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8 Best Daggers In Dark Souls 3

8 Best Daggers In Dark Souls 3

We have made many lists for a bunch of specific weapon types for Dark Souls 3, but by far the most interesting weapons you can choose are the Daggers. Not only are they great for Dexterity builds, but they are a great weapon if you want to deal some really high critical damage. There are actually quite a few Daggers in the game.

In this list, we have found 8 Daggers out of the bunch that stands out. Not only do they have some of the best scalings out of any other weapons, but they are extremely fast. If you want a weapon that has insanely high attack speed and also has insanely high critical damage, then you might want to look at the Daggers.

Keep in mind that each of the Daggers on this list is used for different builds, so they aren’t in a very specific order. We are going by the scaling, speed, damage, and skills for each weapon. If one looks interesting to you, go and find it. Once you do, you can experiment to see if you actually like it or not.

Why are Daggers useful?

Daggers are extremely useful if you have a Dexterity build. You can Infuse them with specific items to make them better for certain things, but Daggers are great if you like to attack fast. It deals a ton of damage, but keep in mind that you will have to get very close to your enemy to be able to deal this damage.

You need to be extremely tactical with how you approach your enemy because you probably don’t want to get caught off guard. If you do, you will take some serious damage depending on the enemy you are fighting. If you can get that done, Daggers are probably some of the best weapons in the entire game.

What are the best Daggers?

We have put together a list of some of the best Daggers in the game. As we said before, it is very hard to put them in a specific order since they are useful in different situations. Always pay attention to the scaling and the damage that the weapon outputs. If it is not great, you might want to think about swapping weapons or Infusion since it will make the weapon better.

There aren’t that many Daggers in the game, but a lot of them are pretty useful. We only put one DLC Dagger on the list since a lot of people probably don’t have the DLC or they just don’t want to play them. All the rest can be found within the base game pretty easily.

Here are the 8 best Daggers you can find and use in Dark Souls 3:

1. Corvian Greatknife

Dagger of the unwanted, those guided by heretical storytellers. A rather large dagger with a powerful attack, but this transparent attempt to intimidate foes reveals much about its owner’s fears.

Location: Dropped by Corvians in the Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep, Painted World of Ariandel, and Untended Graves.

This weapon is considered the best Dagger in the game. It is good, but it does have its flaws. The thing that makes this weapon good is its skill. It actually bypasses any shield that you attack with the Blind Spot skill. It deals a ton of damage and is the perfect attack to use with pretty much any shield enemy in the game.

It also has some insanely good scaling. The only downside to this weapon is the fact that it is the heaviest Dagger of the bunch. This won’t be too much of an issue if you have light armor on so you can have the max amount of stamina for each attack. Other than that, the weapon is probably the Dagger in the game.

Skill: Blind Spot – Use against shielded foes to break through their guard by attacking from the side.

2. Aquamarine Dagger (DLC)

A dagger fitted with aquamarine crystal. Engraved with a prayer in the old tongue to ward off incident. Perhaps it was a parting gift given to one sent off on great travels.

Location: Found in The Dreg Heap. After the initial drop-down from the Stone-humped Hag’s perch, run past the Harald Legion Knight. The item can be found in an area up the stairs behind the Harald Knight.

This is the only Dagger on the list that requires you to own the DLC. It is found in the Ringed City DLC, and it is found pretty early on in the Dreg Heap. What makes this Dagger unique is the fact that it actually scaled with Dexterity and Intelligence. This makes it a good weapon to use with a Mage build. Its skill is actually really fun as well.

It is similar to a couple of spells. It makes the sword grow larger with magic and swings like a straight sword. The only downside to this weapon is that there is no critical modifier so it won’t deal nearly as much damage as other Daggers. Other than that, it is a great Dagger to use.

Skill: Crystal Blade – Release magic for the aquamarine crystals, creating a fleeting blue crystal blade, lengthy enough to swing as a straight sword.

3. Brigand Twindaggers

These paired daggers are the preferred weapons of the brigands of a distant land. When two-handed, the wielder holds a blade in each hand, allowing for divergent attacks that include left-handed moves.

Location: Found in the Road of Sacrifices, on a corpse behind where the madwoman spawns.

This weapon is very odd since they are a very unique weapon. It is one weapon very similar to the Sellsword Twinblades, but you can use two weapons when you have it equipped. The skill isn’t really a good aspect of it since you probably won’t use it too much, but it is ultimately a great Dagger for any Dexterity build.

People consider it a great weapon for PvP since you can do some serious damage to your enemies. The combos you can do with it are fun to use and it never gets old when you absolutely destroy an invader. It does deal really great Bleed damage so if you enjoy Daggers, this might be your go-to weapon for that.

Skill: Quickstep – Instantly step behind or around the side of foes. Especially effective when locked on to a target.

4. Bandit’s Knife

A wide single-edged shortsword. Primarily a slicing weapon, but its blade is crafted to cause bleeding, making it a favorite of lowly thieves and bandits.

