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8 Best Armor Sets In Starfield And How to Get Them

8 Best Armor Sets In Starfield And How to Get Them

In this guide, we’ll dive into the Top 8 armor sets in Starfield, each offering unique benefits and attributes. We’ll also guide you through the step-by-step process to obtain these invaluable suits, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your journey among the stars.

The Peacemaker set combines impressive defensive stats perfect for combat enthusiasts. The Mark 1 armor stands out for its early-game physical, energy, and electromagnetic resistance and The Mercury Spacesuit, available later in the campaign, blends protection and unique attributes.


Let’s dive right into this guide and explore which armor set and spacesuit combination is best for you and how you can get the most out of them.

Peacemaker Set

Peacemaker armor Set

The Peacemaker armor set stands out as the ultimate choice for combat aficionados. With a perfect blend of impressive defensive statistics and an enticing 10% boost to rifle damage, this set is a game-changer for those who prefer to solve problems with firepower.

Armor PieceStatsMisc Stats
Peacemaker SpacesuitPHYS: 121Thermal: 10
ENGY: 125Airborne: 20
EM: 81Corrosive: 0
Radiation: 30
Peacemaker HelmetPHYS: 32Thermal: 10
ENGY: 40Airborne: 0
EM: 36Corrosive: 20
Radiation: 0
Peacemaker PackPHYS: 52Thermal: 0
(Basic Boostpack)ENGY: 68Airborne: 10
EM: 60Corrosive: 20
Radiation: 0

Obtaining the Peacemaker Armor is no walk in the cosmic park, but the rewards are worth it.

How To Acquire the Peacemaker Armor

  1. Initiate the Peacemaker Questline: Start the quest by getting to the Elios retreat area.
  2. Complete the Quests: Embark on a thrilling adventure by completing the four quests associated with the Peacemaker questline.
  3. Visit Akila City: After successfully conquering these challenges, head to Akila City to converse with the retreat’s donor.
  4. Seize Your Reward: Reap the benefits of your courageous endeavors with the Peacemaker armor set and the Peacemaker weapon. Embrace the heightened defense and firepower as you progress through your cosmic adventure.

Bounty Hunter Set

Bounty Hunter Armor

If you’re in search of versatility and toughness, the Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit represents the perfect selection. This armor boasts remarkable statistics, positioning it as one of the most well-rounded spacesuits accessible during the early stages of the game.

StatsMisc Stats
PHYS: 128Corrosive: 15
ENGY: 132Airborne: 15
EM: 136Radiation: 15
Thermal: 15

Obtaining the Bounty Hunter Armor can be achieved through various methods, each with its pros and cons.

How to Acquire the Bounty Hunter Armor

  1. Loot from Enemies: The most common method to acquire pieces of the Bounty Hunter Armor is by looting them off random enemies. Be prepared for some cosmic combat, as enemy drops are entirely random.
  2. The Mantis Quest: As you engage in the pursuit of bounty hunter armor, you might stumble upon “The Mantis” quest. Follow this storyline, and it will lead you to the Mantis Lair, where you can obtain the bounty hunter spacesuit from a metallic briefcase next to a cot.
  3. Visit The Key: “The Key” serves as the headquarters for the Crimson Fleet faction in Starfield. To access shops selling the Bounty Hunter Armor, you’ll need to join the Crimson Fleet faction.

Mark 1 Armor Set

Mark 1 Armor set

The Mark 1 Spacesuit stands out in Starfield as one of the most exceptional choices for early-game protection, offering top-tier resistance against physical, energy, and electromagnetic damage. Its unique appearance and formidable defensive attributes render it a highly coveted option for thrill-seekers and explorers.

Armor PieceStats
Mark 1 SpacesuitPHYS: 120, ENGY: 136, EM: 128
Thermal: 20, Corrosive: 30, Radiation: 10
Mark 1 Space HelmetPHYS: 66, ENGY: 64, EM: 68
Thermal: 20, Airborne: 5, Corrosive: 5, Radiation: 0
Mark 1 PackPHYS: 66, ENGY: 64, EM: 68
(Basic Boostpack)Thermal: 20, Airborne: 5, Corrosive: 5, Radiation: 0

How to Acquire the Mark 1 Armor

Acquiring the Mark 1 Spacesuit involves some steps, but the reward is well worth the effort.

Requirements to Get the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield

1. Complete the Main Quest “One Small Step: First, you must complete the main story quest “One Small Step” to obtain the Lodge Key.

2. Master Lockpick Skill: To access the Mark 1 Spacesuit, you’ll need a Security skill at Rank 3 and plenty of Digipicks.

