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How To Repair Your Sword In The Witcher 3

How To Repair Your Sword In The Witcher 3

After nearly a decade, we finally got to enjoy The Witcher 3 remastered edition. Although it’s pretty much the same game, we can immerse ourselves in better visuals across the board along with a few hotfixes here and there that the Witcher 3 desperately needed.

To repair your sword in The Witcher 3, head over to a Blacksmith and talk to them. Open up the repair menu and select the item you want to repair. Now, select the item you want to repair and pay the fee and you’re done.

Diving back into the world of the Continent, players will likely need to figure out the ins and outs of the game once again. There always comes a point where Geralt exhausts his weapons and armor and you’ll need to repair them. So let’s figure it out.

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Witcher 3 Sword Repair

The game highlights damaged items with what appears to be a little red hammer. While Geralt can still wield his weapons in battle, their stats will no doubt be significantly worse.

To repair either weapons or armor in Witcher 3, you’ll need to head on over to either an armorer or a blacksmith. 

Alternatively, you can repair your weapons with the help of Repair Kits. You can come across loads of armorers and Blacksmiths in Witcher 3, particularly in the populated sections of cities and towns.

You can get your hands on Weapon Repair kits from armorers while blacksmiths will aid you in repairing your weaponry.

Repair Kits

There are multiple Weapon Repair Kits in Witcher 3 that improve your weapon’s durability stats.

Amateur’s Weapon Repair Kit

The Amateur’s Weapon Repair Kit adds 15% durability to the selected item. You can either purchase it or craft it using some materials.

The Amateur Weapon Repair Kit can be purchased from:

  • Eibhear Hattori in Novigrad
  • Bram over at White Orchard
  • The Quartermaster over at the Nilfgaardian Gaarison

Journeyman’s Weapon Repair Kit

If your weapon is bonked out of commission and you require a bit more durability to repair it, you’ll be set with the Journeyman’s Weapon Repair Kit which adds a whopping 40% durability. This particular repair kit can be crafted or purchased from the following merchants.

  • Eibhear Hattori’s forge found in Novigrad

Master’s Weapon Repair Kit

If your weapon is pretty much beaten to the point of no return, don’t worry. You can still repair it back to max durability with the Master’s Weapon Repair Kit, but use it as a last resort. It restores 90% durability. You can find the Master’s Weapon Repair Kit at the following vendors.

  • Eibhear Hattori’s forge found in Novigrad

Go Over to a Blacksmith

Witcher 3 heading over to the Blacksmith
  • While both methods seem to equally work well, you’re better off handing your weapon out to a Blacksmith. First of all, talk to a blacksmith or armor with any of the predisposed dialogue options. 
Witcher 3 talking to Blacksmith
  • Open up the repair menu by switching to the right. You’ll be greeted with a menu showing all the weapons and equipment in Geralt’s inventory.
Witcher 3 Repair menu
  • Select the damaged weapon and pay the required fee to reset the item’s durability to 100%. Normally, the red hammer icon appears when the durability of an item falls below 50%. At this stage, the damage output and various defensive stats of the weapon or the armor piece fall. One would expect a weapon or armor piece to break upon reaching 0% durability but it’s still useable albeit at a drastic reduction in stats.


And that pretty much wraps up everything you need to know to repair your sword or weapons in Witcher 3. There’s lots of stuff you might have forgotten about the game over the years. It might come back to you and if it doesn’t, Gamevoyagers’ got you covered!