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Where To Build Your First Base in Palworld?

Where To Build Your First Base in Palworld?

Right from the get-go, Palworld will bombard you with a base-building tutorial. You will soon realize how much your base plays a part in your overall progression. Not to mention, the Palpagos Island is mind-bogglingly massive. All of this makes it a daunting task to where to plop your base.


Worry not, we have compiled a list of the best early locations for any trainer to start building their ideal base in Palworld and give yourself a solid foundation for a prosperous Pal empire.

Base Location # 1

Base Location # 1

Map Coordinates: 9, -526

This location is close to the starting Plateau of Beginnings so that you can reach here early on. The area is right beside a cliff, providing natural defense from raids from that side. There is enough flat surface here to erect a mighty settlement.

Furthermore, the best bit about this location is an ample reserve of Metal Ores. There are eight metal nodes here which will virtually supply unlimited ores to your industrious needs, provided you don’t build anything near the ores and let them respawn. We all know how crucial is ore to upgrade in the later stages of the game.

With an army of Digtoise, you can easily keep your inventory topped up with ore. Do keep in mind that these giant turtles like to eat a lot so build a few plantations to keep them well fed.

Base Location # 2

Base Location # 2

Map Coordinates: 272, -230

A little north of the Plateau of Beginnings, you’ll find this extremely valuable place. This location is situated high up on a vertical mountain. You need to have an aerial mount to get in and out of here easily. Although the mountain is divided, you can build a bridge between them to expand your base of operations.

The sheer height of this location makes it nearly impossible for raids to reach you. You needn’t worry about the raids here.

What makes this area shine is the abundance of resources of all kinds. Not only are there a good amount of metal nodes on top of the peak but there are plenty of rock nodes on the cliffs below jutting out on the side of the mountains.

Since the Palbox has an infinite vertical base zone, it will effortlessly cover these side protrusions, allowing your Pals to mine at ease. You can assign your pals in teams and target these nodes without worrying about any downtime to your ore mining.

Base Location # 3

Base Location # 3 Palworld

Map Coordinates: 191, -383

Right beside the Fort Ruins fast travel point, just north of the starting area, is a dilapidated fort. This location has a smaller buildable area than the rest but the broken walls of the fort are a good way to defend your base from raids. You won’t have to invest too much resources in building walls.

You can even put turrets atop the broken walls. The fort’s walls act as a bottleneck for incoming enemies, forcing them to raid from these points only which you can easily fortify.

The surrounding area is home to stone nodes, ore nodes, and plenty of trees to harvest wood from. Not to mention, a wide variety of Pals also roam the area for you to catch.

Additionally, the elevated space south of the fort can be used to expand your base. You might have to plop another Palbox to widen your base.

Base Location # 4

Base Location # 4

Map Coordinates: 249, -497 or 262, -494

This is the closest base location from the Plateau of Beginnings to build a base that is perfect for beginners in Palworld. It is close by so you won’t have to level up before you venture into dangerous territories. You can start building here right from the moment the tutorials start tasking you with base building.

These are technically two locations (check map coordinates) so choose whichever you like the most. The first location is on a small hill with only a single road leading up to it. It is easy to defend against raids by fortifying just the road and the cliff will cover the rest naturally.

The second location is just beyond the cliff. This area is much larger and flat, giving you a generous space to expand and farm materials. This too has a massive drop right beside it, again, providing natural defensive capabilities.

A well-placed Palbox right at the hill’s edge will cover both of these spots for you to expand as you please.

Base Location # 5

Base Location # 5

Map Coordinates: 154, -395

This base location is very close to Fort Ruin in Palworld. There are many reasons to pick this place to build your first base. One of them is quite straightforward, it is very close to the starting point so you are not expected to be at a higher level to reach here.

The area itself is surrounded by cliffs and the only way to get in is through a small wooden bridge. You can erect walls on the bridge side to force the enemies to use the single entry point which can be easily fortified.

There is a small elevation within this location, too, which gives you a tactical edge when raided. If the enemies manage to get into your base, you simply climb atop this hill and pick them off from your vantage point and not be worried about their attacks as much.

The space has ore nodes dotted all over. If you avoid building at these spots, they can endlessly supply you with valuable resources.

However, the pièce de résistance is access to one of the most sought-after resources Paldium Crystals, used to make Pal Spheres. Right underneath the wooden bridge, next to the stream of water, the bordering land will continually spawn Paldium.

Just take a stroll along the stream to amass a large number of Paldium Fragments. This is the best early location to farm Paldium in Palworld and you should exploit it.