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Why Does It Rain So Much in Your Minecraft World?

Why Does It Rain So Much in Your Minecraft World?

At times, Minecraft can feel a little bit confusing. You’ve got your beacons ceasing to function. Meanwhile, the World is just pouring water over your base like it’s trying to cause a tsunami. 

Needless to say, these confusing yet interesting factors are the reason why Minecraft is so popular among gamers. Getting to feel a sense of realism is always wonderful in video games. 

You might see constant rain showers in your Minecraft world because an average storm lasts at least half a day, while the event can recur between 0.5 – 7.5 days. Therefore, you’re just getting the short end of the stick. 

Needless to say, certain Minecraft worlds can have a marginal amount of rain while others don’t. This trend has been noticed by many, and there is a unique reason for this happening. 

How Do Rainstorms Work in Minecraft?


The rain occurs naturally at random intervals between a specified range. There are certain ways to control this phenomenon. However, most of them require you to dab your hands in the admin commands or use some sort of cheats against the system. 

Consequently, rainy weather clears at sunrise once the player sleeps in a bed. However, this is not as well implemented in the multiplayer servers since players have different bed timings most of the time. 

Sleeping in a Bed During Rain in Multiplayer


While most expect the rain to disappear after sleeping, it does the opposite. This is because the sleeping mechanic is bound to a character. Therefore, once he/she gets to bed, the timer is reset for them. 

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However, the players that were not asleep will still be experiencing rain. Therefore, the game resets the rain timer instead of the rain automatically clearing. This causes it to go on for a considerably longer amount of time than it actually should’ve.

That being said, this issue was present in the Minecraft 1.7.10 Java version and had plagued many servers to witness abnormal amounts of rain when no need was needed. 

Is This an Intended Mechanic?

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The answer is a flat no. Mojang has listed this issue in their bugs list. While the issue has been resolved, it can still be reproduced by typing in the following admin commands:

/weather clear 0

Then pause the game and set the time to midnight by using the following command:

/time set midnight. 

Once you’re done, try these steps multiple times to see if they behave the same. That being said, the reproduction might or might not work because it has been a while since this bug was resolved.

All in all, such issues and errors come and go in the constant updates Mojang releases for Minecraft. If you are still facing abnormal amounts of rain, consider making another world and comparing it to your affected world. 

If the difference is apparent, you should contact customer support to find a personalized solution.