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Who is Mrs. Downes in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Who is Mrs. Downes in Red Dead Redemption 2?

So, who is Mrs. Downes in Red Dead Redemption 2? And how does she tie in with the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the protagonist Arthur Morgan? You won’t find her in the main story but she makes some discreet appearances in a multi-part side quest where her role becomes increasingly prominent.

Mrs. Downes, the widow of the belated Thomas Downes makes multiple appearances in side quests and story missions in Red Dead Redemption 2. She delves into prostitution after the death of her husband.

This is a tale of redemption and one of the few moments where Arthur’s humanity begins to see the light of day. While a side quest, this story is consequential to Arthur’s demeanor and disease that follows through to the end of the game till his inevitable demise.

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Money Lending and Other Sins – III

Red Dead Redemption 2 Thomas Downes
Thomas Downes unintentionally coughs in Arthur’s face, resulting in a tuberculosis infection.

For financial needs, Thomas Downes procured a loan from the Van Der Linde Gang during the mission, Money Lending and Other Sins- III. Leopold Strauss sends you over to the humble abode of Thomas Downes where Arthur gives him a beat down, upon which Thomas coughs up blood on Arthur’s face unintentionally, putting off Arthur.

Edith Downes appears in the picture, reprimanding Arthur. Arthur contracts tuberculosis during the whole escapade. The Downes family repays Arthur. And Thomas’ Widow, Edith reminds him that Thomas died at Arthur’s hand which he brushes off and parts with the money.

Do Not Seek Absolution – I

Red Dead Redemption 2 Edith Downes
Arthur discovers Edith Downes offering services.

Do Not Seek Absolution requires High Honor to initiate. The mission is time-sensitive and can be easily missed. Arthur visits the Downes home upon which Edith Downes informs that her son is working in the Annesburg Mines where he is bullied by the other miners. Arthur teaches them a lesson and returns Archie back home.

Do Not Seek Absolution – II

Red Dead Redemption 2 Do Not Seek Absolution II
Arthur hands money to Edith Downes after rescuing her.

It becomes pretty apparent that Edith Downes is a prostitute by now. In Do Not Seek Absolution Part 2, Archie, worried for his mother reveals that she headed to Williard Rest to exchange services.

Players can either demand or ask her nicely to head back home. Arthur persuades the family to take his money and leave town, for which Archie thanks him. But it’s apparent that Arthur doesn’t want any form of appreciation.

It’s apparent from encounters in Story Missions such as Sodom, Back to Gomorrah? And Brothers and Sisters, One for All that Edith Downes continues prostitution, despite Archie and Arthur’s best efforts.


Mrs. Downes in Red Dead Redemption 2
Blackwater Ledger 75 is found in the Epilogue.

But and the end of it all, during the Epilogue, particularly in Blackwater Ledger 75, we’re given a glimpse of Edith and Archie boarding a ship at the Saint Dennis Harbor. At this point in time, they’re apparently financially better off than they previously were.