Steps to Aquire the Mark 1 Spacesuit (Slow)

  1. Open the Lodge Basement: Utilize the Lodge Key to unlock the basement door situated beneath the staircase at the entrance of the Lodge.
  2. Discover the Mannequin Display: Within the workshop in the Lodge basement, identify the mannequin display securely locked by a master key.
  3. Obtain the Armor: Employ your Lockpicking expertise and Digipicks to unseal the display case, securing the Mark 1 Spacesuit, along with its corresponding Mark 1 Space Helmet and Mark 1 Pack.

This advanced early-game armor will provide exceptional protection as you navigate the perils of Starfield.

Getting the Mark 1 Spacesuit (Fast)

For those eager to acquire the Mark 1 Spacesuit early in the game, there’s a clever trick to bypass the lockpicking requirement.

  1. Obtain the Lodge Key: As soon as you complete the “One Small Step” quest and acquire the Lodge Key, head to the Lodge basement.
  2. Use FPV Mode: Enter FPV (first-person view) and look at the door (especially focus on the center of the lock) 
  3. Access the Mannequin: Shift your reticle vertically within the opening, oscillating it until it gets over the mannequin’s arm, which will trigger the pop-up to appear.
  4. Claim Your Armor: Examine the mannequin and take the following:
  • Mark 1 Spacesuit
  • Mark 1 Space Helmet
  • Mark 1 Pack. 

Finally, enjoy your Mark 1 set and prepare for a smoother journey through the cosmos.

Experimental Nishina Set

For those who value both style and substance, the Experimental Nishina Spacesuit is a solid choice. While its appearance may not appeal to everyone, its remarkable stats make it a formidable choice for spacefaring adventurers.

StatsMisc Stats
PHYS: 89Corrosive: 30
ENGY: 121Airborne: 0
EM: 105Radiation: 15
Thermal: 15

How to Acquire the Experimental Nishina Set

To acquire the Experimental Nishina Spacesuit, you must progress through the Starfield campaign until you reach the pivotal “Entangled” mission. Here are the steps to follow to get the Experimental Nishina Spacesuit in Starfield:

  1. Initiate the “Entangled” Mission: As part of the main storyline, you will encounter the “Entangled” mission. This mission deals with a multiversal breakdown, where two versions of the universe attempt to coexist in the same physical space.
  2. Decide with Director Patel: During the course of the mission, you will face a critical decision. To obtain the Experimental Nishina Spacesuit, side with Director Patel’s perspective to ensure the continuity of the “prime” universe.
  3. Complete the Mission: Successfully complete the “Entangled” mission, which involves navigating between two universes and resolving the crisis. The mission is intricate and captivating, so take your time to savor the experience.

Starborn Set

The Starborn Spacesuit is a testament to your skills and progress in Starfield. As you embark on new game-plus journeys, you’ll unlock increasingly powerful versions of this set, each marked with its unique name.

VALUE:51,670 CR

More armors in the Starborn Set (New Game Plus)

  • Materia: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 2
  • Locus: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 3
  • Tenebris: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 4
  • Solis: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 5
  • Gravitas: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 6
  • Bellum: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 7
  • Tempus: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 8
  • Avitus: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 9
  • Venator: To Unlock this get to New Game Plus 10

How to Acquire the Starborn Set 

The Starborn Spacesuit and its subsequent upgrades are automatically available in your inventory as you start new-game plus cycles. There’s no need to visit specific locations or NPCs to acquire them.

Mercury Set


The Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield offers a unique blend of protection and stats. While it becomes available later in the campaign, its resilience and special attributes make it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

PHYS: 9292
ENGY: 100100
EM: 2525
Radiation: 2525

How to Acquire the Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield

To obtain the Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield, follow these steps:

Completing the Unearthed Mission

  1. Progress Through the Campaign: Continue playing through the Starfield campaign until you reach the “Unearthed” mission.
  2. Receive the Moon Base Key: During the mission, you will meet Hunter and Emissary Starborn on their ship. They will provide you with the Moon Base Key, which is essential for your next steps.
  3. Visit the NASA Landmark on Earth: After completing an objective within the Nova Galactic Base on the Moon, a marker for the NASA Landmark on Earth will appear on your map. Travel to Earth and locate the site, which is situated in Florida.
  4. Explore the Earth Wasteland: Earth, in the game, has transformed into a barren wasteland. As you explore, you’ll come across a towering structure and the remnants of a spacecraft. Head towards the large gallery area.
  5. Retrieve the Spacesuit: In the gallery area, examine the display case that contains the Mercury Spacesuit. Claim it to add this unique armor to your inventory.

