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Ultimate Guide To Starfield (20 Tips and Tricks)

Ultimate Guide To Starfield (20 Tips and Tricks)

Starfield’s scope is gargantuan, to say the least. There is a myriad of things to do and adventures to embark upon. Bethesda has gone out of its way to make this a true near-infinite space experience. In this highly detailed ultimate guide, we will try to condense everything that is under the hood of this massive RPG.

Starfield is filled to the brim with RPG-esque content. The new galactic setting paired with Bethesda’s expertise in building an expansive world truly shines through this game’s every nook and cranny.

If you have been a fan of their particular vision then you will be very happy with the overall package. For others, it is just another Bethesda RPG with no personality of its own. You are the judge!

How much content does Starfield have?

How much Content does Starfield have?

Much like the galaxy you are traversing in Starfield, this game is chock-full of almost infinite content. Let’s summarize what you are getting yourself into in this game:

  • An expansive main story that pulls the player to the far reaches of the universe to uncover the hidden secrets of a mysterious alien artifact.
  • Meaningful choices to make that alter the course of your character’s arc.
  • A detailed character creator. Not just for aesthetics but also impacts the early playstyle and changes the background of the player with consequences.
  • Massive open space and planets to explore. 1000 planets!
  • Interesting factions to join and carry out their storylines.
  • A meticulous ship-building system that opens up a lot of creative designs.
  • Spaceship dog fights in space!
  • Tons of random encounters that lead to some memorable moments.
  • Planet surveying and discovering all kinds of flora and fauna.
  • Mining resources to craft valuable items.
  • Expansive outpost building mechanic on any planet you want.
  • Companions to take along on missions and even fall in love with.
  • Fascinating locations to run into while blindly exploring the universe.
  • A crazy amount of NPCs to interact with.
  • Procedurally generated worlds add an element of surprise to each new world you visit.
  • Buying homes and decorating to your liking with all the stuff you have hoarded/stolen.
  • A plethora of missions ranging from mystery to downright funny to boring to as impressive as they come.
  • Elaborate skill tree systems to tweak your character to your preferred playstyle.
  • Build experimentation.
  • Endless roleplaying possibilities.
  • Survival elements force you to adapt to your surroundings or suffer from not ailments if you are not prepared.
  • Insane amount of loot from tons of weapon variety to clothing and spacesuits.
  • Weapon and Spacesuit modding system.
  • New Game Plus to experience the alternate route you opted for in your previous playthrough.
  • Although not official, the modding community will have a field day with this huge sandbox.

This is just from the top of my mind. I’m pretty sure there is more to this game. There is no shortage of content in Starfield. You will undoubtedly be investing hundreds of hours discovering every inch of the universe for gripping content.

Is the Main Story any good?

Is the Main Story any good?

The story starts off with you, an employee of a galactic mining organization, tasked with mining a planet. While the mining continues, your crew stumbles upon an enigmatic-looking rock with an artifact lodged inside. You end up touching it and it shows you a cryptic vision of the universe.

Turns out a secret organization named the Constellation hired your company for this very reason, to extract the artifact. You deliver the artifact to these people on New Atlantis and they end up recruiting you to uncover other artifacts much like this one.

What follows is a series of missions that send you to the far reaches of the universe to collect all the artifacts and make them whole. Where did it come from? What is its purpose? Are you the only one to know about its existence? All will be answered by the end of the rather intriguing story. We won’t go into spoiler territory.

One of the best things about Starfield’s main story is that there isn’t the same sense of inherent urgency to complete the quest and get to the finish line. Many of us surely stray off the beaten path on our adventures and put the main story to the side in every other Bethesda RPG. After hours of hopping from one side quest to the next, we end up realizing “Oh I have to still find my son (Fallout 4)” which pulls you out of the exploration immersion of these games and somewhat forces you to stick to the main quest i.e. the pressing matter at hand.

The way Starfield’s main story unravels, it doesn’t push you to always make your way to the next main objective. The story is spread around the entire universe and you are expected to stop in the middle and go about discovering the expanse of this vast space.

However, much like any other Bethesda RPG, the main story is interesting but takes the back seat to the more refined and nuanced narratives of the side content/quest. In this case, the Crimson Fleet questline is leaps and bounds ahead of the main quest.

