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Doom Eternal Bosses Ranked

Doom Eternal Bosses Ranked

Doom Eternal can be challenging depending on what difficulty setting you play on. If you play on Nightmare, then you will be in for a ride. Ultra-Nightmare is a whole different story though. The harder the difficulty, the more time you will need to spend backing away and be accurate with basically every shot you take. If you are new, make sure you play on an easier difficulty, unless you are a challenge taker. There are only 5 bosses in the game but they are definitely worth ranking. Here are all the Doom Eternal bosses ranked.

SPOILER ALERT if you don’t want to know any of the bosses in the game!

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5. Gladiator

Gladiator 2

Location – Sentinel Prime

This is the third boss that you come in contact with when you are playing the game, but personally, this fight is the easiest one in the game. If you played Doom 2016, the Gladiator is pretty much a baby version of the Cyberdemon fight. There are 5 total bosses in Doom Eternal, but I think this one should have been the first one you encounter.

What makes this fight so easy is the fact that if you know how to use your weapons fairly quickly, you can get him to his second easier stage faster than he can take even a sliver of your health away. Also, once you destroy his shield, the fight gets even easier because you can hit him more times without him blocking. Once you defeat him, you will think to yourself, was that even a boss? Yes, he does have some damaging moves, but he is the easiest boss in the game.

Fun Fact – The Gladiator’s face bears a strong resemblance to the Barons of Hell and Hell Knights from the classic Doom games.

Difficulty – 2.5 out of 10

4. Khan Maykr

Khan maykr

Location – Realm of Urdak

This boss is almost at the end of the game, but what I don’t like about this fight is the fact that it is very repetitive. All you have to do is break her shield and then Meat Hook onto her and punch her. Do that about 10 times and you will beat the boss. I mean it is a cool boss, but I don’t like how the fight never changes. It is the same thing over and over and has no unique parts to it.

What makes this one a little more difficult then the Gladiator fight is the fact that the ground starts being electrified as you progress in the fight. The good thing is, there are not a ton of enemies around the arena except the Maykr Drones that give you ammo so you only have to worry about the boss itself. She is not that hard of a boss.

Fun Fact – She is the supreme ruler of the realm of Urdak and the leader of the Maykrs, a highly advanced ancient race of alien beings.

Difficulty – 4 out of 10

3. Icon of Sin

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Location – Final Sin

This is the final boss of the game and by far the longest boss fight in the game. That is really the only reason it is higher up on the list. Not only do you need to destroy every armor piece on his body, but you also need to destroy every piece of his body once the armor is off of him. What makes this easy is the sheer number of BFG ammo and Sword refills everywhere so you don’t really have to worry about ammo at all.

All you have to worry about is dodging the enemies in the arena while firing everything you got at the giant demon. It is not a hard fight, but it is not easy either som be prepared when going to fight him. Also, you beat the game when he is defeated so you will feel very accomplished when you finally complete it, unless you die on Ultra-Nightmare mode, then you will hate yourself.

Fun Fact – The Icon of Sin is most likely one of the most powerful, if not most, demons to appear in the Doom series. Due to his great size and build, he has immense strength, durability and surprising speed which is further increased by his Maykr armor.

Difficulty – 6.5 out of 10

2. Marauder

Doom Eternal screenshot demon 1280x720 1

Location – ARC Complex

This is a very challenging fight, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, even if you can get the timing down perfectly, he might change up his moveset. These guys are originally Sentinels, but they have been corrupted and turned into demons. What makes him a hard fight is the fact that he adapts with what you are doing. Also, he has a massive shield to block basically any attack.

The way to beat this boss is with patience. Just wait for his eyes to flash green and use your Ballista of Super Shotgun to stagger him and get another hit in. It is a hard fight if you try to deal with all the damage you can because he blocks almost every attack you throw out at him. Also, you fight many of them later on in the game that are just regular enemies so this is the easiest Marauder.

Fun Fact – If one were to peer at his chest in the ARC Laboratory cutscene, a series of dark purplish veins seem to emanate from where the red light on his chest piece rests. It may imply that some parts of the armor – or at least, that particular piece – is fused to his very body.

Difficulty – 8 out of 10

1. Doom Hunter (x3)

DoomHunter 0

Location – Doom Hunter Base

This boss is the first boss you will encounter in the game, but I think they are the hardest out of all of them. When you first enter the fight, you will have to defeat the first Doom Hunter. At first,you might be happy that you defeated the first one, but then you drop into another arena and have to fight 2 of them at the same time.

It can be a little frustrating at first because you have to deal with 2 of them plus other enemies, but if you focus on one of them at a time, you won’t really have too many issues. It is hard still because of the sheer number of enemies you need to fight, but once you complete it, it is very satisfying.

Fun Fact – The Doom Hunter is one of the few demons to speak legible English phrases during the game; the first one says “SLAYER IDENTIFIED” when activated by Deag Ranak, and all specimens say “CRITICAL DAMAGE” when ejecting from their sleds.

Difficulty – 9 out of 10


In conclusion, even though there are only 5 bosses in the entire game, that does not mean that they are worth ranking. I feel that the game is so good, that if you have not even played Doom 2016, this game is definitely worth your time. I hope you agree with my rankings and have a great time ripping and tearing those demons.

*All photos were taken from the Doom Fandom Wiki*