Mantis Set


The Mantis Set is the crown jewel of early-game armor in Starfield. Its remarkable defensive stats are more than adequate for navigating the cosmos, but what truly sets it apart are the three random modifiers on each armor piece. These modifiers have the potential to transform your playstyle and build in profound ways.

Mantis Spacesuit:


Mantis Helmet:


Mantis Pack (Basic Boostpack):


How to Acquire the Mantis Armor in Starfield

Acquiring the coveted Mantis Armor in Starfield requires completing the “MANTIS” side quest. Your reward for this arduous task is the Mantis Set. Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtaining it:

  1. Initiate the “MANTIS” Side Quest: Your journey to obtain the Mantis Armor begins with the “MANTIS” side quest. You can embark on this quest by finding and interacting with the “Secret Outpost” datapad.
  2. Explore the Mantis Lair: As you delve deeper into the quest, you’ll be led to the Mantis Lair. You will have to go to the Denebola I-B planet within the Denebola system to get here.
  3. Navigate the Lair: Inside the Mantis Lair, you’ll encounter high-level enemies, challenging puzzles, and a captivating storyline. Here are some key points to keep in mind:
  4. Audio Journals: Throughout the lair, you’ll discover audio journals that unveil the enigmatic history of the Mantis. Listening to these journals adds depth to the game’s lore.
  5. Interacting with Livvey: You’ll encounter an NPC named Livvey. Your choices regarding him will influence your journey. You can enlist his help to disarm traps, advise him to leave for safety or take a more aggressive approach.
  6. Gather Resources: While exploring the lair, scavenge diligently for materials and items. These resources become crucial as you progress towards the final area of the lair.
  7. Solve the Mantis Puzzle: The climax of the quest lies in solving the intricate Mantis puzzle. Failure to decipher the puzzle correctly will activate a deadly turret trap.

How to Solve the Mantis Puzzle

You can follow our guide to complete the puzzle without getting trapped in it, the steps are as follows:

  • Step on the lettered platforms in the following order: T (3rd button), Y (1st button), R (5th button), A (6th button), N (4th button), N (7th button), I (2nd button), S (3rd button).

After safely crossing the puzzle, eliminate any remaining turrets before proceeding to the living quarters of the Mantis. 

Mantis Quest Rewards & Legendary Ship

Upon completing the Mantis quest and mastering the puzzle, you’ll be rewarded with an array of legendary items, including the following:

  • Legendary Mantis Spacesuit
  • Mantis Pack
  • Mantis Space Helmet
  • Legendary Razorleaf Class A Spaceship
  • These legendary items surpass early-game gear by a wide margin, providing durability and power to carry you through the initial 50 hours of your Starfield adventure.

Gran-Gran’s Armor Set

Gran-Gran’s Armor Set is a special and exclusive set that can be acquired by choosing the “Kid Stuff” trait during the initial setup of your game. It’s a unique set with its own storyline and rewards.

Gran-Gran’s Armor Set is a versatile set suitable for early and mid-game stages. It provides robust protection and comes with valuable stat enhancements and bonus features. Here’s a breakdown of the individual pieces and their stats:

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit:

Value6,858 credits
ModPocketed (Increases carrying capacity)

Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet

Value1,644 credits
ModSensory Array (Increases the range of enemy detection on the Compass)

How to Acquire Gran-Gran’s Armor Set

To acquire the Gran-Gran’s Armor Set in Starfield, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the “Kid Stuff” Trait: During the character creation process at the beginning of your game, make sure to select the “Kid Stuff” trait. This trait allows you to regularly visit your parents and receive various items.
  2. Progress Through the Main Storyline: As you progress through the main storyline of Starfield, you will receive notifications or notes indicating that your parents want to see you. These notifications will guide you to their location.
  3. Visit Your Parents: Make these visits to your parents in the game. You will get the armor as a reward on the 3rd visit. Ensure that you have the “Kid Stuff” trait when you receive this reward.

In the vast reaches of Starfield, where danger lurks around every corner, your choice of armor can mean the difference between life and oblivion.

The Peacemaker, Bounty Hunter, Mark 1, Experimental Nishina, Starborn, Mercury, Mantis, and Gran-Gran’s armor sets each offer unique advantages and protection for your adventures. By following our guide, you’ll not only survive but thrive among the stars. 

Stay tuned for more guides to enhance your Starfield experience. Bookmark us to keep checking other games and tech guides!