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All Classes in Lords of the Fallen Ranked (Worst to Best)

All Classes in Lords of the Fallen Ranked (Worst to Best)

Whenever a souls-like puts forth the choice to pick a class, my brain goes haywire. The same is the case with Lords of the Fallen and all its classes. With 9 (or 10 if you have the Deluxe Edition) starting classes to choose from, each a compelling option, the decision is even more difficult to make.


Not to mention the secret unlockable classes in the mix. Calm down; we will rank each class and its capabilities so that you can make an informed conclusion and even know which ones are the right pick for you.

9. Condemned

9. Condemned

The Condemned class is literally the lowest level of all the classes and is more of a blank slate. It’s the only class rocking nine balanced stats in every attribute. And get this, your weapon of choice is a bucket fist weapon with some decent protective perks.

All this flexibility and customization goodness comes at a price. Your equipment is not winning any awards, and you’re starting at a low-level point. In my humble opinion, it’s the trickiest class to kick things off with. It’s like hard mode from the get-go, a challenge that only the Lords of the Fallen veterans might want to tackle.

8. Blackfeather Ranger

8. Blackfeather Ranger

The Blackfeather Ranger is an underdog with a bow that packs a punch. Now, it might start at the second-lowest level in the game, but don’t let that fool you. This class brings out the big guns early on with its killer bow, and we’re talking about some serious range game here.

You’ve got about 10 arrow shots to play with and an abundance of ammo satchels to keep you topped off. This makes the Blackfeather Ranger your go-to sniper, giving you a sneaky advantage against those clueless enemies roaming around.

The class has a Ranger Axe and a light shield. The Blackfeather Ranger is a bit on the squishier side compared to its counterparts. Early-game survival can be a tad tricky.

7. Exiled Stalker

7. Exiled Stalker

The Exiled Stalker has some seriously intricate gameplay. Focusing on dexterity, agility, and unleashing rapid attacks while ditching the whole defense game. It comes with a solid 16 points in agility and a bit stashed in endurance and vitality too, around 11 points each. But make no mistake, this class isn’t for the faint of heart, it demands some serious skill chops.

The dual-daggers can dish out status effects at lightning speed. Thanks to the poison salts tagging along, you’re in for some impressive damage over time with that nasty poison buildup. Dodging is your only defensive maneuver, especially until you unlock other defensive options like a better shield.

To fully unleash the Exile Stalker’s potential, you’ve gotta be a master of enemy attacks and patterns. This class isn’t your entry-level, beginner-friendly choice. It’s for the seasoned players.

6. Pyric Cultist

6. Pyric Cultist

The Pyric Cultist is the fire mage in Lords of the Fallen. This class is Inferno-based, wielding the Pyric Cultist Catalyst and the Infernal Orb. These bad boys give you a versatile angle against far-off targets, allowing you to rain fire on distant foes.


Now, the Cultist Staff does deal fire damage on hit, but it has a sluggish moveset that leaves you wide open to enemy attacks. Not the best combo, especially when you factor in how squishy this class can be.

Vulnerability is the class’s downside although you can offset it with Mana Stones to top off your magic juice, and trust me, they’re everywhere. You can keep slinging spells and not worry too much about the fragility stuff.

5. Udirangr Warwolf

5. Udirangr Warwolf

The Udirangr Warwolf, our Viking-inspired powerhouse in Lords of the Fallen, is all about that Strength life, geared for some serious two-handed melee mayhem. Starting at level 12, you’ve got a beefy 16 points in strength, making you one of the heavy hitters on the scene. You’ve also got a solid 13 points in endurance to keep those swings coming.

With a C- scaling for strength, the long sword you get is perfect for offense and defense, providing a solid 35% damage protection. The longsword’s versatility is the real game-changer, letting you go ham in close quarters and still poke enemies from a distance.


You even have some throwing hatchets, doubling down on that Viking vibe. While they might not be the best for all situations, those hatchets are perfect for silencing those pesky ranged foes, taking them down in three or four shots with ease.

4. Mournstead Infantry

4. Mournstead Infantry

The Morstead Infantry is a solid starting class for you, especially if you’re diving into the game for the first time. The spear you kick off with is a beast, especially early on.

This Infantry Spear has this crazy reach, letting you poke at enemies from a safe distance. Plus, it’s got this quality of interrupting foes, giving you the upper hand as you unleash your own barrage.

Just a heads up, though, the shield’s damage mitigation is kind of modest at 35%. You also score a short javelin for dealing with enemies at a distance. Even though they call it an agility-focused class, the Morstead Infantry surprises you with some extra vitality and medium armor, making it sturdier than you might expect.

So, if you’re up for a mix of agility and survivability, the Morstead Infantry is your go-to for an all-around good time in the game.

3. Partisan

Partisan  - Lords of the Fallen Classes

The Partisan class, coming in at level 12, is like your perfect match if you’re all about that dextrous warrior life with a sprinkle of versatility and a dash of ranged firepower.

