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10 Greatest Old Roblox Games You Can Still Play

10 Greatest Old Roblox Games You Can Still Play

Roblox is an online games platform that houses thousands of games for millions of players to enjoy. Roblox has had a vast history of spectacular games, and many of them you can still play to this day. We’ve compiled a list of the best of these old Roblox games, so you know what you could play.

The 10 Greatest Old Roblox Games, in no particular order, are the following:

  • Flee The Facility
  • MeepCity
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Jailbreak
  • Experience Gravity
  • Sunset Plain
  • Forrest of Desolation
  • Adopt Me!
  • Classic: Rocket Arena
  • Yorick’s Resting Place

Each of these games has a long and storied history. They have at different points since their release been one of the best games on Roblox. We’ll be discussing in-depth the various gameplay elements that make these games so fun even today, and tell how you can play them now.

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Best Old Roblox Games

Promotional Image posted and shared by the Roblox Corporation.
Image provided by the Roblox Corporations

Many of the original games that became popular on Roblox were made by the original Roblox development team. However, many games were created that are now no longer available to be played. They don’t even show up when you search for them on the platform.

This doesn’t mean that all of them are entirely lost though. Some of them can be unlocked and accessed even today. But we must confess these aren’t the only games worth playing. Some of the early games developed by regular users also achieved legendary status.

These games span a wide genre and have different gameplay types depending on which genre they belong to. Roblox is a platform that prides itself on its variety, showers the player with choice, and rewards you for indulging in all the different titles it has to offer.

So lets delve into our top 10 greatest old Roblox games of all time, shall we?

Flee The Facility

Marketing image released for Flee The Facility.
Flee The Facility Image

One of the best games on this list is the Dead by Daylight inspired, Flee The Facility. The game debuted back in 2016 and was instantly popular with Roblox players. The game concept after all was wholly unique and piqued many players’ curiosity.

A lot of people that didn’t buy the Dead by Daylight game, but wanted to play something similar got their wish when they were able to try out Flee the Facility for free. The game aimed to have certain players hide or run away from a beast that was controlled by another player.

The hunting mechanics were exhilarating and many people enjoyed the aspect of trying to outsmart and outpace the beast in any game. Friends would love it as a party game where they could virtually experience the game of tag, and enjoy racing around trying to survive the longest.

The one player that acts as the beast or the killer gets to enjoy chasing the rest of the players around the map, with additional abilities, in an attempt to defeat them before a certain timer runs out. The lead game designer for the game was a University student who greatly enjoyed developing games.

You can still find quite an active player base for this game, and it’s one of our picks for the best old Roblox games you can still play today.


A promotional image released by Roblox corporation for MeepCity.
MeepCity Image

Our next pick for the top 10 best Old games that you can still play on Roblox today is another 2016 release called MeepCity. It was developed by an individual known as Alexnewtron. MeepCity was among one of the first games on the platform that was able to amass over 1 billion visitors to the game’s main page.

The game is an extremely fun experience for anyone looking for an MMO-esque adventure. The game is predicated upon using chatting, various social activities, earning money, and customizing your own house. All of these fantasies and facilities are something that people enjoy.

The game essentially cultivated its community, with players being able to make friends with each other, do various activities together and visit each other’s houses. The building of your own living space was a great hit with the players, who enjoyed the vast array of customizability options. Something you can still do within the game.

The game is still enjoyed by a massive player base even today and is highly enjoyed by Roblox players that just want to play something casual with their friends. It has also lasted through the test of time by showcasing that it can evolve its identity and come out with new and exciting updates.

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Murder Mystery 2

Image set on the Murder Mystery 2 official Roblox page.
Murder Mystery 2 Cover Image

Who doesn’t like a good murder mystery? If you’re in the mood for a game that makes you want to put on your Sherlock Holmes cap and discuss the intricacies of murder with your very own Watson, then Murder Mystery 2 is the best old Roblox game for you.

The game is essentially a riddle game, that poses riddles to the player during each of their rounds. You as the player must solve each riddle within each round to advance, on a failure, you will be eliminated. The creator of the game is an individual called Nikilis.