How are the RPG Elements in Starfield vs. other Bethesda Titles?

Starfield aptly named Skyrim or Fallout in space, comes packed with all the staple Bethesda RPG elements. It is the galactic exploration theme and the new characteristics that come with it that apply a new coat of paint to this game. Underneath the surface, it is the same kind of experience as Bethesda’s other RPGs, for better or for worse comes down to personal preference.

Similar elements include:

  • Hoarding anything that isn’t glued to the floor
  • Companion system with options for romancing a few
  • Base building much like Fallout 4/76
  • Skill Trees
  • Character Creator
  • Factions
  • Weapon, gear, and loot variety
  • Path altering choices
  • Tons of quests
  • Vast locales to discover
  • Random encounters

The new elements come in the form of:

  • Shipbuilding and ship battles in space
  • Instead of a single map, there are loads upon loads of planets to explore individually
  • Planet surveying and discovering their surfaces
  • Space theme antics like the life of space piracy or space cowboy life
  • Building outposts on any planet you want
  • Sci-fi theme
  • Discovering the mysteries of space
  • Intergalactic politics
  • Massive cities with their unique interactions

All in all, this is very much a Bethesda game so you won’t find anything new other than the added elements we mentioned before. However, this new setting does come with its own set of unique perspectives and things to explore.

What are the Factions in Starfield

Technically there are 5 factions in Starfield. However, the Constellation is the mandatory organization that you are a part of from the get-go. It is the organization that sends you on your main adventure to scour the space to unravel the mystery of the strange artifact you discover at the start.

Hence, there are actually 4 factions where you have the option to join and carry out their respective questline. These factions are:

The UC Vanguard (New Atlantis)

The UC Vanguard (New Atlantis)

How to Join: Simply follow the main missions and eventually in the ‘The Old Neighbourhood’ mission, Sarah will take you to the Mast lobby in New Atlantis Planet Jemison where you can enroll in this faction by talking to Commander Tuala. You can visit this location on your own too without needing to complete the main quests. Their HQ is in New Atlantis.

The UC Vanguard is the earliest faction you can join in Starfield. This faction is one of the two governing bodies in the Starfield universe, tasked with defending the United Colonies. If you want to make the colonies a safer place then this ensemble of galactic military is the right faction for you.

Lore and quest-wise, it is the second-best faction. This faction’s journey starts off lukewarm but gets very interesting as you progress so don’t be discouraged by its early hours. There is a lot more going on underneath the surface of this faction and worth checking out.

Also, the orientation mission of this faction will take you through a museum which acts as a great way of introducing the world and politics of Starfield through engaging exhibits. Make sure to inspect all these exhibits to clearly understand what the hell is going on, despite it being told through the lens of this particular organization. There is even a great spaceship flight simulator at the end of the mission, perfect for honing your piloting skills and gaining valuable XP.

The United Colonies Native Trait will boost the credit yield of each mission. Even without the said trait, this faction is quite lucrative. The missions provide tons of great gear. It is a good starting point when choosing your faction.

The Crimson Fleet (The Key)

The Crimson Fleet (The Key)

How to Join: The Crimson Fleet’s HQ is found on the star station called The Key, orbiting planet Suvorov in the Kryx system. There are two ways to join this faction:

  • The quickest way; get caught doing anything illegal or smuggling Contraband in any of the United Colonies’ protected spaces. From here you will be taken to jail and meet up with Commander Ikande who will propose you infiltrate the Crimson Fleet or some undercover action. Accept the request and you eventually join the faction.
  • Another, albeit legal, way is to progress through the UC Vanguard’s quest until you receive the Deep Cover mission. It will also take you to Commander Ikande and ultimately penetrate the criminal space pirate faction.

The Crimson Fleet is a bunch of cool-looking red-clad space pirates who are in perpetual conflict with the Vanguards. If you are all about pillaging, smuggling contraband, and all manners of dubious activities then don’t sleep on this faction. It is essentially an antagonistic faction but don’t get fooled by that, they have a lot of heart.

Dubbed the best faction in all of Starfield, the fascinating and self-reflecting quest The Crimson Fleet takes you on is outstanding. It rivals every other faction and even the main quest line. It is full of meaningful choices and makes you want to question your alliances.

