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Can You Have Multiple Bases in Palworld?

Can You Have Multiple Bases in Palworld?

Much like any other survival game, bases are more than just a homestead in Palworld. This is where you build farms, craft valuables, and breed your cute Pal pals. And like most things in life, more is always better. So can you have more than one base in Palworld? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

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Bases in Palworld

Base in Palworld

When starting Palworld, you will be tasked to build all types of structures like farms and feeding areas for your Pals. Keep this in mind, most of these items are not really your base and thus can be placed anywhere in the world.

It is when you reach level 2, you unlock the ability to craft a Palbox. When you place the Palbox, the area surrounding it becomes your base zone. You will now have access to better more industrious crafting stations and structures that will up your game significantly.

A nice base will lead to better more permanent upgrades for yourself and your Pals. You can set up a whole workflow for your Pals in this area like helping you farm crops and smelter ores to make better equipment.

Having a steady supply of materials will elevate your base’s potential and even output. But the catch is you can only have 15-20 Pals working at any given time on your base.

But there is only so much a single base can do. You will eventually run out of space and Pal slaves to expand your empire. For this reason, you need more than one base in Palworld. Worry not for there is a way.

Multiple Bases in Palworld

Palbox Buildable Bases Palworld

Initially, you can only craft a single Palbox and work your magic from that base. However, once you start completing Palbox base missions, you’ll level up your base. You can see the missions, base level, and number of buildable bases you have on the Missions screen (as seen in the picture above).

When your base reaches level 10, you will unlock the ability to craft another Palbox. This is the key to multiple bases. You can place the new Palbox anywhere on the map. and that area is added to your base collection. The base will added to the map as you can fast travel here easily.

Make sure to place these bases on flat surfaces so you have ample usable space for all your building needs. Irregular terrains will make expansion a pain in the butt.

Palbox in Palworld

When your initial base progresses to base level 15, you can craft another Palbox, bumping your number bases to 3. For now, Palworld only allows a maximum of three bases. Can’t go beyond that. This means you can have 45-60 Pals tolling away for your glory.

Since structure moving is a bit of a tedious job right now, we implore you to build your base right, or else you’ll be stuck with a haphazardly created base.

As a side note, you can dismantle entire bases by hovering over the Palbox on the map or while on the ground and selecting the Disassemble Palbox option. This will destroy all the structures in your base and return all the materials used to craft them without any penalties. You can use these resources to build another base wherever you prefer.

With multiple bases at your disposal, you should have certain priorities:

  • One base should be near some rare and valuable resources like ores so you can mine them easily. This should be your factory-type base, pumping out valuable items for you.
  • Another should be in the middle of the map so you have a safe zone that is in the dead center making your treks to other corners of the map much easier. Keep this base well-defended from wild high-level Pals.
  • The last base should be near a scenic view, ideally surrounded by cliffs, so that you don’t have to spend a lot in defensive measures. This base will be your home, farming zone, and Pal breeding grounds. Grow crops and organic materials here and live a happy life near natural beauty.