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Does Item Level Matter in Last Epoch?

Does Item Level Matter in Last Epoch?

As you march through Last Epoch, taking down hordes upon hordes of enemies, you’ll soon realize you are swimming in a sea of items. This not only takes up valuable inventory space but also, some of them are not worth it in the grand scheme of things. So which ones do you throw? Does the item level matter in Last Epoch? Let’s find out!


This informative article will discuss whether item level matters in Last Epoch or not and what stats really matter while choosing items.

Item/Gear Level in Last Epoch

Item/Gear Level in Last Epoch

As soon as you begin your adventures in Last Epoch, the loot overload of an ARPG will start to rear its ugly head. At first, you will be fine looking out for the best armor you can get your hands on.

At the early stages in Last Epoch, the only thing that will matter to you, which is fine for now, is the item level (the level requirement seen in the bottom right corner of an item).

This level is somewhat indicative of the item’s potential power. This and the item’s rarity will dictate your decision to equip them or not. However, this is not the right to discuss this matter since an ARPG really truly begins once you reach the end game.

From this point and at higher levels of around level 70 to 80, item levels will start to make less sense, and other more important concerns will come into play.

What Really Matters When Choosing An Item?

Other stats Last Epoch

When you reach higher levels, you will now have to work towards making a viable and potent build to tackle the horrors of the end game.

The difficulty gets exceedingly more challenging and thus a build with synergetic parts has to come together to stand the hardship ahead.

The things that will actually start mattering replacing the items levels in Last Epoch are:

  • Implicit: The gear’s base stats. For example, a Katana will always have Melee Damage and Critical Multiplier.
  • Damage Affixes/Prefixes: The other stats (below the Implicits) that dictate the damage output. From them, the best stats to look out for are listed below:
    • Flat Damage Number (Priority compared to % Damage Increased)
    • % Damage Increased
    • Skill Specific Affix. Depending on your class and skill choice, stats that boost the skill specific to your class are extremely important.
    • Class Specific Affix.
    • Critical Chance
    • Critical Multiplier
    • Resistances. Make sure to wear gear that will keep all your Resistances at around 75%.
    • Critical Stike Avoidance (Keep it above 100%)
  • Health Affixes/Prefixes. Stats that will boost your overall HP in turn increasing your survivability. This is one of the most important stat to cater to. Here are some to look out for:
    • Flat Health Number
    • % Increased Health (Priority compared to the Flat Health Number)
    • Hybrid – Flat Health Number + % Increased Health (The best Health Stat)
    • % of Damage Leeched as Health
  • Additional Defenses:
    • Armor: This stat is crucial for any class and build so prioritize it.
    • Below are all the stats that are class or build-specific. A Rogue might benefit from more Dodge Chance and a Mage might make use of Ward more.
      • Block
      • Dodge
      • Ward
    • Endurance and Endurance Threshold
    • Chance To receive a Glancing Blow
    • Damage Reduction (Highly Important)
    • % Increased Movement Speed
    • Main Stats. The base stats that help your class or build scale off of it. This is very much dependent on the class. These include:
      • Strength
      • Vitality
      • Dexterity
      • Intelligence
      • Attunement
    • Mana Regeneration (Build Specific)
    • Cooldown Recovery (Build Specific)

As it is abundantly clear from the entire article, item levels have little value beyond a certain point in Last Epoch. From the list we have so meticulously put together, you now know what are the things that really matter in the game and what stats you should keep a watchful eye on.