There are tons of spaceship dogfights involved in this story arc so it is advised to upgrade your spaceship piloting and combat skills. There are no Traits that compliment this faction so your initial choice is free in that regard.

One of the best perks of being in this faction is the ability to sell Contraband items without any repercussions at their bases. It is by far the best method of making large sums of Credits. Aside from this, there aren’t many good rewards for completing missions so keep that in mind.

The Freestar Rangers (Akila City)

The Freestar Rangers (Akila City)

How to Join: You need to head for the Cheyenne system and choose the Akila City on planet Akila. As soon as you enter the city, there will be a big commotion in front of a bank being robbed. Speak with Marshall Daniel Blake in the crowd, he will give you the Job Gone Wrong quest where you have to deal with the robbers. Once done, head for the central building The Rock, and talk to Emma Wilcox who will end up recruiting you to the Freestar Rangers. Akila City is their HQ.

The Freestar Rangers are the other governing body in Starfield. They are the space cowboys, keeping things in check on planets under their regime. If space Western fantasy and traveling the galaxy for bounty hunting rock your boat then by all means join this faction.

Narratively, this faction might be the weakest, and even the theme seems very much played out. If you enjoy the gunplay of Starfield then this faction has got you covered in that area. There will be tons of crazy firefights so practice your quickdraw skills. Even the leader of the faction will give you a good old-fashioned Revolver for your peacekeeping needs.

The Faction synergizes well with the Freestar Collective Settler Trait opening up better rewards at the end of each mission. The final prize of this faction is a Class C ship for which you wouldn’t need to upgrade your piloting skill. You’ll even get a great Class A ship while progressing the faction quests.

Ryujin Industries (Neon)

Ryujin Industries (Neon)

How to Join: Simply interacting with any red Ryujin Industries Spaceport Terminal will open up a recruitment form where you have to enter your Work Experience and answer a bunch of questions. The terminals can be found on New Atlantis, one being very close to the Mast where you join the Vanguards.

You can also visit the company’s HQ in the Volii system, planet Volii, Neon City, and immediately receive the Back to the Grind quest to enroll. After submission of the form, you will be tasked to talk to their employee Imogene Salzo who will give you your first job.

Ryujin Industries is a giant corporation with a shady side. You will be climbing the corporate ladder and aiding the organization in maintaining its dominance amongst its competitors. Although you’ll start out as a lowly intern delivering coffee to the big suits on the top floor, it will soon turn into the high stakes game of corporate espionage, backroom deals, and tarnishing the image of your rivals.

Of all the factions with their galactic peacekeeping and pirating motives, Ryujin Industries stands out with its unique corporate theme. It’s a great change of pace from all the shooting and looting of other factions. It forces you to be more diplomatic and talk your way through situations with a bit of stealth sprinkled here and there.

The industry itself and the city it operates in have a distinct cyberpunk vibe. The city of Neon and Ryujin stand out for their unique aesthetics and shadiness. Ryujin has the most quests out of every faction in the game. It pairs really well with the Neon Street Rat Trait, not only giving you a better “in” to the industries but also augmenting the rewards.

Working for the corporate sector has its financial benefits. The starting and subsequent payouts are enticing for living large among the stars. And, of course, the high stakes of corporate espionage will result in a good variety of armor and weapons.

Is the exploration seamless in Starfield?

In a nutshell, exploration in Starfield isn’t as seamless as one would expect. It is not like No Man’s Sky where you could land your ship anywhere you want and start exploring. There are some invisible walls, limitations, forced fast traveling, and loading screens in the middle that make it a bit jarring. You are expected to use the Grav jump mechanic to explore rather than stumble upon planets while traversing space like an actual explorer.

To comprehend the scope of the entire playing field, there are around 100 star systems with 1000 planets, at least on paper.

The exploration comes down to two different sides: Planet Side Exploration and Space Exploration. Let’s go over each of these distinct explorations.

How does the Starmap work?


When you access the Starmap in the game, you will notice a bunch of red dots spread about. Each of these dots is a Star System with its own set of orbiting planets. Manually flying from one system to another is next to impossible since the distance is insane so you have to rely on the Starmap to teleport you them. Even planet-to-planet manual flying is a tedious time-consuming job.

