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How To Collect From The Core Infuser in Deep Rock Galactic

How To Collect From The Core Infuser in Deep Rock Galactic

Once you reach the end game in Deep Rock Galactic, one of the best methods to score weapon overclocks and cosmetics is through Machine Events. The Core Infuser used in these events won’t dish out these rewards if you are unprepared; hence your efforts will be lost. So let’s find out how to collect rewards from a Core Infuser in Deep Rock Galactic.

You need a Blank Matrix Core to collect your rewards from the Core Infuser. You can get these by completing Weekly Assignments and Deep Dives. Once the Machine Event is completed, interact with the Core Infuser with the Blank Matrix Core to get the choice of rewards. You can only choose one at a time.


If you’ve been wondering how to collect from the Core Infuser in Deep Rock Galactic, this is going to be the perfect guide for you.

Machine Events

Machine Events

To interact with the Core Infuser, you need to have the Tritilyte Key to begin the Machine Events. The Tritilyte Key is given after you have been promoted once with any of your Dwarf. This is a reusable key that is necessary to start Machine Events.

Machine Events is an endgame activity used to dispatch rewards like Weapon Overclocks, Cosmetics, and Mineral Containers. There is a random chance these events can spawn in any mission and biome. Depending on the mission length, the spawning chance can vary from 15% for one, 20% for two, and up to 35% with three-length missions.

There are 4 Machine Events in the game right now:

  • Ebonite Mutation
  • Kursite Infection
  • Omen Modular Exterminator (OMEN)
  • Tritilyte Crystal

A Core Infuser will spawn near the event, and it is where you will have to insert the Tritilyte Key to begin the event. Then you will have to press 4 buttons around the main event structure, which will start a 3 min timer.

Completing the event within this time will give a reward from the Core Infuser using a Blank Matrix Core (more on this below). If you don’t finish it in time, the event will fail, and the Core Infuser will be unusable meaning no reward.

Collecting From The Core Infuser – Blank Matrix Core

Blank Matrix Core - Deep Rock Galactic Core Infuser

As mentioned above, you need Blank Matrix Core to collect your reward from the Core Infuser at the end of the Machine Event. The Blank Matrix Core can be acquired by completing Deep Dive, Elite Deep Dive, and Weekly Assignments.

Deep Dive
Deep Dive
Weekly Assignments - Deep Rock Galactic
Weekly Assignments

After the event ends, each player in the team can place a Blank Matrix Core into the Core Infuser, where the Tritilyte Key that initiated the event was interserted. As a result, they will be presented with three reward choices: a random class Weapon Overclock or a random class Matrix Core Cosmetic.

However, they can only choose one reward. Regardless you choose a reward or not, the core will always be consumed so it is advised to get a reward even if it isn’t for your desired dwarf/weapon.


As a side note, if you complete the Machine Event and you don’t have a Blank Matrix Core on you then you won’t get the random selection of rewards. You will only be given credit and XP so not a total loss. Also, the Blank Matrix Core can be used by any Dwarf and not just the one you promoted.


Deep Rock Galactic Core Infuser

To make things easy to understand, let’s put all of this step by step:

  • Promote any Dwarf to unlock Tritilyte Key.
  • Complete Weekly Assignments and Deep Dive to get your hands on some Blank Matrix Cores.
  • Now start a mission and locate a Machine Event.
  • Insert the Tritilyte Key in the Core Infuser to begin the Machine Event.
  • Complete the event in the allotted 3 mins otherwise you will fail.
  • Once the event is completed, go to the Core Infuser and insert the Blank Matrix Core.
  • You’ll get a choice of 1 out of 3 rewards. Select the reward and viola you have collected from the Core Infuser.

The only thing needed to collect your reward from the Core Infuser in Deep Rock Galactic is the Blank Matrix Core.

They are easy to find by completing the weekly assignments and Deep Dives. After that, it is as easy as one two three. The difficulty won’t impact the reward or anything so you might as well start off at lower difficulty.