Location: Starting weapon of the Thief class. It is also sold by Greirat of the Undead Settlement for 1,500 Souls.

This weapon sacrifices some of the daggers’ high crit damage to provide bleed build-up. This makes it an excellent choice to buff with Carthus Rouge or to infuse with a Blood Gem. It is actually one of the easiest Daggers to get since you can literally start using it if you choose the Thief class.

If you didn’t choose the Thief class, then you can purchase it from Greirat in the High Wall of Lothric when you release him from his cell. Quickstep might seem a little lame, but it definitely is a useful skill for any Daggers since you do need to have a good way to get away from your enemy quickly.

Skill: Quickstep – Instantly step behind or around the side of foes. Especially effective when locked on to a target.

5. Dagger

Standard small dagger. Small daggers lack power or reach, but can deal quick consecutive hits due to their light weight. Highly effective when used for critical hits, such as after parrying or attacking from behind.

Location: Sold by the Shrine Handmaid for 300 Souls. It is also dropped by the Hollow Assassins in the High Wall of Lothric.

This is probably the most basic Dagger you can get in the game. Just look at what it is called. You can’t get any more basic than this. Even though it is extremely easy to get, it is actually one of the best Daggers in the game. It has an insanely high critical damage output, and it also does really well with basically any Infusion you place on it.

It also works extremely well with the Hornet Ring. If you don’t know, the Hornet Ring increases your Critical attacks which makes Riposte do insane amounts of damage. If you want to try out a Dagger, then this is the easiest one to get your hands on right away. Just make sure you know how to use it.

Skill: Quickstep – Instantly step behind or around the side of foes. Especially effective when locked on to a target.

6. Rotten Ghru Dagger

A crude, half-rotten dagger. Choice weapon of the blunt-horned Ghrus, descendants of the acolytes of Farron Keep. The rancid blade is drenched in rotten waste, making it acutely poisonous.

Location: Dropped by dagger-wielding Ghrus in the Farron Keep.

This Dagger is not the best in the game, but it has an extremely unique look that no other Dagger has. It is actually fairly easy to get since it is only found within Farron Keep. You don’t really need to get far into the game to get it, although it is a little less than halfway through. Its damage isn’t what makes this weapon good.

What makes this weapon worth it is that it actually deals poison damage. It is extremely useful if you are fighting an enemy that has a ton of health. It will deal damage when you aren’t even hitting it so it will be easier to take this enemy out. It is a great weapon if you enjoy poisoning your enemies.

Skill: Quickstep – Instantly step behind or around the side of foes. Especially effective when locked on to a target.

7. Handmaid’s Dagger

Dagger used by handmaids of the Profaned Capital. Each successful attack replenishes a slight amount of FP. It is said that these women took pleasure in wounding others.

Location: Dropped by the Jailer Handmaids in the Profaned Capital.

This Dagger is one of the more annoying ones to get, but you won’t be disappointed with it. It is very similar to the Corvian Knife, but it doesn’t deal nearly as much damage. It also has the Blind Spot skill that allows you to bypass any shields with the attack. It is a great attack and it is extremely useful for any enemy.

It also has a special passive ability that gives you +1 FP every time you hit an enemy. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is actually a pretty cool passive ability. It is better than not having any passive ability at all. Plus, the Dagger itself looks very cool as well.

Skill: Blind Spot – Use against shielded foes to break through their guard by attacking from the side.

8. Mail Breaker

A small sword made for thrusting attacks. This hard, edgeless sword can pierce through tough armor, and boasts a deadly critical attack.

Location: Starting equipment for the Sorcerer class. Found on a corpse in the room prior to Greirat’s cell in the High Wall of Lothric.

This is more of a piercing weapon than a Dagger, but it is considered a Dagger. It is small and deals a ton of critical damage. Not only is it good, but the skill, similarly to the Blind Spot skill, allows you to bypass any of the shields that the enemies are holding. It is not a crazy weapon, but it is very fun to use.

It is also very easy to get since it is the starting weapon for the Sorcerer class. If you don’t choose Sorcerer, you can find this weapon in one of the cells next to Greirat’s cell in the High Wall of Lothric. It can be Infused with pretty much anything and it is up to you to determine what you want your build to be with it.

Skill: Shield Splitter – Aim carefully, and attack in a large forward lunge to pierce through enemy shields and inflict damage directly.

Are Daggers worth using?

Daggers are absolutely worth using. Not only do they have some of the best scalings in the game, but they are great weapons for both PvP and PvE. It is probably easier to use in PvE, but depending on the player, you can catch soo many people off guard when you are playing against an Invader. The downside is that you need to get used to the moveset.

It looks easy to use, but once you get your first Dagger, you will realize that it is harder to use than you thought. Overall, Daggers are extremely fun weapons to use. If you are hesitant to try it out, don’t be. Just equip one from your inventory and test it out in an early area. It won’t hurt to at least experiment.