There are a few things to know when viewing the Starmap. Side note, each system has a level mentioned on it depicting the recommended level you need to be to face the challenges that lie within :

  • Glowing systems are the ones you have already visited and thus can fast travel to.
  • White systems are the ones you haven’t visited yet but are in the range of your ship’s current jump drive capabilities. You can visit them by selecting and using Grav Jump via the Starmap.
  • Red systems are the ones you cannot jump to and you have not visited. The reason you cannot go to these stars is because you haven’t explored any of it’s neighboring stars.

When you select a system in the Starmap, it will show you a route you must take in order to get there. It involves several layovers on the systems in between. If you haven’t discovered any of the systems in that route then the game will force you to stop at the last system you can jump drive to.

Grav jumping to systems also consumes your ship’s fuel. It is essentially a limiting factor to how far you can jump. It is not something you will have to replenish but it just paces out your exploration capabilities. The larger your ship’s fuel tank the farther you can jump without having to stop in the middle.

As you arrive in a system, you will most likely be welcomed by an event. It can be an NPC ship asking for help, a massive spaceship battle that you can take part in, or a series of quests ready to embark upon. It is quite random and makes things interesting while discovering uncharted star systems and planet orbits.

How does the system map work?

Planet Scanning

When you are in a star system, you can now view the system’s map. It shows all the planets in that particular star’s orbit.

While hovering in space, you can scan the planet in your proximity to determine the resources it houses, what are its special conditions (gravity, atmosphere, etc.), and the progression of your survey of the planet. You need to be in the orbit of the planet to scan it. If you are further away then it is not possible. Scanning can be upgraded a bit through the Science skill tree.

Your ship also has a scanner similar to the one on your hand. When active, it will display all the relevant information of the system you are in. Things like other planet distances, landing zones on a planet, and their relative stats, all will be shown without the need to open the Starmap.

Some icons like a landing zone or city name can be interacted directly through the scanner meaning you can land there just by the press of the button if you hover your reticule over it. You can not manually fly the ship into a planet’s atmosphere and land the ship. You will have to go through a type of fast travel menu and loading screen to land at your desired location.

It is advised to not fast travel all the time especially when visiting new systems or planets. You will find interesting encounters when you warp in their orbits which you might miss out on if you resort to fast travel to specific locations on a planet.

How is the planet exploration?

Planet Exploration

You can either land on a fully hand-made planet location like vast cities or outposts or you can visit any planet surface of your choosing and the game will procedurally populate it with all types of stuff.

Keep in mind that you can not walk from one point on the map to the other side if you are looking forward to testing the game’s capacities. There will be an invisible wall that will stop your wandering adventures. Even then it is very generous with the amount of stuff that gets generated.

Similar to the space exploration discussed above, planet exploration functions very much the same. You have your Hand Scanner to survey the planet’s flora, fauna, points of interest, the planet’s unique planetary traits, and planet encounters.

As you’re exploring planetary surfaces you’ll see a whole bunch of different icons on your scanner. Different icons represent different types of structures or locations. There will be a question mark on the icon if you haven’t already discovered it.

When on planets you can also discover a whole variety of other locations like natural formations like caves or man-made structures like bases. Structures can range in size from small civilian outposts to military complexes and even underground facilities. Caves meanwhile are a lot of fun to explore and can certainly bring you a few resources and sometimes even hostile encounters.

You can scan the resources strewn about the planet as well. This will help you mine the materials you are in need of and even provide valuable information once you have surveyed them completely.

Planets are also home to all manner of plant life and hostile and docile creatures. They are also a good source for resources so make sure to scan them for information and what material you can extract from them.

You can even encounter NPC who are either hostile or friendly. Talk to them if they are sociable and they might send you on a quest.

How does the Perk System work in Starfield?

When creating your character you’ll get the chance to pick a background. This background comes with three starting skills which unlock the first rank and subsequent bonuses right out of the gate. Starting skills don’t lock you out of any future choices, they just provide you with a foundation for how to build your character.

Once you are knee-deep in completing quests and defeating spacers, you’ll level up with the XP you accumulate, and with each new level, you’ll also gain a Skill Point. You can use this point to invest in any of the skills you want.

