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How To Repair Your Weapon In Monster Hunter: World

How To Repair Your Weapon In Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter is easily one of the most popular role-playing games in 2022 for console gamers. Ever since the game was released back in 2018, players have enjoyed its open-world excellent graphics and vivid imagery and simply cannot get enough of the game. 

However, as fun as the game appears, specific mechanics may be hard to master for players just getting started. Weapons are an essential part of the Monster Hunter World. Even if you have a legendary weapon may lose its blade after a few uses. 

The quickest way to repair your weapon in Monster Hunter is by grinding it on a whetstone. Therefore, it is necessary to carry a whetstone in your inventory to be able to fix and repair your weapons in Monster Hunter quickly.

Read on to learn more about the repair mechanism for weapons in the game.

When To Repair Your Weapons In Monster Hunter: World

There are around fourteen different weapons in the game, and even though they have varying durabilities, they all eventually break or get dull as you continue using them.

This section will elaborate on when you need to repair weapons in Monster Hunter: World. Keep the following things in mind when you are thinking of improving your weapon in the game.

Lesser Damage

The first sign of weapon repair is it inflicts lesser damage than it usually does. Since the weapon is constantly used, it usually wears off and you are left with a dull blade. This dull blade is why your weapon has dropped in the damage numbers.

Every weapon in the game has a tendency to induce lesser damage with each use and has to be re-sharpened before it can achieve its total efficiency again.

Orange Sharpness Indicator

Your weapon’s sharpness indicator is displayed on top of your screen, and it loses a bit every time you use it. Usually, it depletes quickly once the weapon is in the orange zone. So, it is an excellent time to repair your weapon when the indicator hits orange.

The Monster Hunter: World uses pre-defined metrics to indicate the current levels of damage that a weapon can give to your enemies in its current state. The detail of these metrics is given below.

  • White (1.3 times the damage) – Weapon In Pristine Condition
  • Green (1.1 times the damage) – Fairly Used Weapon
  • Yellow (1.0 times the damage) – Weapon after Normal Use
  • Orange (0.75 times the damage) – The weapon Is Damaged
  • Red (0.5 times the damage) – The weapon Is Critically Damaged

Repairing Weapons In Monster Hunter: World

Image Credits: How To Video Game (Guides & Gameplay) YouTube

The new metrics make it easy to repair weapons even during a fight. However, repairing a weapon in the middle of a monster fight is risky as you are left open to attacks, and the process is going to take a while.

Therefore, it is best to sharpen your weapon in a safe place where you are sure there is no danger nearby.

Now that you know when your weapons need sharpening in the game, here’s the process of sharpening and repairing the weapons in Monster Hunter: World.

You can repair your weapon simply by opening your inventory using the L1/LB button on your controller and navigating to the Whetstone while holding down the L1 button and pressing X or B.

When the Whetstone appears as the selected item, hold down the X button and let go of the L1 button. 

Your character will now start grinding the weapon’s blade on the whetstone, taking between 5-10 seconds to restore it to full capacity.

Other Ways To Repair Weapons In Monster Hunter: World

Smithy in MH: World

As the new metrics have arrived with the Monster Hunter: World game, you are now only required to carry a whetstone to repair your weapons, including hammers and dual blades.

Nevertheless, you can consider two other options to repair your weapons and increase their sharpness altogether.

Buying Weapon Upgrades

You can quickly increase the sharpness of your weapons by upgrading them from the Smithy Shop in exchange for monster parts. This will also help you attain the pristine conditions and have the weapon at that level for longer.

Attaining Sharpness Skills

These are one of the most sought-after skills in Monster Hunter: World by its players as they give them the ability to increase their weapon’s current condition to the next better state immediately.

For example, if you have a weapon with a sharpness gauge at Red, the sharpness skills will take it to the Orange level.


In the end, keep your weapon’s sharpness gauge in check and always carry a Whetstone in your inventory to support the weapon in case it gets dull. 

It would also be advised always to use the Whetstone in a safe place and not in fights unless it is indispensable, as it leaves you in a vulnerable position if a weapon repair is initiated in a fighting scenario.

Conclusively, you can use a whetstone to repair your weapons, stick to other ways like buying weapon upgrades from the smithy or attain some sharpness skills.