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This is Why Some Achievements Are Locked in Minecraft

This is Why Some Achievements Are Locked in Minecraft

Spending tears and sweat grinding for an achievement just to see it still locked is a terrible experience. If this hasn’t happened to you just yet then you still might not be as insusceptible to it as you might think. 

As it turns out, certain achievements are locked for some reason in Minecraft. However, the reason might be sillier than you could imagine. 

There is no real reason for achievements to be locked if you’re connected to the internet. However, there are times when new updates come with bugs that crash the achievement rewarding system. Therefore, waiting for achievement detection and resolution is usually the way. 

Needless to say, you might also be missing a certain step needed for the achievement to be unlocked. While that cannot be tracked, it is still possible to resolve other errors. 

The Achievement System in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the achievements present are a way for people to flaunt their in-game progression with the help of certain tasks they’ve completed to get that far. While the name might vary according to the version and the platform, the mechanic still remains the same. 

How Are Achievements Tracked?

There is an extremely simple way of tracking such achievements. Minecraft’s game engine uses user accounts to track such information. Therefore, you need to be connected to the internet in order to make the achievement fulfillment count. 

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That being said, once you have completed an achievement in one world, it will automatically be fulfilled for every other world as well since it is directly stored in your account instead of a character or a world. 

Requirements for Earning Achievements

The most basic one is to fulfill the requirements mentioned in the achievement prompt. Other than that, the list is mentioned below:

  • You need to be connected to an internet connection since an online verifier checks the performed achievements to prevent cheating and to properly register the said achievement with the Minecraft server. 
  • Certain platforms require you to login in order to sync and save your achievements with the respective services. This can make the achievement section appear locked in most scenarios. 
  • Your game should always be in the survival mode since it is not possible to earn them with cheats or in the Creative mode. As of yet, Minecraft only features achievements for the survival mode. However, that does not mean we might not get to see some other modes in the near future. 

Furthermore, the Bedrock achievements differ on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox. Therefore, you might have certain achievements locked while the others show as completed. 

With that said, certain achievements also give out rewards, which might be a good incentive for players to try completing them. 

All in all, the achievement system can get complicated at times. However, it is still a part of what makes Minecraft fun and addictive to play. Getting such optional incentives serves as a refresher for the gaming experience. Therefore, we recommend you try them, even if don’t want to go hard at them.