The real magic comes when you rank up a skill by completing the associated challenges. Once you complete a skill’s challenge you can then spend a skill point, advancing it to the next rank giving you even more benefits. It can be a passive stat boost or it can unlock a new functionality.

For meaningful builds, you have to think about what’s going to make an immediate impact in your playthrough and what kind of playstyle you prefer. You can not respec skill points in this game so choose wisely.

There are 5 skill trees in Starfield with their specific set of complementary abilities.

Physical Skills

Physical Skills

The Physical tree ties into your overall hardiness in the game. If you’re a melee-focused player or plan on going that route, you’ll most likely spend a lot of points in this tree. Outside of that, there are still some valuable skills worth investing in.

Some preferred skills in this tree are:

  • Weight Lifting: In the early game when your ships aren’t great and your outposts are bonafide compact containers, you’re going to need space to store your gear. With this skill, you can carry just a bit more on you, and that maximum threshold increases with each rank.
  • Stealth: This skill unlocks a stealth meter. It literally tells you if you’re actually hidden or not while traversing dangerous territories. Without this skill, you’re flying blind and can easily alert enemies. Another benefit is taking advantage of sneak damage, a great way to quickly take out enemies.
  • Martial Arts: This skill is particularly crucial for all the melee-builds out there. This increases your crit chance with unarmed or melee weapons. Gives you a chance to disarm enemies. Provides damage reduction and at Rank 4 gives you the chance to reflect damage back at attackers.

Social Skills

Social Skills

The Social tree is very interesting. There is a lot of variety built into this tree and the skills offer a wide range of benefits benefitting almost every kind of player. It is all about the various interactions you might have with different NPCs. From better deals to using your tongue to get what you want, all is present in this tree.

Some preferred skills in this tree are:

  • Commerce: This allows you to buy for less and sell for more. Regardless of your progression in the game, this is going to pay off. Whether it’s bribing individuals for information, stocking up on Med packs, or expanding your Fleet of ships you need credits. Don’t overthink this one. More credits mean more possibilities.
  • Persuasion: This turns you into a smooth-talking spaceman. It gives you an increased chance of success when persuading someone during a dialogue challenge without resorting to offensive measures. Dialogue challenges are manually triggered during a conversation. If you pass the challenge, the NPC gives you what you want but if you fail you have to find an alternate way to get what you need.
  • Leadership: If you’re someone who likes to have a companion with you then this skill provides the most benefits. Each rank comes with a unique perk. Rank 1, companions gain Affinity faster. Rank 2, they have more health and can carry more. Rank 3, companions will occasionally heal you when you are low. Rank 4, their combat and physical crew skill bonuses are doubled and they also have a chance to pick themselves back up from a down state.

Combat Skills

Combat Skills

The pudding is in the name. Combat skills are solely for turning you into a gun-wielding badass. This skill tree is going to be pivotal to your success in most gun fights. Combat is an essential part of the game and there’s just no escaping that.

Some preferred skills in this tree are:

  • The first choice of skill in this tree boils down to the weapon type you are more accustomed to. Ballistics for traditional ammo weapons. Shotgun Certification if you like rocking a shotty. Dueling if you prefer melee weapons. Lasers for laser-based weaponry. And Pistols Certification if you are interested in your sidearms. Do not invest points in weapon types you barely use.
  • Demolitions: By allocating just a single point, you will have access to a visible throw arc which could come in handy for successful grenade lobbing. Also, this rank will increase the blast radius of each explosion, giving each grenade a little bit more oomph.
  • Sharpshooting: This increases crit damage across the board with rank 4 also increasing crit chance. It is a must for melting down enemies with a perfectly placed shot. You will thank us when you are facing tougher foes and even tackling new game-plus.

Science Skills

Science Skills

If you’re someone who plans on spending a lot of time surveying planets and building outposts then the Science skill tree is for you. There are so many great options to choose from. There is something for everybody here so take your time and figure out which one rocks your ship.

