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Do Trees Grow Back in Palworld?

Do Trees Grow Back in Palworld?

As you start working towards meaningful upgrades in Palworld, you’ll soon realize this game demands increasingly more wood. But there is a fear of running out of wood when you need it the most. Do trees never grow back in Palworld, forcing you to run around the Palpagos Island, completely deforesting the whole map to feed your industrious needs?


Yes, trees in Palworld of all kinds do re-grow from the same spot you removed them from. Much like every other gatherable object in the game, trees grow back in a day. To be more precise, it takes a whole day or 24 hours for trees to regrow.

Farming for Wood in Palworld

Trees in Palworld

As soon as you set foot in Palworld, you’ll discover the importance of crafting materials as the game bombards you with all manner of building tutorials. Most of these items, including trees/wood, are categorized as Gatherable Objects in the game.

Trees are a necessary source to keep the wood flowing for your production sustainability. This natural resource can be found all over the map growing naturally. You need to constantly look for trees while progressing leading you to small patches of trees and even huge forests full of them.

Logging Site Palworld

Another way to get yourself a renewable tree source is after reaching Technology Tier 7 and investing 2 Technology Points to unlock Logging Sites. You can build these sites inside your base.

This structure will endlessly sprout trees and with the help of Pals with Lumbering Skill, the wood production will never stop. Having multiple Logging Sites will keep you topped up and you won’t have to venture out of your base for lumber.

On a side note, if a tree’s placement is bothering you or messing up your base design, you can simply build on top of their growing spot and they will stop popping up.

However, trees (both naturally occurring and Logging Sites) won’t magically spring up after you cut them down. Just like in the real world, you will have to wait for them to grow back.

Do Trees Grow Back in Palworld?

Don’t expect to see a whole lifecycle, trees will pop in as soon as the 24-hour timer runs out. This is the default world setting of the game. Keeping this in mind, you can speed up or delay the growing process with a bit of tinkering in the settings.

Gatherable Objects respawn interval Palworld

If you want to play on a map where tree growth is either sped up or slowed down then head to the World Settings menu and look for Gatherable Objects respawn interval option. By default, the slider will have a value set at “1”. This value means the number of days it takes for such objects, i.e., trees, to grow back.

You can change this number to anything between 0.5 days to 3 days. If you want to make things speedier then change this value to 0.5 days and the trees will sprout back twice within a day.

On the other hand, if you want to make things more challenging then setting the value to 3 will postpone tree growth to the third day after they are cut. Use this setting as you see fit.