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Can Zombies Climb Ladders In 7 Days to Die?

Can Zombies Climb Ladders In 7 Days to Die?

In the hit game, 7 Days to Die, you will encounter many different scenarios that you might not have thought of before. Having said that, there are also some things you might find difficult to wrap your head around.

All types of zombies can climb ladders to get to you in 7 Days to Die. Their speed of climbing is erratic. However, they generally are slower than players.

Depending on the kind of ladders you have on your base, it may also be possible for zombies to climb them. However, this does not mean you should discount the importance of ladders in your gaming life and avoid them.

Read on to learn more about how zombies can climb ladders in 7 Days to Die.

Zombies and Ladders in 7 Days To Die

The Zombie AI in the game is very intelligent and developed to track, trace, and kill humans in an efficient manner. All it needs is a trigger, and you will find it ripping through walls and doors, climbing up ladders, and chasing players all over the map.

However, you can devise different strategies to stop zombies from following you around in the game and set up traps or barriers accordingly.

Situations When Zombies Can & Cannot Climb A Ladder

Zombies cannot climb a ladder if other blocks are nearby and a ladder is not attached to any other object. For example, if the ladder is free-floating, they are unable to climb it unless they come directly from the front of the ladder.

The story is the same for all types of ladders, whether made up of blocks or simply a re-deployable ladder.

However, if the zombies are approaching from the side, and there are no objects behind the ladder, they seem to miss it and cannot climb it anymore.

How To Stop Zombies From Climbing Ladders

Zombies can easily be stopped from climbing ladders by placing a wooden board on top of the ladder or breaking the upper portion of the ladder in 7 Days to Die.

In the game’s latest patch, even Zombie Dogs can occasionally climb your ladder. So, you may have to be careful where you set up your base in the game and definitely take steps to block ladders.

Now, this does not necessarily mean that you have to avoid ladders in general. You can still set them up in a way that does not let any zombies climb them.

Alternatively, you can build up a ladder and remove it once you reach the top to stop zombies from climbing. 

Tip: Keep in mind that zombies coming from any angle other than the front of the ladder will not be able to climb it.

Is Zombies Climbing Ladders in 7 Days to Die a Glitch?

While there is no official confirmation from the development team, most players think this ability of the zombies to climb up a ladder from a certain angle when the ladder is free floating is a glitch.

However, it is known that zombies will always get to you using ladders stacked onto a solid surface and are, hence, not a glitch.

Types of Ladders and How Zombies Climb Them

There are two major types of ladders that 7 Days to Die players can form using reusable blocks. One is the standard ladder, and the other is a block ladder that is stacked until they include a ladder.

For players, both of these ladders work in the same way. However, the zombies are a bit limited with the block ladders as they often block them from climbing up in the vicinity of other objects without attachment to any solid blocks.

Remember that even blacked, the zombies may still try to climb the ladder and occasionally succeed no matter the type of ladder used. Therefore, taking the ladder with you or destroying it is recommended before thinking yourself safe from the hordes.

Conclusion: Zombies Climbing Ladders in 7 Days to Die

Now that you know how zombies climb up ladders starting from the A6 update of the game, you will have a better idea of defending yourself.

Always keep in mind to exercise caution while moving around zombie hordes, and try not to make any sounds, as the zombie AI will catch you effortlessly. 

Climbing up a ladder to reach rooftops might seem like a good idea, but know that zombies can climb as well, so either take down the ladder or place a block in the upper section to save yourself and get a headstart.