Some preferred skills in this tree are:

  • Geology: Having at least one rank in this skill is going to pay off almost immediately. With an increased chance of getting more common and uncommon inorganic resources, you’ll have more raw materials to work with as you craft mods, expand your base, and build various footholds across the universe.
  • Medicine: As a beginner and the fact that the game is very stringent with its healing items you will constantly be struggling to survive. 10% additional healing and a 10% healing speed increase seems the right way to offset some combat challenges.
  • Scanning: This is a sleeper hit of a skill. Not only does this skill allow you to more accurately locate rare and eventually exotic materials on a planet’s surface, but it also allows you to gain information on the ships you come across in space. At rank 4, you can even scan the complete list of goods a ship is carrying, perfect to determine whether the ship is worth boarding or not.
  • Outpost Engineering: Everyone at some point is going to create an outpost. Allocating points to this skill means unlocking new and advanced build options for your base. at Rank 4 the cost of modules also goes down by 50% which makes building multiple outposts on different planets that much easier.

Tech Skills

Tech Skills

The Tech tree is another where there is something for everyone. Most of the skills revolve around your ship and your personal tech in some way and since it is our real base of operations, investing in this skill tree will reap a ton of usefulness. Anything to make your home away from home better is a godsend.

Some preferred skills in this tree are:

  • Boost Pack Training: This should be the first skill you need to unlock. These allow you to float in the air for a varying amount of time, based on the gravity of the planet. With the absence of ground-based vehicles, this will come in handy.
  • Security: There are all manners of locked stuff strewn about the galaxy, hiding valuable loot of all sorts. 9 out of 10 times, there will be a worthwhile item behind a locked door especially when you have upgraded the skill to unlock Master level locks.
  • Targeting Control System: This skill lets you slow down space combat and target the various subsystems of an enemy ship. This is the best way to take out an enemy’s engine which will let you board their ship giving you access to all their loot and even steal their ship.
  • Starship Design: If you are keen on building your very own ship then upgrading this skill is a no-brainer. You’ll gain access to more ship modules meaning better ships, more flexibility, and expanded capabilities. You can go creative-crazy with the additional parts you unlock.

Some Tips and Tricks for Beginner Starfield Players

Here are some tips that every Starfield player should know:

1. Mine Asteroids for a quick Buck

Mining Asteroids

Selling resources to make a quick buck, crafting equipment, upgrading ships, and creating outposts demands a ton of resources like Iron, etc. You will be in constant need of said materials and no consistent way of farming them at least at the start. The best way to do this, that most players totally miss, is to destroy the asteroids in space.

These aren’t just hovering useless rocks annoying you during dogfights, they are a great source for all manner of resources. Destroy these space rocks and watch as the materials come bursting out. Make it a habit of farming them and collecting them from the comfort of your ship saving a ton of personal inventory space.

2. Take advantage of the Compatible Ship Parts

Customizing the ship to your liking is one of the most fascinating bits in Starfield. The whole ship-building mechanic does take some time to get used to, nevertheless, it can be streamlined.

You can highlight over any node, a node being a point on a module that can snap a ship part onto it. Once highlighted pressing the Attach button will bring up all the parts that can possibly fit there. With this knowledge, you will be saving your precious time and only focusing on parts that are compatible with your ship.

3. You can clear your bounty at bounty-clearing terminals

Intentionally or unintentionally you will definitely anger the space police with your actions and a bounty will be placed on your head. To remove the bounty you have a couple of options; get caught by the faction and placed in jail, lose XP, and have items confiscated in the mix.

OR the best way is to find bounty clearing services that allow you to pay the amount yourself and you can keep your valuable goodies.

You can even make this bounty-clearing terminal in your outpost. Simply pay the fine and you get to keep your stolen items. Perfect for a crime Lord or a busy Good Samaritan if you aren’t planning on.

4. Join the Crimson Fleet for free loot

 Red Loot

A sneaky way to gather a ton of loot is after joining the Crimson Fleet faction. At this point, if you see any Crimson Fleet members out in the universe they won’t attack you, letting you walk on by, loot everything do your objectives, and walk away. If you’re part of the crew, you have immunity opening a lot of loot farming.

If you have a suppressed weapon and a point in stealth, you can even farm these Crimson soldiers for experience and items. By sneaking behind a lonely pirate and waiting until you see the hidden status, shooting them in their head, looting their bodies, and getting away with it scot-free.

Also, if you find any contraband, the best place to sell it is in the Trade Authority on the Key Crimson Fleet space station. You don’t get scanned for contraband upon entering the system so you don’t need to have a shielded cargo bay.

