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How To Find Error Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic

How To Find Error Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic

Your hands will be covered in dust from all the mining you have to do in Deep Rock Galactic for those many precious materials. Amongst the regular ores strewn about in Deep Rock Galactic is the valuable yet mysterious Error Cube. What are Error Cubes, and how can you find them in Deep Rock Galactic? Let’s find out.

The Error Cube or “ERR://23¤Y%/” in Deep Rock Galactic isn’t used in any sort of crafting like other resources in the game, but it does reward 4000 XP when you mine it. It can be found by mining pink-flashing crystal deposits. However, it has only a 1 in 26 chance of appearing in a mission, making it extremely rare.


Let’s take a look at this informative guide and learn more about the mysterious Error Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic and how to find them.

What are Error Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic

Error Cube in Deep Rock Galactic

The ERR://23¤Y%/ or more commonly known as Error Cube is one of the rarest resources you can find in Deep Rock Galactic. It looks like a black Rubik’s cube.

It functions as a regular resource whereby it can be deposited into M.U.L.E but it doesn’t have any effect (as of yet).

This cube won’t be used for any upgrades or Accessory shop purchases nor can it be utilized in Mineral Trade. It will appear in your stash of minerals and is currently regarded as a collector’s item/Easter Egg and nothing more. It does, however, reward the player 4000 XP making it the highest-value resource in this case.

The game’s files refer to this cube as a “Precursor Artifact” and the developers have also hinted that these cubes are connected to the lore of the game. Maybe their significance will be evident later on in an update.

How To Find an Error Cube?

Error Cube deposits in Deep Rock Galactic

Error Cubes can occur in any Planetary Region and Mission Type. There is no special place to look for, sadly. What makes matters worse when searching for this mysterious resource is the fact that there is only 1 in 26 i.e. 3.84% chance of it appearing in a mission. This is extremely low, and your luck needs to be on point in order to run into this cube.


Although if it does appear in your mission, there is a way of identifying its presence. The area where the cube might appear will have large gray spikes with a purple/pink pulsing effect protruding from the wall (as seen in the picture above).

You have to keep your eyes peeled since there are other resources in the game with similar effects. You can very easily miss out on this.

Once you see this rock formation, take out the pickaxe and get to work. With a bit of hacking at the wall and a bit of luck, surely you will find this weird artifact. If you happen to find and collect five of them over, you’ll also get an achievement for it.

The Error Cube is essentially a useless item in Deep Rock Galactic and has no substantial value in terms of upgrading.

Their only value is the XP they reward and the bragging right of getting this rare item in the game. There is no specific location of their occurrence. It all boils down to your luck and a sharp eye.