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Why Can’t You Summon Wolves in Elden Ring?

Why Can’t You Summon Wolves in Elden Ring?

Summoning in Elden Ring makes the game a million times easier. If you are struggling with a boss or just want to get through an annoying area with all the enemies going after you, summon some spirits to help you. Some people have trouble with summoning, especially when it is an area that they don’t like.

You can’t summon wolves or other spirits because the area does not allow you to do so. You can only summon spirits if you are near a Rebirth Monument. Rebirth Monuments are stone obelisks found at many Points of Interest and almost every boss arena.


Remember that you will need the Wolf spirit ashes, which we will tell you how to get in this article. If you can’t summon any spirits, you must get the Spirit Calling Bell before you can actively summon anything.

How to summon wolves in Elden Ring?

First, you are going to need a Spirit Calling Bell. Once you get Torrent from Melina, you will want to head back to the Church of Ellah in Limgrave. Once there, Renna will give you the bell, and you can summon any spirit as long as you meet their requirements.

Second, you will want to equip the Lone Wolf Spirit Ashes into any equipment slot you want. You get Spirit Ashes from Renna along with the bell, so don’t worry about finding one. All you have to do now is go near a Rebirth Monument and activate the ashes. The wolves will spawn and help you fight the nearest enemy.

Why is summoning important?

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Summoning is an extremely important and one of the newest additions to the FromSoft formula. It allows inexperienced players new to this type of game to have some help fighting against enemies. It helps take some of the weight off of you and puts it onto the ashes. If you are having trouble with a boss, throw some spirits at them, making the fight easier.


Summoning uses up your FP, so make sure to put some attribute points into Mind so you can use higher-leveled spirits later on. Some legendary spirits besides wolves do some insane damage to certain bosses. If you use Miracles, some can also boost your damage with spirits.

If you need to get past enemies without defeating them, throw some spirits at them and distract them. It is an extremely useful tool for both new players and veterans. You can get a Mimic Tear later on that duplicates yourself, making the game a million times easier. If you need help and don’t want to summon a real person, use some spirits, and you will be all good.