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Does the Dead Space Remake have Denuvo?

Does the Dead Space Remake have Denuvo?

The Dead Space Remake is the resurrection of a beloved survival horror franchise. It is bringing this 15-year-old game to a newer audience with the bells and whistles achieved by modern technology. However, not all tech used in the gaming industry is as welcomed by gamers as the rest, this includes the invasive DRM called Denuvo. So let us find out whether Dead Space Remake has Denuvo.

This software is the bane of existence for many PC gamers for a couple of reasons and some players might not even purchase a game infected by this.

Yes, sadly, Dead Space Remake has Denuvo. EA has implemented this software in the Dead Space Remake. Both the Steam and EA version of the game has this DRM in them. You can not outrun it!



Denuvo is an anti-cheat and anti-tampering software that comes packaged with many modern games. In a nutshell, it infiltrates the user’s system to analyze files and identify any software that could potentially tamper with the game and flags the user. Denuvo is commonly used by many AAA games and well-known developers/publishers.

We can all understand the need for this DRM software in gaming. It allows the developers and publishers to safeguard their property from being stolen i.e. pirated. It also stops potential players from applying cheats in the game which is quite rampant in online games.

Even though the intent of this software is acceptable, its implementation has been quite controversial in the gaming world. By accepting the terms of this software, the player gives the DRM software full access to their computer which is a breach of privacy, and if it’s given into the wrong hands then all hell could break lose.

The previous issue can be overlooked by many but the major problem that stems for a majority of the audience is that this software impacts the game’s performance as well. Some games do manage to optimize it effectively but there are reports of games functioning quite buggy and downright broken.

Many developers end up removing Denuvo altogether later on to address the performance problems. And for these reasons, a lot of gamers choose to wait and buy the game when it is removed.

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Does The Dead Space Remake Have Denuvo?

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Dead Space Remake had something mentioned on its Steam page that suggested that this game may not have Denuvo. Gamers everywhere rejoiced at this fact. This is especially potent considering Callisto Protocol, the much-awaited Dead Space clone, suffered massive performance issues from the implementation of Denuvo.

But sadly all good things must come to an end, the Dead Space page was updated again and Denuvo’s ugly face surfaced. So in easy words, Denuvo is present in the Dead Space Remake.

The Steam and EA version of the game is however separate. You do not need the EA client to play the Steam version of the game. But the Steam version has Denuvo while the EA version has EA DRM. Both of them are a menace.

If you are one of the players who give a lot of weightage to Denuvo’s presence in your buying process then we think you should wait for now. Research whether the game has any performance issue due to this software or wait it out until they remove it. We have no idea if and when EA decides to backroll this DRM so there is a chance you end up waiting for a long time.