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Can You Get Relegated In FIFA 23?

Can You Get Relegated In FIFA 23?

An aspect of Fifa that has been immensely requested since Fifa 22 is Relegation. It’s a spectacular feature that makes this football game far more immersive. And I can’t deny that relegation has scared me into performing better as well. So, can you get relegated to Fifa 23? This article will have all the answers you want.

Yes, you can get relegated to Fifa 23. In the career mode, if your character or club performs poorly then you can become relegated. In FIFA 23 FUT DIVISION RIVALS, unless you’re in the Elite Division, you can be relegated if you lose too many matches.

It can be quite difficult to find accurate information regarding the various relegation systems in Fifa 23. If you’re a competitive online Fifa player then the answer might vary for you. And if you’re just wanting to perform casually in the career mode then it will be different. Read on to find out more!

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Getting Relegated in Fifa 23

Fifa 23
Fifa 23

Fifa, and its latest entry Fifa 23, is one of the most popular sports videogames ever. The games have been pumped out by the EA Sports division for a very long time now. And have been massively successful, with millions of loyal fans and players around the world.

With each entry, the game has stepped further and further forward to become as realistic as possible. Relegation was one step in that direction. Although earlier titles did not have this feature, the later Fifa games specifically showcased the scary side of Career Mode by introducing Relegation.

In Relegation, if your team or if your player performed poorly then you would be either demoted down to a lower Division of competition (teams) or traded to a less successful club (players). This was an exciting new way for you to truly test out your football gaming prowess, by not only ensuring you rise the ranks but also avoid relegation.

But is Relegation still a thing in Fifa 23? Well, different answers are depending on which mode you ask about. The two main modes are the FUT Division Rivals and the Career Mode.

Career Mode

Relegation Letter Received in Career Mode
Relegation Letter Received in Career Mode

In the Career Mode for Fifa 23, you can either play as the Manager of a particular Football Club, or you can play as a player who enters the league by being accepted into a Football Club. In the game, if you continue to perform poorly as a Manager or player then you can be relegated to another weaker team.

I know it can be quite worrisome, and even downright unfair at times. But being relegated is the reality of the sport, and it adds a sense of realism not seen in such games before. Through the fear of relegation, your player and manager will be motivated to perform better and thus gain victories over the Career Mode.

In the game, if you’re not performing well for at least 2 Seasons then the game automatically sends in your contract Termination letters. Which is essentially you getting fired. Some teams are polite though, and they do say that you can come back to the Club as an honored guest.

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FUT Division Rivals

image 192
Fifa 23 – Divison Rivals

The FUT Division Rivals is a seasonal competitive online mode within Fifa 23. In this mode, you will be provided with a skill-driven ranking system that you can play both Solo or Co-Op. In this mode, there are ten divisions and an additional Elite Divison.

Other than the Elite Divison, which is meant for the best players in the world, all the other divisions consist of relegation. This means if you win or lose matches, you might go lower or higher on the Division ladder. This is important because of the following reasons:

  • Which Rank and Division you belong to dictate your Weekly rewards
  • Steps between your Ranks are called Stages
  • At certain Checkpoints, you won’t lose progress from your skill level.

What Affects Your Ranking?

There are a few important aspects of a match that determine your ranking:

  • Whether you Win a match
  • Whether you Draw the match
  • Whether you Lost the match
  • Whether you’re near or on a Checkpoint Divisional ranking.
  • Whether you’re Winning Consecutively

So, yes, you can be relegated to Fifa 23. In both career mode and the FUT Division Rivals, being relegated is a major part of the gaming experience.

However, in FUT Division Rivals, you also get checkpoints which means you will not be completely thrown out of your skill bracket if you lose a few extra games.