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What Is Insight In Bloodborne? And What Is It Used For?

What Is Insight In Bloodborne? And What Is It Used For?

The departure from the fantasy setting of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls to the Lovecraftian eldritch horror of Bloodborne, From Software has nailed it when translating their signature method of gameplay and world-building to this new setting. Their already established formula of lore and drip-feeding the narrative is perfect for the cosmic stakes of Bloodborne, where the world is dealing with entities their feeble minds cannot even fathom.

So in order to understand these otherworldly phenomenons, the players have to acquire Insight or the understanding power that is necessary to make sense of the extraterrestrial invaders and their various influences that are governing the world. The more you are in intune with this knowledge, you will see the veil lifting from your eyes and the truth of the reality presented itself.

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In layman’s terms, Insight is a stat and also a currency that you get when you first experience the extramundane bosses and locations in Bloodborne. It is also used to initiate multiplayer in the game. And can be used to buy items from a special shop. It has game-altering effects too if you have a large number of it.

There are minute and massive details that Insight has an impact on which we will discuss in detail below.

What Is Insight?


Insight is a stat and also a currency in Bloodborne which you can clearly view underneath the Blood Echoes counter on your HUD, denoted by an eye icon. You can hold a maximum of 99 Insight at any given time. The more Insight you have the more you will start to see changes in the world as your “eyes” are opening to the truth.

As stated above this stat is the key to unlocking and witnessing the secrets of the world and will have an impact on the gameplay and world in general. As you accumulate this “knowledge” of sorts you will see the nightmare that has taken over this civilization. It can be a blessing as things will begin to make sense with enough Insight but it also becomes a curse as it will start impacting your perception and more weird stuff will begin to happen.

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Insight is also required to use both the Beckoning Bell for becoming the host and asking for online help and Resonant Bell for becoming the guest in someone’s world and helping them. Hence a crucial aspect if you want to experience this game fully with your friends or engage in multiplayer in general.

Obtaining Insight

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As you progress through the game you will be given Insight at different intervals and there are items that you can consume to get some too. The number of Insight will be different in each scenario with 1 being the lowest and 3 the highest you can get at any particular time. All the ways through which you can get Insight are listed below:

  • First encounter with most Bosses. (amount varies)
  • Taking down Bosses. (amount varies)
  • By helping a host defeat a Boss as a guest in multiplayer. (+1)
  • Invading and killing another player using the Sinister Bell. (+1)
  • Consuming a Madman’s Knowledge. (+1)
  • Consuming a Great One’s Wisdom. (+2)
  • Consuming a One Third of Umbilical Cord. (+3)
  • Consuming a Blood Dreg. (+1)
  • By being grabbed by an invisible force outside the Oedon Chapel in Cathedral Ward. (+1)
  • Sending NPCs to the safe haven at Iosefka’s Clinic. (+1 for each, +2 if you send all)
  • Entering the Abandoned Old Workshop. (+2)
  • Entering Iosefka’s Clinic from the Forbidden Woods back entrance. (+1)
  • Entering Yahar’gul, Unseen Village by getting grabbed by a Snatcher. (+1)
  • Finding Lecture Building 1st floor lamp. (+2)
  • Entering Nightmare Frontier from the Lecture Building. (+2)
  • Entering Nightmare of Mensis from the Lecture Building. (+3)
  • Entering Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. (+2)
  • Finding Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods in Cainhurst Castle (+2)
  • Discovering Patches the Spider’s true form. (+2)
  • “Talking” to Master Willem. (+2)
  • Seeing Arianna’s Infant. (+3)

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Insight Thresholds And Its Effects


As mentioned above different levels of Insight will have varying impacts on the world and the player. The impact of Insight on the player stats themselves are:

  • The more Insight you have the lower the Beasthood stat will be and vice versa. Lore wise this means you are less likely to become a mindless beast if you have this additional knowledge.
  • The more Insight you have the lower the Frenzy resistance will be and vice versa. Lore wise this means that with more knowledge of the eldritch nature of the world you are prone to going crazy/frenzied by frenzy inducing sources.

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Having a certain number of Insight will trigger different events and aspects of the game which we have listed down below:

1Insight Bath Messenger shop becomes available in Hunter’s Dream for the rest of the playthrough.