The game was officially launched on Roblox back in 2014 but has since that initial release seen many steady upgrades and improvements to its overall systems and gameplay. In each round, you are given a unique role, and you’re meant to hide if necessary from a killer, but additionally, you must also identify the true murderer.

In each game, the Sheriff collaborates with the innocent players to catch the true killer, and this occurs when each of the innocent players is interrogated and examined. If someone is not seen to have a good story then they are exterminated. If the killer kills everyone they lose the match to the killer.

The game consistently gives players to create fun, and make impactful choices that shape up their experiences with the game. If you have a dedicated few friends then this game can be something that you can draw fun with for hours.


A promotional image for Jailbreak's new features and map add-ons.
Jailbreak Promotional Image

The next game on our list has had several seasons be released ever since it first came out back in 2017. With its 11th season now underway. Jailbreak is a game that I have personally spent hundreds of hours playing because it is simply that good.

The 11th Season of jailbreak is called Toys and Collectibles and is an incredibly fun and engaging experience. The game is the classic Cops and Robbers game set up in a virtual world that can make your wildest dreams come true.

You’re able to play in unique environments, and setups and have unique character models as you play the game. The objective of the game is that the cops have to catch the robbers that need to organize a robbery and flee from their heist. Planning and executing the perfect heist is part of the fun.

There is a huge community associated with this game, and in 2019 it won the Bloxy Awards for best Roblox Community. So you know these people take their game very seriously. But not so much that you can’t have fun and just a genuine swell time if you attempt to get into it today.

We highly recommend this title for anyone interested in making their childhood games come to life in the digital world.

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Experience Gravity

Promotional cover image for Experience Gravity.
Experience Gravity Cover Image

A wholly unique experience in this list of Old Roblox games that you can still play is the game called Experience Gravity. It is an ingenious, but simple game that has remained consistently popular since the first day of its release.

The game even today gets regularly updated, with different texture packs and ideas being infused to keep the gameplay feeling fresh. Moreover, throughout the game’s lifespan, it has amassed an incredible 15 million official page visits and can boast a hefty four hundred thousand active player base.

If you’re confused about what precisely happens within the game itself then let me explain, because it is quite simple. As the name implies, players “Feel” Gravity. Most of the players are almost flung off of the baseplate where their characters are, and they must navigate the usage of gravity.

Numerous gameplay mechanics keep this simple premise from going stale, and the game is heavily popular not just in its easy-to-pick-up-and-play nature, but also because of the numerous amounts of badges and achievements that are given out for accomplishing certain things in-game.

There’s nothing quite as fun as finding yourself plunging at an ever-increasing speed into the sun, simply having your avatar fall apart as they experience the fall, or doing any number of things that the game makes obvious are possible if you are willing to experiment.

It’s a game worth checking out even today.

Sunset Plain

Promotional cover image for Super Nostalgia Zone. Wherein you can play Sunset Plain.
Super Nostalgia Zone Cover Image

Another incredibly fun old Roblox game that you can still play today is Sunset Plain. It is perhaps one of the most original BrickBattle games that you can currently play on Roblox. It has been exceptionally popular. Nowadays it is not discussed as often, but still has a healthy player base that you can still engage with.

Some of the game’s fans have been consistently been playing since the early days of the game’s release. This game was developed by the creator named Schwaabo. And is perhaps one of the oldest recording developments that we know of.

The game has a Journal Blog entry from the first Roblox Developer’s Journal back in 2006. So you know this game is very old. However, we believe that the gameplay still holds up, even to this day. Though much of the game has changed since it initially launched, there is a lot to like about the game.

Sunset Plain was one of the original BrickBattle games, a popular game style in Roblox’s early days. This game, created by Schwaabo, was featured in Roblox’s very first Roblox Developer’s Journal blog entry in late 2006. Sunset Plain’s original copy hasn’t been changed since it was initially made, and it no longer works correctly.

Although the original game is no longer available, it was faithfully recreated by CloneTrooper1019’s Super Nostalgia Zone. The game is perhaps more playable than ever before, and definitely to some degree still holds the crown of being one of the most beloved old Roblox games.