5. Put skill points into the easy Perks first

Notice that in order to rank up skills, you need to complete the challenges associated with them, kill X number of enemies with Y, or craft X amount of things, etc. This means if you want to be the most efficient, you should put points in skills that you will passively rank up first so you can start progressing through the challenges.

Most of these challenges aren’t that hard to do if you focus on doing them but if you need to destroy 20 ships for example, this isn’t something that happens as often as killing an enemy with a ballistic weapon. You want to take advantage of the opportunities that come up naturally to gain that progress.

6. Use the Scanner to see where your objective is

Scanner Ease -Starfield

The hand scanner is more useful than it’s presented at the start. Not only can you scan flora, fauna resources, and anomalies, but you can also make your general life easier in scanner mode.

It will show a blue dot for your currently selected mission and when highlighting the marker it will show what objectives you need to carry out. The scanner will show you arrows along the easiest path to your objective and if it can’t determine that it’ll let you know some skill investment.

You are also given more information on particular things like alien creatures and plants.

7. Use the fast-warp button in the mission screen

The easiest way to plot a course for your next mission is to find it on the mission screen and press a button here in order for the game to automatically take you to the corresponding area. You have to have visited the location before for this feature to work.

You’ll be able to instantly fast travel there if not, you’ll be able to warp to that location and end up in orbit above the planet. It sure beats getting in your ship, finding the location on the map, and manually warping there.

8. Play through the Golden Path missions to get a helpful Companion

If you plan on playing the sneaky way, a stealthy companion character is a must if you want some backup. An un-stealthy companion can wreck your shadowy mode of operations.

Play through the Golden Path story mission until you meet Andreja. She has four ranks of stealth, and if you equip her with a strong stealth particle beam weapon, she’s quite lethal in a fight too. She also helps with pickpocketing.

9. Pick the Kid Stuff Trait at the beginning to get free loot

Good Son - Good Parents -Starfield

If you’ve opted to have parents with the Kid Stuff trait there is much fun to be had. Since you are helping pay for their apartment might as well take advantage of it. Check-in with them after every major mission, they’ll have comments on the events and will give you gifts.

Not just dumb resources here and there, they’ll give you weapons, ships, and more. Don’t neglect your dear old parents.

10. Use EM weapons to complete the no casualty missions

The game eventually introduces EM Weapons. They disable whatever they target including people. As you fire the EM weapon on someone or something, a blue bar will fill above their health bar. When that’s full, they’re stunned. This means being essentially dead without actually being dead. You can then move on without the repercussions of actually killing someone.

It is great for missions that specifically ask for no casualties and when you aren’t so good at stealth. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to elude the target unless you get some points in pickpocket or proceed to kill them in their helpless state. This way you can even bring down harder enemies that might look like they are immune.

This disabling effect is especially useful when stealing landed ships. Simply, put all the outer patrolling and inside pilot to sleep and commandeer their ship.

11. Use Companions as a storage container

Your companions can be more than pack mules there to carry your burden. They can use that loot to help you in combat. By highlighting over weapons and gear you want them to use and pressing the equip button they’ll start using the item and also gain the effects of the ones that have stats on them.

For example, if a space suit says it increases the carry weight then they’ll get an increased inventory so they can carry more stuff.

If you plop some grenades in their inventory and equip it, they’ll throw them as well mid-combat. Though, like ammo for their weapons, once it’s in their inventory it never runs out enjoy the explosion party.

12. Keep an eye out for status effects

Prognosis Negative -Starfield

While exploring Starfield, you might get a notification that you received an injury or affliction. You can view what it is on the status screen. It gives you a rundown as well as the prognosis which is how likely it is to cure itself.

You’ll no doubt be hoarding medical supplies in your inventory while on your looting sprees. So the easiest way to cure yourself is to jump into the Aid section of your inventory and scroll down until the symbol of the affliction matches with the symbol next to the item. Consume it and will hopefully cure your ailment.

No need to read the description, you’re not a doctor and don’t have time for that, you have mercenaries to murder.

13. Visit Armor and Weapon Workbenches to see what Mods do

Occasionally, you’ll find items with mods on them but no way to see exactly what they do. Until Bethesda adds in the feature that lets you read descriptions of things or a modded suit does for you you’re going to need to head to the Mod Benches.