Plain Doll comes to life.

A group of Messengers appears in the Hunter’s Dream next to the Plain Doll, granting you the Beckoning Bell and Silencing Blank as gifts.

Mad Ones will spawn during the Witch of Hemwick fight.
15The Church Doctors in Cathedral Ward shoot projectiles from their lamps. The scythe and cross variants’ weapons have buffs.

Gehrman speaks whilst sleeping outside his house in the Hunter’s Dream.

Mad Ones will spawn at various predetermined locations in Hemwick Charnel Lane, only after learning the password.
30Winter Lanterns can be heard singing in an off-key tone at a further distance.
40Lesser Amygdala becomes visible in the Cathedral Ward and other areas. This can also be unlocked by transitioning the game into the blood moon phase.

A new song will play in  Hunter’s Dream even before transitioning the game into the blood moon phase.
50Hunter’s Dream theme changes even before transitioning the game into the blood moon phase.
60A baby’s cry can occasionally be heard off in the distance in any area except the Hunter’s Dream.

Insight Shop (Insight Bath Messenger)

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As a currency Insight can be used to buy items from the Insight Bath Messenger shop in Hunter’s Dream which is located just outside the left door in the Workshop. The items range from upgrading material to multiplayer items. You can also get armor sets after defeating certain NPCs and Bosses. Temporary weapon buffing items are available here too. The whole list of items is mentioned below:

Small Resonant Bell
11 Insight
Sinister Bell
11 Insight
Beast Blood Pellet
Unlimited1 Insight each
Blue Elixir
Unlimited2 Insight each
Lead Elixir
Unlimited2 Insight each
Pungent Blood Cocktail
Unlimited1 Insight each
Numbing Mist
Unlimited2 Insight each
Fire Paper
Unlimited1 Insight each
Bolt Paper
Unlimited1 Insight each
Shaman Bone Blade
Unlimited1 Insight each
Blood Stone Shard
Unlimited1 Insight each
Twin Blood Stone Shards
Unlimited2 Insight each
Blood Stone Chunk
Unlimited20 Insight each
Blood Rock
Unlimited60 Insight each
Coldblood Flowerbud
Unlimited2 Insight each
Bloodshot Eyeball
Unlimited2 Insight each
Living String
Unlimited10 Insight each
Red Jelly
Unlimited5 Insight each
Pearl Slug
Unlimited3 Insight each
(Armor sets unlock when certain characters are killed)
Father Gascoigne’s Set
Gascoigne’s Cap
11 Insight
Gascoigne’s Garb
13 Insight
Gascoigne’s Gloves
11 Insight
Gascoigne’s Trousers
11 Insight
Hunter Djura’s Set
Grey Wolf Cap
11 Insight
Ashen Hunter Garb
13 Insight
Ashen Hunter Gloves
11 Insight
Ashen Hunter Trousers
11 Insight
Henryk’s Hunter Set 
henryks hunter cap
Henryk’s Hunter Cap
11 Insight
henryks hunter garb
Henryk’s Hunter Garb
13 Insight
henryks hunter gloves
Henryk’s Hunter Gloves
11 Insight
henryks hunter trousers
Henryk’s Hunter Boots
11 Insight
Bone Ash Set
(Available after defeating the second boss within the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth)
bone ash mask
Bone Ash Mask
12 Insight
bone ash armor 1
Bone Ash Armor
14 Insight
bone ash gauntlets 1
Bone Ash Gauntlets
12 Insight
bone ash leggings
Bone Ash Leggings
12 Insight
Maria Hunter Set 
(Available after defeating Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower)
Maria Hunter Cap
13 Insight
Maria Hunter Garb
15 Insight
Maria Hunter Gloves
13 Insight
Maria Hunter Trousers
13 Insight

Insight, which feels like a currency initially, is a far-reaching mechanic that impacts many different aspects of the world of Bloodborne. It has great significance when it comes to the lore of the land, all the while having major ramifications which are visually seen and affecting secretly as well. The game won’t even try to educate you about such an important mechanic and one should be well aware of it considering its significance. Luckily we have you covered right here!