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Best 1v1 Maps In CS:GO

Best 1v1 Maps In CS:GO

Do you want to find out if you or your friend is better at CS:GO? Do you ever get called out by strangers and want to put them in their place? Do you want a fun and engaging map in the game, that is visually stunning and mechanically stellar? Well then this tier list is the answer to all your wants.

Counter Strike Global Offense has a unique Steam Workshop which allows players to construct and design their own custom maps. These maps have a variety of features and functions from general practice, to honing your aiming skills and even special scopes and cross-hairs.

With that being said we’ve played and tested several such Steam Workshop CS:GO maps and have reduced those spectacular maps to the Top 5 best ones for a 1v1 experience. We judged the maps on how seamless they are, how they accentuate the CS:GO gun-play and their overall design quality. The Top 5 list of best 1v1 CS:GO maps are as follows:

  • 1v1 AIM Garage
  • 1v1 AIM by Prima
  • Aim_Long(Dust)
  • awp_retro_neon_v1
  • Aim Minecraft 1v1 by Gamzky

Keep reading for our elaboration on why we chose these specific maps and why they would be absolutely perfect for your next 1v1 PvP session.

1. 1v1 AIM Garage

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Compact and proficient. The 1v1 AIM Garage map in CS:GO is everything a Counter Strike player could want. It’s a map that pays homage to classic map layouts of previous games in the franchise while being an excellent location for players to test their own mettle.

One of the most brilliant facets of the map is the amount of options it provides you in a 1v1 match. The map is open to players reading their enemy’s movements and adjusting accordingly in order to gain the advantage. There are a myriad of boxes and spots that you can hide and take cover, while simultaneously there are open spaces and exploits to hunt down even the most pesky of foes.

This map is brilliant for any player that wants to demonstrate how they would dominate in a classical setting with no additional shenanigans and just a raw display of skill.

2. 1v1 AIM by Prima

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The 1v1 AIM by Prima map is extremely simplistic but an intensely fun map to play on. The best feature of this map is its clear design and open spaces, lending itself to constant gun-fights and engagements.

The map comes with a slew of guns such as AK-47 and M4s being scattered on the ground on both ends of the map. These can be picked up, fully loaded, and allow for you to engage in combat almost immediately.

The simplistic design gives good cover to players as well as an open space for you to be as innovative as you wish to be in approaching your enemy. This map is wonderful for anyone looking to just start a combat session without the worry of explaining or understanding how the map functions.

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3. Aim_Long(Dust)

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Aim_Long(Dust) is a wonderful map that is filled to the brim with dividers, walls and spaces to maneuver and outplay your opponent. The layout is absolutely spectacular and the selected mode for the map is set to Death Match. This is an amazing map for 1v1s, 2v2s and even 3v3s.

What’s particularly fun about this map is that with each round the gun that you have changes randomly. This makes for more interesting play especially in 1v1 scenarios since this way you don’t get stuck facing the same overpowered weapon or dominating easily using a favored weapon of your own.

Additionally, this map comes with many different shades. We personally like the Dust version the most, however, there are other versions such as Ancient, Winter, Dust Night and Nuke.

4. awp_retro_neon_v1

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Next up we have this absolutely gorgeous neon map. I mean the image says it all this map is a beauty to look at and a blast playing in. There is nothing better than rushing through the neon lights as you hunt down your enemy in a duel to the death.

This map comes with two essential modes Classic and Death Match. Beyond the neon colors and the pretty vistas it is a surprisingly well build map. It’s extremely balanced in its spawn locations and allows you to have ample space to maneuver as you wish.

We seriously recommend checking this map out. It gets regularly updated and the creators are super responsive. The weapon selection for the map is good, and it has other versions available with minor tweaks.

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5. Aim Minecraft 1v1 by Gamzky

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Finally, how could we end this Top 5 list without listing down a map inspired by MineCraft. The map features various cover and evasion features and has the distinct pleasure of having the MineCraft objects, materials, boxes and trees act as its cover or walls.

Both sides of the map start with an equal distribution of weapons such as rifles and Deagle. There are also visible ladders on both sides that you can use to get to the upper floor to attain that coveted high-ground. Of course being able to clearly see your opponent and shoot over obstacles is a massive advantage, which is what spices up the dynamics of this map considerably.

Quick thinking and good aim is what’s going to get you through this map. We highly recommend you check this map out if you like MineCraft and good gun-play.

That was our list for the Top 5 Best 1v1 Maps in CS:GO. We tried to include only as many as we thought perfectly met our criteria. However, we did leave many out. If you want us to include one of your favorites comment down below and let us know. Till next time! Ciao.