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5 Reasons Why Gatherer is Better Than Forester

5 Reasons Why Gatherer is Better Than Forester

Stardew Valley is one of the best role-playing simulation games to play in 2022 as it offers tons of fun to play in-game elements and a worthy multiplayer experience. Its most highlighting feature is that, unlike most games, it has no end.

Therefore, you can play the game for years and not get worried that you’re going to finish the game. (Trust us, we know this feeling!)

Foraging is a vital part of Stardew Valley, and as you progress, you may notice that your choice of profession will control much of the game.

So, which is the better profession? Gatherers and Foresters are only two of the many significant roles you can take up in the game after reaching level five. While both are highly popular, you can choose either based on your preference. 

Generally speaking, the Gatherer role has a better adoption rate for five primary reasons.

  1. It offers greater profits.
  2. It enjoys better perks.
  3. It finds items effortlessly.
  4. It costs less to be a Gatherer.
  5. It is more suitable in the long run.

If you’re still unclear why it’s better, read this article to learn about these roles.

Forester vs. Gatherer (Stardew Valley)

Before discussing why the gatherer profession is better for a regular player, we must precisely know each role’s perks.

Here’s a general introduction to these foraging professions in Stardew Valley.

Forester – The Wood Expert

The profession’s name is very clear about the job of a Forester. Usually, a forester will spend most of his time searching for wood and other valuable materials like Sap. Moving forward and toppling up this profession to level 10 will give you another choice of occupation.

Although this time, it will be more like a specialization in Forestry. These are,

  • LumberJack
  • Tapper
A lumberjack is a perfect upgrade if you want to increase the quantity and quality of wood you pick up by 25%.Tapper increases the profits from selling Saps and Syrups by 25% and is thus perfect if your goal is making more money.

Benefits of Being A Forester

image 59
Image Credits: The Centurion Report

There are quite a few benefits of being a forester, as you can easily pick up hardwood and won’t have to spend time wandering around and looking for its spawn points. You will be able to find it quickly and also increase your pick-up quantity up to 25%. 

Foresters are also exceptionally good at developing farms and generally earning more money in profits than any other profession in the game. The main reason is the abundance of trees, as updates are more manageable and cost less when most of your equipment is made of wood.

Speaking of which, you will need an ax to be a forester. 

Drawbacks of Being A Forester

As much as the profession is exciting, it certainly has some long-term defects. For example, your complete source of income depends on trees; even if they are in abundance, they might eventually run out and can even cut you short of money.

Another major drawback for a forester is the $550 repair & update tag on his ax. However, a forester may not be the wrong choice for a profession if your goal is making short-term and high profits.

Gatherer – The Mine Expert

Gatherer is the most chosen profession in the game, and rightfully so. The gatherer has several perks and tricks to make players fall in love with this profession. As a gatherer, you will be highly efficient in finding new items by mining and picking up more items in a go.

Like Forester, Gatherer also gives you two separate specializations.

  • Botanist
  • Tracker
A botanist can always find high-quality materials to sell and maximize profits each time they find something.Trackers can trace every material that may be trackable and come in handy, especially if you are new to the game.

Benefits of Being A Gatherer

As a gatherer, you will enjoy long-term benefits. You can make highly profitable trades as it has a constant supply of high-quality items that you can exchange for hefty amounts in a single transaction. All you need is a pickaxe to get started as a gatherer and work up to the specializations.

Drawbacks of Being A Gatherer

The only drawback to being a gatherer is that it is time-consuming. You will have to work very hard to be able to afford the first upgrades to the pickaxe. However, afterward, it is a piece of cake.

Reasons Why Gatherer Is A Better Profession

Gatherers can easily be regarded as an overall better profession for the following reasons.

Offers Greater Profits

You will have more options to earn money as a gatherer rather than a forester. This is because a gatherer has better profitability perks and constant access to high-quality materials that sell quickly for more.

Enjoys Better Perks

The Botanist and Tracker perks are better than Lumberjack and Tapper. Ultimately, easy tracking and better quality of the materials make Gatherer’s specializations far more desirable than Forester’s.

Finds Items Effortlessly

As a tracker, you will be able to find traceable materials efficiently and without effort. This saves time wandering around the game and constantly searching for spawn points.

Costs Less To Be a Gatherer

The repairs and updates for a Gatherer’s pickaxe work longer, and even though the price tag is high for the first time, it is relatively lower than a Forester’s ax when income streams are compared.

More Suitable in The Long Run

In the long run, you have a pretty secure potential as a gatherer. Because of valuable perks that excel in long-term usage, especially on higher levels, the profits generated using these perks make being a gatherer worthwhile. Therefore, the gatherer profession can easily be the best choice for a Stardew Valley player.


Conclusively, it is clear that the gatherer is better than the forester profession in the Stardew Valley game. However, both occupations are subject to the player’s ultimate goals and stage of the game. You can try both of these and choose to keep the one that best suits your needs.