It’s a jack-of-all-trades, throwing 12 and 13 points into every starting stat except the magic-related ones. This means you can equip most weapons in the melee category right out of the gate.

The class also tosses a crossbow into the mix. Strapped with a medium shield and some light armor, the Partisan nails the sweet spot between offense and defense. The armor has good damage mitigation, especially on the chest piece, compared to other starting choices.

2. Hallowed Knight

2. Hallowed Knight  - Lords of the Fallen Classes

The Hollowed Knight is an excellent pick for you, especially if you’re just starting out. Right off the bat, you start with a short sword and a medium shield, giving you that classic Soulslike combo, good damage, and solid defense against most enemies.

The medium shield you start off with is a beast, blocking almost 50% of physical damage. And the armor set not only does it look cool, but it brings a ton of damage mitigation to the table. You’re practically a walking fortress.

Additionally, you kick things off with a grenade – one of the few starting ranged weapons dealing AOE. It’s your go-to for crowd takedowns and just wreaking havoc from a distance. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward yet versatile start that’s forgiving to beginners, the Hollowed Knight has your back.

1. Orian Preacher

1. Orian Preacher  - Lords of the Fallen Classes

The Orian Preacher is my class of choice that can swiftly transform into a Paladin. Slap on some medium armor, grab a shield, toss a few points here and there, and voilà!

There are some seriously overpowered holy items just waiting for you in the early game that can pretty much seal the deal for this build. Not to mention, Holy Damage, Radiance, and its spells are really overpowered in the game.

The class also packs some serious melee heat too. The Preacher Hammer is your default weapon, scaling with both Strength and Radiance, dishing out physical and holy damage.

The lacking bits are the class’s stamina and health deficit, plus that light armor makes you a bit weak early on. Lean into your spellcasting early, and you’ll breeze through any obstacle like a spell-slinging champion.

Unlockable Classes

These are all the classes that you unlock later on in the game. You need to do some specific steps to open them, and even then, you can only employ them if you start a new game. For this reason, we have put them in a separate category.

Putrid Child

Putrid Child  - Lords of the Fallen Classes

Here’s the truth – the Putrid Child class is a bit of a letdown. It’s a hassle to unlock, involving some NPC takedowns and a few extra steps, only to give you a mid-tier quality build. Honestly, it’s not worth the effort.

The Putrid Child Sword is a nifty short sword dealing wither damage. It sounds good but it won’t blow you away since your stats aren’t on the high end. The Putrid Child Catalyst is there for a standard Umbral magic experience and a slick light armor set for that edgy look but lacks resistances.

It does have a nice Pendant of Parting. It’s got a funky gimmick, spawning orbs that damage enemies with a touch of wither damage. Not a game-changer, but it adds a dash of flair whenever you clear a crowd.

Dark Crusader

3. Dark Crusader  - Lords of the Fallen Classes

This starts off at level 14, the highest starting level among all classes, theoretically making it the powerhouse. With robust stats in endurance and the highest vitality, it’s set up for a solid Paladin-style build. However, no catalyst for radiant spells at the beginning, so you’ll start off as more of a warrior until you snag one quickly.


The Dark Crusader comes with the Paladin’s Pendant, occupying your necklace slot. This nifty accessory boosts your strength and endurance, giving you a head start with 14 strength and 17 endurance.

Remember, while you can obtain this gear later in the game without the Deluxe Edition, it’s scattered and more likely to shine in a second playthrough.

Radiant Purifier

2. Radiant Purifier  - Lords of the Fallen Classes

The Radiant Purifier is the Orion Preacher but on steroids. You kick things off at level 22, packing a punch with 12 strength, 10 agility, 13 endurance, 14 vitality, and a massive 18 in Radiance. The icing on the cake is the fast and furious Radiant Purifier Polearm with a combination of Holy Damage and Smite build-up.

It is practically an endgame starter kit, from gear to spells. That Piercing Light spell alone is a game-changer, making this class a powerhouse from day one.


Lord - Lords of the Fallen Classes

The Lord class does the same for an Inferno class as the previous one did for Radiance. The Lord Axe it comes with is a monster that practically obliterates mobs in one or two hits, thanks to its hefty damage and insane Poise. You also snag the Lord Catalyst for those sweet spells we’ll chat about in a bit.

The class has the full Lord set, a mix of medium and heavy armor goodness that turns you into a tank from the get-go. And you won’t be overweight with this on owing to the Ring of Bones and the Ring of Duty.

Starting at level 23, 10 levels higher than the rest, the stats are no joke. 12 strength, 8 agility, 13 endurance and vitality (boosted to 14 with those rings), 8 Radiance, and a humongous 22 Inferno. It’s not just a starter class; it’s an ender class!

Lords of the Fallen is the only game, in my knowledge, that adds more classes after you end the game. This puts a lot of burden on our tiny brains, whether to stick to the class we used earlier or opt for a new game to experience the shiny new goodness.

Luckily, all the class items are available in the game so you can still make it if you so choose with the respec option.