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Can Minecraft Zombies Break Glass?

Can Minecraft Zombies Break Glass?

Minecraft is chock-full of opportunities to build the land or home of your dreams and be on the same page; the threats to ruin this dream are always looming large in the shape of mobs out to get you, especially in Survival mode.

The game is filled with many enemies, each serving a particular type of damage, saving yourself and your asset is all that matters. You wouldn’t want your painstakingly made creation to be ruined by pesky enemies.


Speaking of creation, many players like to build houses out of glass for the visual beauty and the fact you can watch for threats strutting about. And many such builders have a common question: “Can Zombies destroy glass?”.

The short and sweet answer to this question is NO, zombies can not break glass.

Zombies Break Glass


Glass blocks have some of the lowest hardness and are generally fragile blocks compared to others. This frailty has led players to drop the idea of making their dream house made up of glass in survival mode, only to be devoured and destroyed by a normal zombie mob.

According to Wikis, glass has the worst rating in blast resistance, and thus, the only threat to your see-through home are enemies that deal explosive damage. Only two enemies deal such damage; the Creeper blows up when they are near you, and the Ghast fire explosive projectiles.


Even with the destroying power, these enemies are not prone to destroying your house as a glass wall somehow hinders their line of sight, and they are de-aggroed.

This particular property of glass is beneficial, and in testing, we placed a high enough wall between a zombie and us; at first, he didn’t notice us at such a close distance from a single glass sheet wall. When we poked at it from a different, not glass-covered area, it got aggroed and punched the glass wall, which held its ground and didn’t break.

If a horde of zombies chases you and enters your glass protection, you will likely escape their aggression and be safe. So use this to your advantage.

Glass, though, is weak zombies can not break it, and thus you can build any glass structure you would like without worry. Zombies can sometimes hurt you through the glass depending on where you and the zombie are standing and the glass’s thickness, but that’s super rare.