There are mod benches in Constellation Lodge if you’re having trouble finding one. There is one for armor and one for weapons. Find the appropriate mod and you can see what it does. At least for now, you’ll be able to accurately compare.

14. Dump all items on the floor if you run out of space

The Sandwich Trick to Hoarding  -Starfield

You’ll notice that very quickly you run out of space to carry all your materials and items in your inventory, your companions’ inventory, and your ships’.

What you can do is simply dump all your items on the floor of your ship or at your outpost. The game will remember where you tossed your stuff so when you return they’ll be there. In the case of your ship, it has a carry limit based on its storage space but not if you dump items on the floor.

15. Pick the Wanted Trait at the beginning to get some extra bonuses

The Wanted trait while creating your character has two upsides. The first is that when you get to low health you do more damage. The second is bounty hunters will attack you randomly the only problem is that it doesn’t happen often enough.

Why is the latter an upside? It’s easy enough to dispatch those pesky hunters and in turn help you progress through your skill challenges, gather XP, and loot.

An amazing hidden benefit of this trait is when you’re on a planet the hunters will land their ship which you can steal to keep for yourself or sell to make a good change.

16. Grav jump out of a system if you have contraband on board

Grav Bailing -Starfield

Grav jumping is used to travel large distances between systems and also to get out of a fight but it can also be used to avoid scans in the settled systems. Throughout your explorations, you’re going to run into highly valuable contraband that if sold will net you some serious credits. However, if you enter a settled system and don’t have a shielded compartment on your ship you will get nabbed by the authorities.

This is where having a ship with a lot of energy invested into the Grav Drive stat can save your bacon. If you enter a settled system knowing you have Contraband onboard, as soon as you hear them scanning your ship, you dial up your Grav Drive to a new system and punch it.

If you’re fast enough, you will fold space before that scan can occur keeping you in possession of the contraband and out of jail.

17. Use the Pilot Simulator in New Atlantis to Level your Pilot Skills

Leveling up your piloting skills will allow you to pilot higher-level spacecraft and involves netting a certain number of enemy kills before a new rank is achieved.

In Mast Academy, there is a pilot simulator that you can go to at any time and use to level up your weapon system skills, piloting, targeting, and more, all without the wear and tear on your own ship and usually against lower-level targets.

You can enter as many times as you want. Go through a few rounds of the simulation and if you’ve got the skill points saved up, you should be able to rank up your Tech Wing piloting skills fairly quickly.

18. Use the Scanner to find the best Landmarks

Equipping the scanner and pointing it at an unidentified landmark and scanning it, the scanner will show what is waiting at that landmark giving you more information as to which landmarks to travel to.

19. Make sure to Steal Ships instead of blowing them up

Ship Salesman -Starfield

Accepting contracts from mission boards and the UC Vanguard can net you some major credits very quickly. But there is another way of upping their capital gains. Most of them will pit you against enemy ships. Instead of blowing them up, incapacitate them by destroying their engines, board them, clear the ship of hostiles, loot the ship especially the contrabands, and commander the ship.

Firstly, go to any Trade Authority and sell all the contraband. Next, take the ship to any StarPort like in New Atlantis, and register the ship to your name. You will have to pay 84% of the actual value of the ship to make it your own. Now you can sell the ship back to the port dude and make a nice 16% profit for each ship.

20. Visit the Enhance! shop to change around the look of your character

If you are not happy with the way your character’s eyes look or anything else while playing the game then you can always change your appearance at any point. You have to simply locate a shop called Enhance! and pay a small fee of 500 credits and get a second shot at customizing your character from scratch.

Similarly, some of the starting Traits can be removed too if you are not feeling them. Many of the traits have a unique method of removing them. For example, to remove the Kid Stuff trait, talk to your parents, and once presented select the “you can’t afford to pay them anymore” dialogue option.

Research whichever trait is bothering you and you might get an answer to your woes.

Starfield is Bethesda’s take on a universe-spanning RPG. You are in for a treat if you are already a fan. There is more to do here than the stars systems you can explore in this game. We applaud Bethesda for delivering this magnanimous vision, although in many aspects one can say they are pushing their luck on essentially resting on their laurels.