Forest of Desolation

In-game screenshot of the game Forest of Desolation.
Forest of Desolation Screenshot

Our next entry is also an interesting map-based video game that can be played on Roblox. Admittedly its initial model was just a tiny map, however, the game has developed so much since its inception. Perhaps the most striking is that it has significant graphical improvements in comparison to other games.

I mean there is probably only a few small games that can adhere to the Twitch landslide, and remain such relevant games. The main idea behind the Forest of Desolation was that there was to be a Roblox theme associated wit4h the map and the locations within it.

Thus it was Forrest of Desolation that begin the trend of creating art pieces for commission. the entire area is littered with people and their Hideout is troubling. But if you do, remember to hand in your cards. The game has been in commission since 2009 and has perhaps been one of the largest and most permanent games in the franchise.

It was announced in an official Roblox blog article back in 2006 that a few of the users complained about the slips. and within struggling cities, it is difficult to find the game, even online.

An official Roblox blog article back in 2006 as one of the few user-created sites to explore at the time.

Adopt Me!

Thumbnail on the official Youtube Channel of Roblox for the game Adopt Me!
Adopt Me – Trailer Thumbnail

Here is a game that is quite out of the ordinary for this list. Adopt Me! is a wonderful monster-catching, raising, and training game. It has constantly upped its ante. The game even has this moment hundreds over hundreds of thousands of players that wish to do current content along with others.

It is perhaps one of the most successful releases on the Roblox platform. What you will enjoy within this game is going to heavily depend on your ability and adaptability. This is a staggering number, especially if you compare it to the other games that have been available for quite a young amount of time.

When the game was upgraded with a new feature release: adopting pets, Adopt Me! broke new boundaries, attracting hundreds of thousands of concurrent players (over 500,000 at one time, which is a record for any game on the Roblox platform).

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Classic: Rocket Arena.

Rocket Arena map screenshot from the in-game client.
Rocket Arena Map Image

One of the absolute earliest Roblox games that we can think of that are still trendy to play, and are available on Roblox is the Classic: Rocket Arena. If you weren’t actively playing Roblox games back in January 2006 then it’s not your fault, but this game was being made way back then.

Rocket Arena was this spectacular Free-for-all battle arena that took a lot of influences from many other popular games that you know now. But it was wholly unique in the sense that it provided gameplay that would otherwise demand the player pay some sort of fee to experience.

This lack of barrier-to-entry and the fun and repetitive gameplay made engaging with Rocket Arena an absolute joy to play. We are saddened to say, however, that this game was also among the first of the official Roblox games that were shut down back in 2017.

No reasons were ever provided for why the game shut down so abruptly, however, that is not a cause for concern, because there are many tools available today that can allow you to play the game, and experience its online factors. . It’s a game that is worth your time and effort to play.

Yorick’s Resting Place

This is the Thumbnail image from the Youtube video "Remember Yorick's Resting Place" made and uploaded by Phire.
Image form the Youtube Channel Phire

The first holiday-themed game that Roblox ever released is also coincidentally one of the best old Roblox games that are still available to play in some capacity. Yorick’s Resting Place has an incredibly unique name and doesn’t give you much to go off of, to be honest.

However, let’s not underestimate this game at all. It was released for Halloween 2008 after all. The original creator was an individual with the tag Jacobxxduel. They are a Roblox Administrator and had been developing the game since 2006.

Within this game, you had to solve four distinct and unique riddles. These were pretty challenging in those days, especially if you didn’t look up a guide to do them. After that, you needed to defeat Yorick’s Resting Place. If you did so then you would get a unique Riddling Skull headgear for your avatar to wear.

We are sad to say that the game isn’t completely officially playable right now. It seems that there are various copyright laws and restrictions that have caused the game to not be available. However, this does not mean that a modified version of the game isn’t available for future fans to be experienced.

Even though you won’t be getting the Riddling Skull reward anymore, you can still play the game through various online means and methods that are sadly not a part of this Top 10 list.

And there you have it folks, our Top 10 list of the best old Roblox games that you can still play. Not all the games on this list might be easy to access, but with a bit of googling on your part, I’m sure you can figure out how to get to these spectacular adventures.

After all, they are worth all the effort. Till next time! Ciao.