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Can You Play CS:GO Offline? Here’s How

Can You Play CS:GO Offline? Here’s How

CS:GO is one of the best competitive FPS games on the internet right now. Owning up to the popularity, CS:GO has constantly been delivering fantastic multiplayer features.

However, if you are a CS:GO player, you may have always wondered if it was playable offline whenever you were experiencing internet downtime.

So, Can You Play CSGO Offline? Yes, you can play some solo matches with intelligent BOTS or choose to play over LAN without connecting to the internet.

Read the article below to learn more about how to play CS:GO offline.

How To Play CS:GO Offline?

Even though CS:GO is known for its online multiplayer, you may still play the game without going “online.”

You can implement this offline game functionality in many situations, like over LAN parties (when players get together with enough computers to host a local area network game) or practicing with bots.

Here’s how you can play CS:GO offline.

Play CS:GO Offline With Bots

Playing with bots may seem like a boring thing and something you’d not like by the sounds of it. However, you should know that in previous updates, the CS:GO bots have received a significant intelligence update, and now the AI can move on its own and work through a strategy to rival you in the game.

Fact: The Bots in CS:GO Offline have become so intelligent over time that competitive players practice with them and have been recorded saying that parleying with bots has improved their game in multiplayer.

To practice with bots in CS:GO with no connection to the internet, follow these steps.

  • Start Steam in Offline Mode.
  • Now Launch CS:GO.
  • Select Practice With Bots on the upper left corner of the screen.
Bot Setup Screen in CSGO Offline
Step 3: Offline With Bots
  • Choose the Game Mode. (keep in mind that you won’t be able to play Danger Zone as it is only available online)
  • Choose the Desired Difficulty of the bots.
Bots Difficulty Screen in CSGO Offline
Step 5: Bot Difficulty
  • Start the game and have fun!

Play CS:GO Offline with Friends

Bots are no match for friends, and you will eventually get bored if you are planning to spend hours offline. Therefore, you can use CS:GO’s LAN feature to play with your friends on the same network.

All you need to do is to connect your friend’s computer to your network and host a game. However, ensure that CS:GO is installed on all the computers involved and has access through the Windows Firewall.

Here’s how to set up a LAN game on CS:GO.

  • Follow the procedures mentioned earlier to start a game with Bots.
  • After the game loads, open the console.
Console in CSGO
sv_lan 1 command usage in CS:GO console
  • Type the command “sv_lan 1” and press enter to create a server.
  • You can define the number of bots using the command “bot_quota.”
  • Now find the server’s IP Address by typing in the status command in the console. (your IP will look something like this:
IP Address of Server in CSGO
IP Address of CS:GO Server
  • Open the console on your friend’s computer and enter “connect <Your Server’s IP Address>”.

Now, your friends will be able to join you in the game, and the LAN party can begin with CS:GO offline.

Conclusion: CS:GO Offline

CS:GO can be played offline with bots and friends using the sv_lan command. These offline modes are great for spending your free time and improving your skills while at it.

Feel free to come back to this guide at any time in case you forget how to start CS:GO in offline mode.