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Do Aspects Carry Over in Diablo 4?

Do Aspects Carry Over in Diablo 4?

The hallmark of any ARPG, but especially the Diablo franchise, is creating multiple characters. However, no one wants to do the same grind for basic Aspects all over again for every character in Diablo 4. So you might be wondering, do Aspects carry over in Diablo 4? Let’s find out!

Any Aspect added to your Codex of Power will be available to use on all of your characters. Regardless of which character or class you use to complete a dungeon. Every character you own will have access to the Aspects.


If you wanna learn more about Aspects in Diablo 4, and how it influences the other characters that you’ll eventually play then keep reading!

Can Alt Characters Use Aspects in Diablo 4?

Alternative Characters - Diablo 4

Aspects are Legendary powers that you manually add to non-Legendary gear. Each Aspect modifies existing abilities or provides a powerful buff. These effects unlock for your character when you reach level 25 and obtain the Codex of Power, which is earned by completing dungeons.

The best thing, however, is that by adding Aspects to your Codex of Power they become available for all of your characters to use.

It doesn’t matter then which class obtains the Aspect, since you can always share that particular Aspect with another character.


You can also extract power from Legendary items that are dropped by bosses or chests. You can do this extraction at the Occultist, which can be found at any of the major towns in the game.

Extracting will destroy that particular piece of gear though, so make sure that piece isn’t one that you will need later.

There are several Aspects in Diablo 4 that can jump-start a new character. We won’t spoil that process of discovery for you here. But you can add these Legendary powers to items found while playing another class to gain a massive headstart. Just the way we like it.

How to Imprint Aspects Into Your Gear?

Imprinting Aspects - Diablo 4

You must visit the Occultist in any major city in Diablo 4. Click on the Occultist and gain access to the Occultist’s Menu. This will initiate the process of Imprinting an Aspect.

  1. From your inventory, select the gear you want to enhance with an Aspect.
  2. Pick an Aspect from either your Codex of Power or inventory.
  3. Click on the “Imprint Aspect” button located at the bottom of the menu to apply the chosen Aspect.
  4. Keep in mind that imprinting an Aspect requires both gold and Veiled Crystals.

Note: Veiled Crystals can be obtained by salvaging rare weapons and armor.


By following these steps, you can easily add Aspects to your gear in Diablo 4. Just remember to have the necessary resources, including gold and Veiled Crystals, to complete the process.

How to Extract Aspects From Your Gear?

Extracting Aspects - Diablo 4

Similar to the process of Imprinting, to Extract an Aspect you must visit the Occultist in any major city in Diablo 4. Click on the Occultist and gain access to the Occultist’s Menu. This will initiate the process of Extracting an Aspect.

  1. Open the left-hand menu and navigate to the second tab.
  2. Locate the Legendary item in your inventory from which you want to extract an Aspect.
  3. Preview the new item to confirm that the desired Aspect will be obtained.
  4. At the bottom of the menu, click on the “Extract Aspect” button.
  5. Keep in mind that extracting an Aspect from an item will result in its destruction.
  6. Unlike the imprinting process, extracting an Aspect only requires gold as a cost.

By following these steps, you can successfully extract Aspects from Legendary items in Diablo 4 and they can carry over. Remember to have a suitable replacement item available and the necessary gold to carry out the extraction.

Aspects in Diablo 4 carry over to other characters. Regardless of which character obtains an Aspect, all of your characters can gain benefit from it. Imprint and Extract Aspects from your gear regularly to min-max the potential of your build. And raise some hell against the agents of Lilith.