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Is The Institute Good In Fallout 4? What You Need To Know

Is The Institute Good In Fallout 4? What You Need To Know

Fallout 4 is a complex open-world RPG. It forces you to engage with the political machinations of several different and varied factions. The Institute is one such faction. Many wonders whether the Institute in Fallout 4 is good. We’re here to give you the answer to just that.

The Institute is not good. This is because they are one of the primary antagonists of Fallout 4. Moreover, to complete their faction questline, your character must completely wipe out factions: Brotherhood of steel and the Railroad.

The story and faction politics in Fallout 4 can be quite confusing. Especially if you’re jumping in for your first time. Luckily, we’ve got all you need to know about the Institute within this article. Read on to find out more!

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Is The Institute in Fallout 4 Good?

The Institute In Fallout 4
In-game screenshot of The Institute, Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, The Institute is a top-secret government facility that acts as the primary antagonist for the game. The Institute is the main reason for the conflict that occurs within the game. Your character, the Sole Survivor, is motivated by the kidnap and capture of your spouse and child by the Institute.

Because the Institute is not above murdering, capturing, and enslaving children and women to accomplish their ends. It is for this reason that we do not believe that they are an inherently good faction. Rather the Institute is perhaps one of the evilest organizations within the game.

They utilize their advanced technology for various nefarious purposes. Moreover, their highly scientifically advanced organization can create droids that can be indistinguishable from humans. It is unclear to us what purpose these droids serve in the greater plan of Fallout 4.

Major Reasons Why the Institute is Not Good?

Player Character at the Institute in the Institute
In-game Screenshot of the player character at the Institute

In general opinion, the institute is considered evil because of its selfishness. There are several other reasons why The Institute in Fallout 4 is not good.

Creation of the Synth

Synths in Fallout 4
Synths in Fallout 4

One of the main reasons why the Institute is not good is because they created the Synth. The Synth or Synthetic humans, or Androids, are bio-organic constructs. They were created by the Institute as a means to manage and control the population of Wasteland.

Perhaps one of the most problematic facets of the Institute is its insistence on using the Synth to frequently abduct and replace the residents of the Commonwealth. This is extremely aggressive. This means that the Institute is utilizing these AI-controlled robots in an attempt to infiltrate the only other human populace.

It is stated time and time again that the main reason for the Synth’s creation is that they have excellent abilities and technology to spy on and infiltrate the Commonwealth as a whole. This is why it’s part of their directive and a reason why people do not trust the Synth themselves.

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Treatment of Synths as Slaves

Synths at the Institution, Fallout 4
Synths at the Institution, Fallout 4

Another reason why people will not consider the Institute as a force for good in Fallout 4 is for their treatment of Generation 3 Synths. Unlike the Synths of previous generations, Generation 3 Synths have a capacity for sentience. As a result of this freedom of thought make attempts to escape the Institute.

Sadly, however, this is not something that the Institute allows. Throughout the game we see the Institute’s Synth Retention Bureau hunt down any Generation 3 Synths. Those that might have escaped from their facilities are brought back. The Synths are thus seen less as potential free-thinking beings and more akin to slaves.

One of the main facets in fact of the Railroad, another Faction in Fallout 4, is that they believe that the treatment of the Synths by the Institute is immoral. And that the Institute is committing a heinous crime by treating the Synths as they are throughout the game.

Kidnapping and Forced Experimentation

The Institution Kidnapping Player's Spouse
The Institution Kidnapping Player’s Spouse

To make matters worse, the Institute has a long and storied history of kidnapping and forcibly experimenting on people. This is morally reprehensible because the Institute does not shy away from doing this to even children.

The major reason why the game itself begins is that your family, the player character’s child, and spouse, are kidnapped by the Institute. This only goes to show how morally bankrupt the Institute is. And I can’t believe anyone would think otherwise regarding this issue.

Untrustworthy Behavior

Unlike the other factions in the game, the Institute is quite nefarious to deal with. Throughout Fallout 4 they behave in a shady and in untrustworthy manner. They frequently keep vital information from your character. And attempt to misguide you, the player, as often as they possibly can.

Additionally, they are constantly scheming and plotting, which makes them a very untrustworthy organization. These plots and schemes usually involve harming the lives of the people of the Commonwealth. Those survivors, scraping together a new life are hounded by the Institute’s evil intentions.

Finally, they are excessively secretive and paranoid, which makes it difficult to know what they are really up to. You are frequently kept in the dark and are not trusted by the Institute, even after you prove your loyalties. The Institute is not a good organization and is best avoided.

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Things To Consider Before Siding With A Faction In Fallout 4

There are a few things you should consider before siding with a faction in Fallout 4. 

What Are Their Goals?

Character Armor in Fallout 4
Character Armor in Fallout 4

This is going to be subjective for each of you that plays Fallout 4. However, it is important to recognize that which faction you choose heavily depends on what aims’ you have in the game itself. The game hosts a variety of things you can achieve. And choosing the correct path is all about knowing what path you want to follow.

So consider what your individual goals are in the game before making further decisions about siding with a particular faction.

What Is The Institute After in Fallout 4?

image 151
Meeting the Synth Strider

The Institute is one of the major factions in Fallout 4. This is why they will have many varied goals. Of which quite a few might conflict with your own depending on what you think you want to achieve.

One of the major goals that the Institute ascribes is gaining complete control over the Commonwealth. To this end, you will have to wrestle with the moral question of whether you wish to see the Commonwealth fall into the hands of the Institute. And whether that’s a better decision over providing them freedom.

Another unique goal of the Institute is the destruction of two other factions. The Railroads and the Brotherhood of Steel both stand in opposition to the Institute. Ultimately, you will be tasked with wiping out the entirety of the headquarters of both these major factions.

If you believe that these factions are those that you want to pursue, or that you wish to engage in their questlines. Then reconsider opting for the faction of the Institute. You will become the new Director of the Institute at the end of the questline as well.

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Considering The Other Factions

You must recognize that choosing one faction invariably makes your character unable to access the quests of others. In this case, the Institute is directly tied with the questlines of the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel.

If you aim to do any of their quest lines then you cannot ally yourself with the Institute’s faction. Similarly, if you wish to engage in the Institute’s questline then having completed several of the major quest lines from the Railroad or Brotherhood of Steel can become problematic for your character.

If your goal is to be a part of a faction that is good then the Institute quite clearly is not good at all. They are a nefarious organization and the primary antagonist of the game. Their Synth is the androids causing the most amount of harm in Fallout 4’s world. Generation 3 Synths are treated worse than slaves.

It is thus important to recognize that joining the Institute is a questionable moral decision. Roleplaying through Fallout 4 can be difficult, and requires forethought, especially when it comes to major factions and players that do not provide ample information regarding their true intentions and objectives.

The Institute is not a good place in Fallout 4 because of its questionable practices and selfishness towards the good of humanity. However, if you’re looking for a challenge, you can join another faction like the Minutemen, and fight against The Institute. 

Although, keep in mind that The Institute area is well-defended and the enemies are tough but the rewards are worth it.