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4 Easiest Shrines in Breath of the Wild

4 Easiest Shrines in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is an absolutely massive game, and it can be extremely confusing on exactly where to go and what to do. When you finally get off the Great Plateau, you are open to going anywhere you want at your leisure. One massive part of the game is the Shrines, and people might ask which ones are the easy Shrines.

The easiest Shrines in Breath of the Wild are the Great Plateau Shrines, Treasure Room Blessing Shrines, Minor Tests of Strength, and Easy Puzzle Shrines. Each section has a ton of different Shrines to find and explore, so take advantage of all the accessible Shrines, so you are ready for the rest of the game.

There are over 120 Shrines in the game, so it is impossible just to pick out individual Shrines. In this article, we will go over each easy type of Shrine and give you the general area where these Shrines are found without telling you precisely where they are at.

What makes a Shrine “easy”?

As we said before, there are 4 types of Shrines, and the difficulty comes to either how to get to the Shrine or what you have to do indies of each one. The 120 Shrines, plus the DLC Shrines, make up a ton of the game’s content, but we recommend not trying to speedrun these.

If you look at this list, you are most likely playing the game for the first time. Take your time with everything because the game does a great job at slowly building you up to become a mighty hero.

Trying to complete Shrines as fast as possible takes away the feeling of finding it yourself; that is why we aren’t telling you exactly where each one on this list is. It is entirely up to you to find each Shrine; hopefully, you will enjoy the fantastic exploration the game gives you.

1. Great Plateau Shrines

The Great Plateau Shrines are the easiest in the game because it is a tutorial. Each one shows you the basics for each primary ability, and it is a good stepping stone to get you into the action without walking in blind. Getting off the Great Plateau early is possible, but it is not easy.

Just play through all 4 Shrines, and you will have the basics of the game down. They also count towards your Shrine count, so completing all the Shrines requires the completion of these as well. Plus, these Shrines give you upgrade items, and gear, so make sure to loot all the optional chests inside.

Here are the 4 Great Plateau tutorial Shrines:

  • Ja Baij Shrine
  • Keh Namut Shrine
  • Oman Au Shrine
  • Owa Daim Shrine

2. Treasure Room Blessing Shrines

There are a total of 28 Treasure Room Blessing Shrines, which are pretty much Shrine without a puzzle inside. It isn’t the Shrine itself that is the puzzle, but getting to them can be tricky. For most of them, you will need to complete something in the overworld to have it pop out of the ground or reach it.

Sometimes it can be a bonus to climb a mountain. It just depends on what you need to do. As far as Shrine goes, once you get inside, there is no challenge. You can just walk up to the end and receive your reward.

Here are all the Treasure Room Blessing Shrines:

  • Lakna Rokee Shrine – Found in West Necluda
  • Korgu Chideh Shrine – Found in East Necluda
  • Tawa Jin Shrine – Found in East Necluda
  • Qukah Nata Shrine – Found in Faron
  • Shae Katha Shrine – Found in Faron
  • Misae Suma Shrine – Found in Gerudo Desert
  • Raqa Zunzo Shrine – Found in Gerudo Desert
  • Tho Kayu Shrine – Found in Gerudo Desert
  • Suma Sahma Shrine – Found in Gerudo Desert
  • Korsh O’hu Shrine – Found in Gerudo Desert
  • Keeha Yoog Shrine – Found in Gerudo Highlands
  • Maag No’rah Shrine – Found in Hyrule Ridge
  • Qaza Tokki Shrine – Found in Hebra
  • Lanno Kooh Shrine – Found in Hebra
  • Rona Kachta Shrine – Found in Hebra
  • To Quomo Shrine – Found in Hebra
  • Maag Halan Shrine – Found in Great Hyrule Forest
  • Daag Chokah Shrine – Found in Great Hyrule Forest
  • Kuhn Sidajj Shrine – Found in Great Hyrule Forest
  • Ketoh Wawai Shrine – Found in Great Hyrule Forest
  • Gorae Torr Shrine – Found in Eldin
  • Tu Ka’loh Shrine – Found in Akkala
  • Ritaag Zumo Shrine – Found in Akkala
  • Ze Kasho Shrine – Found in Akkala
  • Tahno O’ah Shrine – Found in Lanayru
  • Jitan Sa’mi Shrine – Found in Lanayru
  • Shai Yota Shrine – Found in Lanayru
  • Dagah Keek Shrine – Found in Lanayru

3. Minor Tests of Strength

Minor Tests of Strength are the most accessible versions of all the Tests of Strength. They are pretty much mini-bosses that you need to defeat to earn your rewards. Each used different weapons, and once you defeated them, they dropped the weapons they were using. It is a great way to get unique weapons pretty early on.

Just be aware that the weapons will break after a while, so don’t use them unless you are willing to destroy them. You don’t have to worry too much because you get a ton of weapons to use as you explore and defeat enemies.

Here are all the Minor Test of Strength Shrines:

  • Pumaag Nitae Shrine – Found in Faron
  • Dah Kaso Shrine – Found in Gerudo Desert
  • Dah Hesho Shrine – Found in Akkala
  • Soh Kofi Shrine – Found in Lanayru
  • Katah Chuki Shrine – Found in Central Hyrule
  • Noya Neha Shrine – Found in Central Hyrule

4. Easy Puzzle Shrines

The easy puzzle Shrines are by far the easiest to complete in the game. They have straightforward stuff like putting a ball on a pressure plate, and you’re done. There aren’t too many of these because they are just super easy, but there are enough to get you some decent stuff pretty early on.

Each of these Shrines probably takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and it is definitely worth doing them early, so you don’t have to do them later. Remember that you need to complete Shrines to upgrade your health and stamina, so don’t miss out on these ones.

Here are all the Easy Puzzle Shrines:

  • Bosh Kala Shrine – Found in West Necluda
  • Wahgo Katta Shrine – Found in West Necluda
  • Myahm Agana Shrine – Found in East Necluda
  • Sah Dahaj Shrine – Found in Eldin
  • Tah Muhl Shrine – Found in Eldin
  • Qua Raym Shrine – Found in Eldin
  • Daqa Koh Shrine – Found in Eldin
  • Katosa Aug Shrine – Found in Akkala
  • Mezza Lo Shrine – Found in Lanayru